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Gmail and w3m

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Gmail and w3m trawefawefpáowhefhophwefhá8 11/8/13 4:34 AM
The username/email field is not visible when viewing the Gmail website with w3m. This issue appears to be at least a year old but the only replies I can see here on Google groups are from trolls (or the naïve) remitting some variation of the "w3m isn't a supported browser" phrase.

Here's a comparison of elinks vs. w3m, which should make the issue obvious:
Re: Gmail and w3m bkennelly 11/8/13 6:34 AM
I installed w3m/0.5.3 on Ubuntu 12.04, and could not recreate your symptom.  I get a standard input field on the first sign in, and a pre-filled read only field after that.  (The process to add an account works, too.)

I am not familiar with w3m, but could you have some customisation or browser extension that could be involved? 

Re: Gmail and w3m trawefawefpáowhefhophwefhá8 11/8/13 7:52 AM
As someone else pointed out on this Google group, there was previously an issue with the HTML5 tags, and due to the somewhat fractured nature of w3m's contributer base (the official repo has been locked for months---possibly years), not all of the Linux distros have adopted the one line patch (c.f. that fixes this issue.

Thanks for the response; this "issue" is solved!