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recovery jeremyB 8/5/12 4:45 PM
Its only been a few months since I closed my account.  I dont see why it cant be reactiviated.  Looking to talk to someone from Google to review and revive my account.  Like I said, its only been a few months so Im sure they can reactivate my old account or at least send me copies of the emails.
Re: recovery The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 8/5/12 5:17 PM
Suggest to Google a new option to be named the "jeremyB paradox". Delete means "keep it for me until I change my mind!"
Re: recovery bkc56 8/5/12 5:19 PM
Its only been a few months since I closed my account.

Have you tried to recover it?  What response did you receive from Google?
Re: recovery jeremyB 8/6/12 5:59 AM
well thats helpful.  Dont worry why I want it back - I just do.  Idiot.
Re: recovery jeremyB 8/6/12 5:59 AM
bkc56 - I tried.  Didnt work.  I cant find any contact info. for google.
Re: recovery The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 8/6/12 7:01 AM
You try the account recovery form by using the "I cannot access my account" from the sign in page to see if Google can return the account.

Not sure who you called Idiot there are two in this thread who can access our accounts and one who chose to delete his/hers and then changed mind.

The basic rule is if you deleted an account and changed your mind you would need to reclaim it in less than seven days.
Re: recovery bkc56 8/6/12 10:15 AM
I tried.  Didnt work. 

That really doesn't tell me anything.  What did you try?  What didn't work?  What response did you get form Google.  The quality of help you get is directly proportional to the quality of information you provide.
Re: recovery jeremyB 8/6/12 10:53 AM
I went to the account recovery site.  I entered my email and it said: This account was deleted and is no longer recoverable
Re: recovery bkc56 8/6/12 11:09 AM
This account was deleted and is no longer recoverable

Unfortunately, that's it.  It means what it says and there is nothing further you can do to recover that account.  And since account names are never re-used you can not create it again.  The account, and all data it had is permanently lost.  Sorry.  But, that is what you wanted when you deleted the account in the first place.

The only possible option would be a court order to require Google allow you to re-use the account name.  But that would be a serious situation to justify that sort of effort/cost.
Re: recovery jeremyB 8/6/12 4:03 PM
Thanks for looking.  I was hoping Google could do it but I guess not.  I guess that will teach me to use google products.  Glad I switched over to Hotmail.
Re: recovery bkc56 8/6/12 5:53 PM
I guess that will teach me to use google products.

Yea.  It really sucks when you tell a company to do something (delete my account) and they actually DO it.

Glad I switched over to Hotmail.

So they don't delete accounts when you ask them to?  I guess that makes them more trustworthy, not doing what you ask for.  How long can you recover a "deleted" account from Hotmail?
Re: recovery jeremyB 8/6/12 6:17 PM
Hey, I'm just saying that microsoft is much easier to use and isn't impossible to contact.  I gave google a chance and it doesnt come close to the versatility of microsoft.  maybe in a few years google will catch up.
Re: recovery The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 8/6/12 7:11 PM

You want Google to provide some form of contact point so they can tell you what you have found out here. They would not return your account either.

Hotmail is a service you pay for when you buy a Microsoft Operating System while Gmail is free.
Re: recovery jeremyB 8/6/12 8:22 PM
You're right - I agree with you.  Hotmail is worth paying for as its the better service.  And you're right - gmail is free and obviously so.  Maybe gmail should charge so they can upgrade their system.  Oh well, live and learn.
Re: recovery bkc56 8/6/12 10:22 PM
Hotmail is worth paying for as its the better service.

