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Deceased Account Questions

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Deceased Account Questions golenbock228 4/18/12 7:52 PM
Gentlemen: Please advise as to the following –

A member or user of your website has a password and username which is not known to any other person. The user dies and his estate needs access to his account and any documents, photos, memos or other materials and data in his account at your site.


What are your procedures and requirements for a duly authorized person – such as the Executor of his estate – to gain access to the site?


What documents do you require, such as: Death Certificate, Letters of Appointment of Executor?


If the account has not been accessed or used for a certain period of time after the user’s death, what do you do with the site and the materials stored there? Is all the data deleted? To whom do you give notice?


Thanking you in an advance for your response,




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