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Account problem

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Account problem TCReed 8/1/12 8:43 AM

I created a google account yesterday recieved confirmation of the account accessed the account yesterday, today the account does not exist,
Re: Account problem Kousha N. 8/1/12 8:39 PM
Hey TCReed,

Sorry to hear about your account issue. Now, there are a few different ways we can get you up and running:

1) You said you received confirmation the account was created. Was that an email sent to another address? Have you tried revisiting that email?

2) Take a look here at the help page for instructions to solve most account log-in issues. For you, I'd recommend looking at the "step-by-step problem solving" link on the right hand side of the page.

3) Post to the Google Product Forum. This is a forum that helps with account issues. (I'm going to move this conversation to that forum for you, so this is taken care of. Just be sure to monitor it, because members there will probably ask you for more information).

I hope one of these works for you.