Death Ray

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Death Ray Lrae 3/10/03 10:39 PM
Either these planes were hit by some Alien Death Ray or it gets so hot in Peoria that the planes meltdown after landing. Seven have already melted and a few more are turning to mud, right before our eyes.
Re: Death Ray havin_fun 4/11/03 4:06 AM
I think it's ground (based (based on a Flash Gordon episode) )
The prop wash from the plane with the red fuselage on the right is retro-reflected forward in a counter-clockwise spiral because the rotation of the earth is slowing by a second per year. The reason the plane to its immediate S.E. is spared from the harmful retro-reflective energy of the prop wash is only because the boomerang shape of the jetway between them cancels the harmonicas of the perturbation.

Yet another reason we all need to walk counter clockwise
Re: Death Ray Lrae 4/11/03 9:01 AM
Isn't it scary how we Californians think!

We never have to spray De-Icing chemicals on our airplanes...
Re: Death Ray seanturvey 7/24/05 11:02 AM
It hast to be the effect of the high levels of mercury in the area. To aluminium mercury is an oxidizer. Therfore the plains melted overnight.
Re: Death Ray Hamster2z 8/10/05 10:10 PM
are you reffering to the plane shaped marks on the tarmac?

My theory:
It looks like the Night before the picture was taken there may have been a huge storm which grounded the planes or maybe the flights just stopped over for a night, and they sat there overnight as it rained. When the rain stopped and dried up in the mornining, the water that had blown under the plane had stayed because the shadow of the plane kept it much cooler.
Re: Death Ray Mr_Gee 8/13/05 1:28 AM
and they had almost made it to the ramp before they were taken
Re: Death Ray KingConn 9/23/05 7:50 PM
that poor, poor plane
Re: Death Ray firefysh 10/28/05 9:01 AM
Those Vogons have a lot to answer for !!!

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Re: Death Ray contour 12/4/05 8:09 PM
I praise your logic. How true!! haha!
Re: Death Ray JohnTrim51 3/1/06 1:55 AM
Maybe the work of the Langoliers.
Re: Death Ray TommyAfrika 3/14/06 6:52 AM
Langoliers would be my guess also.

Re: Death Ray woody64 3/15/06 5:39 PM
Iam new to the program(google earth plus) and to the forums am was wondering how do you download the download links because I get not authorized or something like that?Iam registered to this forum.
Re: Death Ray JohnTrim51 3/16/06 3:16 AM
Cool pic, Tommy.
Re: Death Ray clickclickboom 3/24/06 9:28 AM
Here is your culprit
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Re: Death Ray Golden_Eye 4/18/06 6:06 AM
Iknow we blame it on the NSA that we will never know... those poor planes. Can I take one home and nurse it back to health? one lets me have any fun 'round here.

clickclickboom I love the Gundam thing what seris?
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Re: Death Ray Douglas_Doggie52 5/10/06 6:25 AM
Sorry for asking, but I can't open the .eta file, is this file only available to GE plus/pro? Or is there another way I can open it from inside GE (all other files I download from here work fine)?
Re: Death Ray Lrae 5/13/06 9:34 AM
ETA files are an older version and thanks for reminding me... updated to KMZ.
Re: Death Ray Cymric 8/3/06 10:35 PM
`I apoligise I was there that morning and had ate too many bowls of read beans the night before, was a windy morning.
Re: Death Ray mlbird_1992 1/6/07 11:10 AM
no it is definatly the de-icing stuff they spray on planes during winter, and it has dripped off the plane into a plane shaped puddle. nice find though
Re: Death Ray postal1 1/10/07 6:48 AM
"Any Amateur can look at something, but only a Pro can really see what they are looking for"

Odd, I wonder if Nicolaus Copernicus was a Pro or an Amateur? Since he was first with his writings, that makes him a amateur. Was the first person on the moon an amateur, having never done it before he must have been. Oft said comment, "out of the mouths of babes" Let us not hold our head so high as to forget to put on our pants. It can make us look ridiculous! Being proud can be mistaken for being arrogant and backwards. Knowledge can be gained from fools, that is why we have psychologists to explain what they are saying.
Re: Death Ray Mark_Horn 10/4/07 6:49 AM
That is freaky looking!
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