"Better" is subject to personal opinion.
Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/6/12 10:33 PM
I created a thread like you asked last week and I'm still having trouble getting my account re-enabled. Please can you let me know who I should contact regarding unlawful disabling of my account?
The thread is,
Thanks a lot
Re: recovery bkc56 8/6/12 10:43 PM
I see you're getting help from another TC, so you're in good hands.  Nothing more I can do.
Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/6/12 10:46 PM
I just thought I'd ask you because I haven't heard from the other guy since last week...
Thanks anyway.
Re: recovery bkc56 8/6/12 11:21 PM
(went and checked)  Ahh, yes, I see.  You won't hear anything more because he's done all he can do.  At this point all you can do is keep trying the "contact us" link (remember that no reply means appeal denied, not that you are being ignored).  There's nothing more I can do either.
Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/6/12 11:54 PM
I just cant believe how a huge company like Google can throw their users away like this without even saying why! I guess that's what happens when you have more money than common sense/decency!!
They just don't give a damn!
I did NOTHING wrong!
Hopefully they wont charge me again for the storage that I was paying for, the last payment went off my account a couple days before they disabled it! No wonder they have so much money!
Re: recovery bkc56 8/7/12 12:57 AM
I did NOTHING wrong!

I don't know what to tell you.  You had a Google employee check your situation and send it off to the appropriate team for review.  That means it was not a simple mistake or a false-positive.  And every "contact us" appeal that is denied is confirmation of that.
Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/7/12 1:09 AM
Am I the only one that thinks this is wrong?!?!?
They disable your account without telling you why, they "Deny" your request to re-enable it without telling you why, not even a short one-liner explaining why...
That's just not right!
This TC that helped me just passed the buck and then forgot about it, so I guess I just have to live with it then, even though they charged me for the service!
If you pay for something then surely you need to get a reason for what happens afterwards???
Re: recovery The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 8/7/12 5:19 AM

You are not the only one who thinks it wrong. Those who have had it done to them and not been able to regain their account think it wrong but Google have their reasons and do not choose to reveal.

Wise users backup their accounts so they can open a new one and transfer everything over.
Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/7/12 5:43 AM
It's not just the files, it's also all the online registrations that point to ones Gmail account. I'm. It stupid enough to not backup things, I worked in IT for 15 years and I know things go wrong with servers crashing and what not.

So now I need to find a more reliable service provider. I just hope Google does not charge me again for storage that I can't even use. Do you know who I can contact to cancel the debit order for the Google Drive storage?

Thanks for the informative reply, now I also know how they run their empire.

Re: recovery The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 8/7/12 5:58 AM

Why is it so many who have major problems have worked in IT for so many years?
Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/7/12 6:23 AM
It has nothing to do with me working in IT. If I was a used car salesmen and my car broke down, would you say it's because I'm a used car salesmen?

I always thought that working for Google would be such a great job. But now that I see how little they actually care about their clients I've
completely changed my mind.

All I wanted was for my account to be re-enabled, I did not do anything wrong. But I guess that's asking too much.

Don't bother replying if you're going to tell me it's my fault.

Re: recovery The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 8/7/12 6:37 AM

For a short time I worked as a glazing fitter. I had a party and invited co-workers. Nearly half of the glasses we had were smashed during the evening. Handling glass all day made us complacent about how we handled it. Just wondering if the same rule applies. Complacency is our enemy.
Re: recovery bkc56 8/7/12 9:50 AM
So now I need to find a more reliable service provider.

Your issue has nothing to do with reliability.  Your account was not somehow "lost".  It's about a suspected (from our point-of-view) ToS violation.  All service providers have a ToS, and Google is pretty unforgiving about ToS violations.

Now I'm not saying you did anything on purpose to violate the ToS.  And I agree that it would be better if Google provided some information about the actual "offense".  I also understand how angry you are about this.  But none of that changes the actual nature of what happened:  Google defined the rules, the rules were (or at least appear to have been) broken, and Google responded as it said it would.
Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/7/12 12:50 PM
Don't worry about it, I'm busy rerouting all my online registration to my new email account, with another service provider. I will also be telling all my friends and colleagues about how Google treats their clients.

You say it's not about reliability, but how can you have an account with any service provider when they can take it away from you without any warning and think that's reliable??? Luckily for me this account is not my only one, so I could carry on with my work using another address.

Now I have to change all my online registration, I need to edit my three web sites to take all the Google Analytics references out, I have to try get Google to cancel the charges on my bank account for the Google drive storage, my Adwords account is disabled so no more hits on my pages (Google probably took all my Adwords off too). Those things are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head...

