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Google and Youtube login problems

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Google and Youtube login problems seb6000 2/17/12 1:27 AM
Google account and YouTube account login problems

u people have really screwed up my account recently and Ive searched and tried just about everything I can to correct your constant changes, but mow Ive locked myself out of my YouTube account (which was opened around 2005) and my other/newer gmail account will not link to my old er YouTube account and in trying to do so... again Ive locked myself out of my YouTube account and it will not let me login and u people are of no help

I dont have a library card (says I need it to gain access to a new password)

there has to be some other way for me to get a temp password to access and reset my Youtube account

this crap is all f-ed up

it used to be (last year) that I could log in both my accounts and stay logged in, but after your recent changes now I have to log out of youtube, then in to gmail account then back and forth.. always logging out and then into the other account... it sucks peeps

and I pissed and just plain tired of your constant bullshit

I need help and I cannot find any links to get help with form u peeps

so in trying to link my gmail and youtube accounts I've now locked myself out of being able to log into my Youtube account, and it wont allow me to gain access to another password for it by way of email

this sucks, man this world needs to be re-booted - just take us all out!!

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Re: Google and Youtube login problems wdurham 2/17/12 2:05 AM
It might help if you can explain how you locked yourself out of the YouTube account in the first place?  

Did you forget the password? Did you forget the username? 

You then explain trying to link your YouTube to a newer GMail account - if your YouTube account was started prior to 2009, this should have been perfectly possible and quite straightforward.  See the reference below - is that what you did? 

If so, you should now sign in to YouTube with the ID and password you use for the GMail account, because your old YouTube password will no longer work. Have you tried that?  

Did you check the FAQs here?
Re: Google and Youtube login problems seb6000 2/17/12 2:45 AM
I joined youtube way back before google purchased it

I also had a google email around the same time

so these 2 accounts were not related

and a while after google purchsed youtube I could be logged into both accounts and my browsers could remember these separate login infos and so all was good

then roughly last year google changed all that these 2 accounts started conflicting each other.

If I wanted to load some videos to youtube, I needed to login using my original login data, and then to get into check my gmail emails, I now had to logout of youtube ans into gmail and there was no way to combine these 2 accounts into 1 account. Thats what should of been done.

So I've gotten so tired of this logging in and logging out process that Ive been looking for some options, but with google, there are no easy options. Nothing against the Polish ways but thats kind of how google works.

So in this search process I was doing I found the LINK accounts option, but even though I followed the step correctly, it never linked the account.

It kept telling me that another account was already linked, but (here's some of the Polish reference), google doesnt tell you the name of the currently linked account or give you any options to modify or delete this other attached account.

Then there is also no way to gain help from google from a real person in correcting problems like these.

So anyways in the process in search process I was doing, I came across the DASHBOARD and in there there was a place where you could delete attached accounts, and maybe this is where I screwed up my Youtube login, because I checked the YouTube box option and tried to delete it from being attached to my gmail account.

But it didnt work.

So I now cannot login to my Youtube account and the process for them to send me a temp login password again is (one of those backward polish processes), where it should be as easy as putting in your user name, and then google IDs the email address on files and send you a temp[ password

But it doesnt work like that with google, there all kinds of hoop to jump through, that a person just get tired and want to blow their heads off...

thats where Im at.

All I want is a temp password a to not have to login and logout 20 times a day..

Re: Google and Youtube login problems seb6000 2/17/12 3:01 AM
here is part the (pollock process) in trying to gain a temp password

Password help for (youtube account name)

Answer my security question What is your library card number
Security answer is not case-sensitive.


I dont even have a library card, and for what library, NYC, washington, a little town library in the midwest somewhere

All this library card numbers differe in some way

So wht I have to go to the library and get a card with a number before I can get a temp password from Youtube???

stupid stupid stupid, backwards, Polish....

I mean this is just plain stupid

Re: Google and Youtube login problems seb6000 2/17/12 3:04 AM

as for that URL link u included above... yes thats the page I originally was working off of.

Re: Google and Youtube login problems seb6000 2/17/12 3:10 AM
So when I used the google dashboard, to unattach the 2 accounts (or at least that the way I thought it was going to work)... I deleted my complete Youtube account... its GONE

All my videos
all my references
all my favorites
since 2005.. all f-ing GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google is so f-ed up
and their backwards bullshit ways of doing things
Re: Google and Youtube login problems wdurham 2/17/12 6:47 AM
Dear me.

When you go to password recovery, you are presented with the recovery options that you set up when you started the account. 

The security question you set up was "What is your library card number". That is why you are being asked for that information. Google does not require you to belong to a library in order to get your password reset!  YOU set up that question. If you do not now recall the answer, then that route is closed to you. 

Do you have a recovery address? If so you can opt to have a reset email sent to that address. But you don't mention a recovery address, so I assume you do not have one. 

In which case, click "Verify your Identity" and fill out the form that will appear and submit it.  If you have indeed completely deleted your YouTube account, then this is your only option to recover the account anyway. 

As for being sent a "temporary password", sorry, but there's no such thing. You are given instructions on resetting your password for yourself. 

Your point here: " I now had to logout of youtube ans into gmail and there was no way to combine these 2 accounts into 1 account. Thats what should of been done."  That is exactly what you could have done at any time - any pre-2009 YouTube account has been able to be linked to any GMail account or other Google account for a long while now.  

So I don't know exactly what you have done, any more than you do. If you have deleted the YouTube account recently, then the account recovery form is your only route to recovering the account. If you didn't delete the YouTube account, then as you don't seem to have a recovery account and can't answer your security question, it's also the only route to getting your password reset.

So try it. You have nothing to lose.  
Re: Google and Youtube login problems seb6000 2/17/12 1:42 PM
these things u talk about I tried to do over and over and there was always a glitch in a step somewhere.

As for me setting up a library card number, when I dont even have a card is incorrect...

the theres the constant other hoops to jump through

and as for linking accounts, I already explained that one

so thanks for the (no) help, but as usually this is the way it is with big when big corps get involved in things, whether u r associated with them or not.

there should be a way to chat or talk to people to get help

the end
Re: Google and Youtube login problems kwerty 5/1/12 9:44 PM
I made a Google Chrome extension which keeps you signed in to YouTube when you sign out of Gmail and other Google properties.

There's a demonstration video here

And you can get more info/download it here