Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located

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Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located zmarties 9/2/05 11:32 AM
There have been plenty of posts already about Concorde, but noone seems to have tried to locate all the aircraft - the emphasis has been on spotting visible instances in Google Earth, rather than in providing a useful resource for anyone who is interested in visiting the museums that now house the aircraft.

This file therefore does just that - it provides a placemark for each aircraft, together with a link to a page of information about that specifc plane, and a link to the museum where the aircraft can be viewed.

The file can also be found via the Concorde Compendium webpage version, which also provides a web based version of the same information, complete with links to other mapping services including Virtual Earth, Google Maps, Yahoo maps.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located zmarties 9/20/05 1:42 PM
Now that Heathrow is included in the high-res coverage, have moved placemark to its exact poition by Runway 23.

Also added the model version of Concorde at the entrance to the airport.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located bebop 9/20/05 2:21 PM

I didn't notice your post before, but... wow!
Very nice work

Thank you.

Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 9/29/05 2:39 AM
In fact I do try to locate all the placemarks and started to file them in a single KML but I lack time

My datas are, for the moment, in an Excel file with some infos about first flight, last flight and retirement locations but that's all... I will cross check it with the file you provide

As you probably noticed I once gave photos and infos in a previous thread

Nice work, by the way
Google Earth addict and Concorde lover laugh

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Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 9/29/05 2:52 AM
I had a quick look and it's GREAT
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 9/29/05 3:50 AM
Some hot news about Concorde F-BVFF (N°215) !!!

According to Club Concorde (wich is a club of Concorde's fans), Concorde F-BVFF will be moved on display in Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport on the 15th of october 2005 !!!

The beauty will be placed on 2 pylons near the North control tower in a West-oriented take-off position (symbolysing a flight to NY). She will be enlighted by night with blue lights in the air intakes, red lights in the engine exhausts and enlighted from the inside and outside.

It looks very similar to the one in Sinsheim.

More infos and photos at AiAC Website (infos only available in French for the moment).

By the way you should had this website in your links : there are many photos and informations (mostly available in English too).

Some news about Concorde F-BVFC in Toulouse (France).

She will be on display in the aeronautical park "Grand Toulouse Terre d'envol" wich is currently in construction.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 9/29/05 8:05 AM
more news about Concorde F-BVFF

There will be 3 pylons (not 2 as I said before) placed at the emplacement of the landing gears. The height of these pylons will be approx. 6 meters.

More infos (in French) and photos :

Huge photo of the future emplacement (click on the image preview image below) :
F-BVFF news TheRealMcCoy 10/12/05 6:11 AM
Fresh news for F-BVFF !!!

In order to celebrate her 25 years of service F-BVFF will be place on her pylons before the 23th of October !

Here is the planning (will be updated when needed):

  • 13 october : FF will be moved from her actual location to "Concorde H3" hangar in order to pass a technical verification, a complete cleanup and painting fixes. [Done]

  • 14 october, she will be fully polished and will come out of her hangar neat as a pin. [Done]

  • 17 october, she will be tracted to Fox runway by 3:00 PM (local time). [Done]

  • 17-18 october by night, arrival of the cranes that will be used to lift Concorde. [Done]

  • 18 october, first lift-off test by 8:00 AM (local time). [Done]

  • 19 october, Fox Fox lift-off and installation on her pylons by 8:00 AM (local time). [Done]

  • 4 Novembre, Official inauguration [Done]

More infos on

Edit : initial placemark removed. See post below for updated placemark with exact location and overlay
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center Map overlay TheRealMcCoy 10/13/05 3:07 AM
Attached an Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center Map overlay showing exact emplacement of Concorde
F-BVFF : 13 Oct. 05 First step OK ! TheRealMcCoy 10/14/05 2:45 AM
F-BVFF has been moved from it's previous place to Concorde H3 hangar yesterday at 7:40 am (local time).

Work being done in this hangar :

- Painting fixes to repair little damages
- Work on inside lights and elevation preparation.

Pylons are ready to support Concorde on its final emplacement :

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

External lights are ready :

Image courtesy of

Links :

More infos, photos and a video !!! (in French) :

More infos and photos (in French) :
F-BVFF : 14 Oct 05 Fox Fox in its hangar TheRealMcCoy 10/15/05 3:15 PM
Here is a photo of Fox Fox in its hangar :

Photo taken on 14th October 2005, courtesy of
F-BVFF : 14 Oct 05 : work done TheRealMcCoy 10/17/05 1:28 AM
What was done on Fox Fox :

Work on the internal lighting, preparation for lift off. Opaque patches were put in portholes, electric girdles installed in the accommodations of the main gears and the supports of lights installed in nozzles.

She had been fully polished and is now neat as a pin

Source :
F-BVFF : 16 Oct 05 TheRealMcCoy 10/17/05 4:41 AM
Fox Fox exited H3 hangar by the end of the WE because this hangar had to be used for "normal" aircraft maintenance.
F-BVFF : 17 Oct 05 TheRealMcCoy 10/17/05 2:37 PM
Today Fox Fox has moved near it's future emplacement :

Image Copyrighted to Oliew ( Team )

Thanks man for having posted your photo so fast !!!
You rock and you made my day

More infos in a few hours
F-BVFF : 17 Oct 05 (precisions) TheRealMcCoy 10/18/05 12:25 AM
Fox Fox started moving from the maintenance area at 3:00 PM (local time).

