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Can't remember Gmail username - Can Gmail support help?

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Can't remember Gmail username - Can Gmail support help? kcb.billing 5/18/12 4:23 AM
I have an employee who has gmail but does NOT use gmail as his email address  He apparently had to sign up for a gmail account when he got his phone.

Since he never sent emails from this account, he doesn't recall the email address.  He needs this access as all of his contacts/address book in on that file.

We've tried the possible recovery email addresses he may have used.  None of those panned.  We have the phone numbers he may have used.  According Verizon, unlike with RIM, with Android, they have zero access and therefore have no record of the username or password to provide any assistance.

I understand gmail is a free service, but if it's required to sign up to get an Android phone, there should some means for a person to contact gmail for assistance.

According to the help center, I'm supposed to post this message and hope a roving gmail support member sees it and responds.
Re: Can't remember Gmail username - Can Gmail support help? Deman_Nu 5/18/12 6:19 AM
Hi kcb.billing. Does your employee have access to his phone? If so, he can locate the account name through the phone's settings. Have him go to Menu--Settings--Accounts & sync. The account name should be listed there.