So, as some guy said to my today "People should backup their accounts, in case it gets disabled, they can then create a new one and copy it over", that's BS!!

And all this after being a Gmail user since the beta testing started, and I never changed the way I used it.

I guess it will never happen to you guys, it's nice to know someone that can just click on the "Enable" box

Anyway, I'm wasting time here, need to start over now.

Re: recovery The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 8/7/12 1:33 PM

Always being prepared to accept advice from an IT professional how about sharing which service you will be moving over to. Others could also do with this advice.
Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/7/12 1:43 PM
I'm going to host my own emails, WISEASS!!! If you can't trust Multi Billion dollar companies, then you rather do it yourself.
This is why Google doesn't give a damn about their users, because of idiots like you!!!

If you can't say anything helpfull, then just shut up!

Re: recovery The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 8/7/12 2:20 PM

How much would you charge to host mine and would there be any restrictions as to upload/download files and size? How much storage would be allowed? Are you prepared to offer the service to others?

I'm sorry not to be able to offer any additional help but you have had two of the best in the business both look at your problem and it has been passed to Google Employees for investigation. What other help would you want?

Re: recovery jeremyB 8/9/12 6:08 AM
Wait - do you two work for Google?  And you didnt even look at my issue as you never asked which email I was asking about.  Google didnt do anything as they didnt ask either.  Actually Google never contacted me.  I just rec'd boilerplate responses from you two stating it cant be done.  Why cant it be done?  Is google just too lazy to do it?  Or do they not have the skilled employees to do it?  Or do they not have the technology to do it?

This is everyones complaint with Google - they just seem to be apathetic towards their customers.

Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/9/12 7:19 AM
Sorry I hijacked your thread earlier this week, I was just frantically trying get hold of someone to help me with my issues. Regarding your questions to these two guys, Google doesn't give a s!$&, they won't tell you anything. My account has been locked for almost three weeks now and no one can tell me why. All I get is that if they don't respond then it's request denied... Very nice customer service.

Anyway, hope you get you problem sorted out.
Good luck.

Re: recovery The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 8/9/12 8:29 AM

We don't work for Google and the badges signify we have been promoted to Top Contributor level which makes us prime targets for the Trolls but means the advice we give (although we may word it differently) is about as good as it gets. We can also try to get the attention of a Google Employee if we cannot give an answer or think there is something that can be done.

Gmail account have an after life of about seven days once you delete the account when it might be possible to reactivate it but this is only due to the multiple backup system taking time to delete all instances of the account.

"Delete" does mean DELETE. The only thing that is left is a block on anybody using your account name or any combination (the dot variant) which might appear to be the same.

Follow bkc56's or my Account details and you will see how many accounts we have helped users regain access to. If there was a chance we would have tried.
Re: recovery The C Man (Call me C) Ex TC 8/9/12 8:58 AM

There are only two primary reasons for an account to be disabled.
  1. Somebody breaks the Terms of Service. Reasons for this are never disclosed and the advice for anybody who uses a cloud based emails service is "Create an offline backup" so whatever happens you have a record.
  2. The account has been hacked (it is then disabled for the account holder's protection). The account will be re-enabled once the account holder proves beyond doubt ownership of it.

The advice may be late but it is good.

Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/19/12 11:52 PM
Please help, I've opened a new thread about my account that got disabled by Google. They are still taking money off of my account for storage that was linked to this disabled account. I find this completely unfair!
Please can you let me know what I can do to sort this out?
Thread link is,
Re: recovery bkc56 8/20/12 12:11 AM
I saw the thread, but I don't know what to do.  I guess I'd deal with it by contacting the CC company and have them decline future payments.
Re: recovery LanceRoberts 8/20/12 1:32 AM
Wow, this is incredible... Not only will they disable your account without telling you why, they even go as low as taking money from your account fraudulently!!

What a company!!

My credit card company says all I can do is submit a dispute to Google, and we all know how far that's going to get me.
I guess I'll be charged for something that I cant use for the rest of my days!!

Thanks anyway dude, at least you try to help.

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