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I see other peoples emails in my inbox.

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I see other peoples emails in my inbox. AK8003 4/22/12 7:01 AM
How do I correct this, my email address is (using generic name-not actual email address) and keeps on getting email that was intended for account there is no period between the words of email address but some how he got his as a seperated account and now i get his emails, i bet he gets my email too, how i fix it??
Re: I see other peoples emails in my inbox. icantchooseone 4/22/12 7:06 AM
hi  gmail ignores dots / no dots  and capitals / no capitals in email addresses, so  its a very common error of someone giving out your email address by mistake and thinking it is theirs

you can reply to the sender to inform them or filter them to trash

you own all variations of and there are no other Gmail accounts that have your account name with / without the dots or capitals / lowercase in them , and no one else has access to your mail

so : = =  =

you can email yourself on all of these to test as well as logging in using any of these variations and YOUR password , also  go to mail settings > accounts > send mail as > add address you own > type that  account name with / without the dots - you will be able to add it without a confirmation mail being sent because you own it

also to prove this log out , click create account , type 5 letters and a dot - it will say " Please use between 6 and 30 characters."

references :!msg/gmail/1kb9GtZ9n2U/algb83gy30sJ