How to compose titles for Travel Information

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How to compose titles for Travel Information Diane9247 10/7/09 10:57 AM
The Definitely Don't and the Please Do of writing titles...

Pretend you're a journalist in the Dominican Republic. A factory has exploded. Is your headline going to be "Something bad happened" or "Factory explodes in Santo Domingo?"

When making a post for Travel Information, please put the location and topic in the title! That's the best thing to do in any forum, but especially this one. Ah, you might be asking, "Why bother? osmirk Everyone knows where the best baba ganoush is! I'm just marking it so they'll see I know where it is, too." otongue

Well, you're forgetting something: think globally! There are potentially tens of thousands of readers of your post in places all around the globe. Let's say someone in Copenhagen is looking for a good, strong cup o'joe (sorry, coffee) in Seoul. If she does a GEC search for "Seoul coffee," she will have thousands of posts to go through and will give up before she finds your nice recommendation of a coffee bar in Seoul. Why? Because your title says, "Good coffee here." oshocked Or it says "Jake's," which of course everyone in Seoul knows is the best coffee in town. But the poor woman in Copenhagen hasn't a clue about Jake's. See what I'm saying? Put as much info as possible in your title, while keeping it simple and searchable, or even inviting the clicks of those not doing a search.

So, you want the title to convey your topic (is it food or golf?) and the location (India or Scotland? We need to know! oconfused).


Definitely Don't title: "Hotel"
Please Do! title: "Good hotel in Nairobi, Kenya"

Definitely Don't title: "Rapid City's best"
Please Do! title: "Best burritos in Rapid City, SD, USA!"

And don't be shy because you speak only Urdu. You don't need to post in English just because Google is an American company! All languages are welcome here. English-speakers can use our handy Translate tool at the top of the post. ocool Now, get busy and start writing your titles!