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Attachment Issues

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Attachment Issues Peter Lawson 4/15/12 6:01 PM
Gmail Help Staff,

I am unable to attach documents to my emails in my Gmail account. This has only become an issue in the past week or so. When selecting "Attach A File" often a gloved hang appears (as if to click on a link) and over this past week or so this gloved hang does not even appear over the blue highlighted "Attach A File" link.

Please email me back at with suggestions of what the issue may be and how I may go about fixing this.

Peter Lawson

Re: Attachment Issues wdurham 4/16/12 1:19 AM
First update Firefox to the latest version. If that doesn't correct the problem, try some basic troubleshooting things:

Clear cache and cookies
Try disabling any browser extensions and starting the browser again - e.g. start Firefox in Safe Mode
Try starting GMail without any labs you might have enabled (use to do that)
Temporarily disable your virus checker 
Try another browser to see if the behaviour persists

You could also try and see if Drag and Drop works - pick up your file with the mouse and drag it right at the "attach a file" link, then drop it when the attachment box appears.