She's now near the place she will be rised tomorrow.

More infos (as usual) on (in French with photos and 2 videos !!!)
F-BVFF : 18 Oct 05 (lift-off test) TheRealMcCoy 10/18/05 7:36 AM
As planned the cranes arrived during the nigth and this morning they did a lift-off test

Photo © Arnaud Boisguérin (

As usual more infos, photos and a video on
Re: F-BVFF : 18 Oct 05 (image) TheRealMcCoy 10/18/05 1:09 PM
One the most beautiful I ever saw about Concorde was taken today by Philippe Noret :

(clik on the image )
F-BVFF : 18 Oct 05 (last "flight") TheRealMcCoy 10/19/05 2:53 PM
Today Fox-Fox has been placed on her pylons.
Her last "flight" was when lifted by 3 cranes

Image © Paul Marais-Hayer for

More infos, photos and a video as usual on
F-BVFF : 18 Oct 05 (Air France communiqué & more) TheRealMcCoy 10/20/05 1:34 AM
Here is the Air France communiqué relative to this event translated in English (by Reverso and corrected by hand ):


Roissy, October 19th, 2005 The last journey of Concorde on the airport Roissy-Charles de Gaulle

The last Concorde belonging to Air France, "Fox Fox", is henceforth put in exhibition on the platform of the airport of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle.

On Monday, October 17th at midday, the Concorde made a last 3 500 metre rolling between the sheds of Air France Industries and its place of exhibition to Roissypôle.*

On Wednesday, October 19th at the beginning of the morning, the plane is going to be definitively raised and fixed to masts. In the next days, her installation will be completed by lights conceived by Emmanuel Clair of the Light Cibles company.

Finally, November 4th, exhibition of Concorde will be officially inaugurated by Pierre Graff and Jean-Cyril Spinetta, respectively CEO of Aeroports de Paris and Air France.

" The presence of our last Concorde is going to allow us to remember of the 27 years of exploitation of the supersonic on the airport of Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and highlights, in the story of the aeronautics, our narrow partnership with Aerrports de Paris ", declares Jean-Cyril Spinetta, president of Air France.

Aeroports de Paris realized a monument constituted by a platform, on a plot of land of a surface of 3000 m², situated between the municipalities of Mauregard ( 77 ) and Roissy-en-France ( 95 ).

The peculiarity of this exhibition is the double slope of the aircraft: 5° on the vertical axis and 6° on the side axis, giving to the spectator the impression that the plane is ready to take off.

This Concorde, registered F-BVFF (" Fox Fox "), made her first takeoff in Toulouse, December 26th, 1978 and was delivered to Air France on October 23rd, 1980. Her last flight took place on June 11th, 2000, after 12 421 hours of flight and 4 199 landings.

Three other copies of the Air France Concorde fleet are exposed, in France, in the Museum of the Air and the Bourget, in Germany, in the Technik Museum Speyer in Sinsheim and, in Washington, in National Air and Space Museum ( Smithsonian Institution).

The fourth Concorde was entrusted to Airbus Industry to be exposed in Toulouse-Blagnac in 2008 in a space dedicated to the aeronautics: "Terre d'envol".

Notes to editorial staffs :

- Around the place of the installation, no fixed stage or particular reception can be set up for the press, because of the nearness of main highways.

- According to the instructions of the authorities, no tv team can have access in reserved zone. Only AFP Photo and Reuters Photo were able to be accredited.

And some photos :
Google Earth addict and Concorde lover laugh

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Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located glooton 10/20/05 10:34 AM
I took 4 times Concorde, but not this one it was the F-BVFA witch was given to the National Air and Space Museum - Washington D.C / USA.
I thinks it is indoor so no chance to see it in GE in the futur.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 10/21/05 3:46 AM
Look at my overlay (Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center = National Air and Space Museum - Washington D.C / USA)

Sure she's inside
F-BVFF exact placemark, overlay plan and photos TheRealMcCoy 10/25/05 12:51 AM
As Air France release a plan of the installed exhibition of Concorde F-BVFF I update the placemark and add an overlay image

Hope that this Beauty will display soon in Google Earth

See attached file

Following images are (c) Air France :

Re: F-BVFF exact placemark, overlay plan and photo TheRealMcCoy 10/25/05 3:38 AM
New photo :

Image (c) x-plane93 (on the forum)
Concorde G-BBDG at Brooklands Museum TheRealMcCoy 10/31/05 3:56 AM
Attached is a placemark folder where you can (almost) see Concorde G-BBDG being reconstructed at the Brooklands museum.
The main body without tail and nose is under the white tent and parts of wings are on the right (second placemark).

Now G-BBDG is in plain air but we'll have to wait until next upgrade of this area to see the Beauty nearly reconstructed !

Photos here :

These photo (from the link above) shows what we see in GE :

Thanks to Oliew from forum for having spotted her
Concorde F-BVFD remains (Dugny, France) TheRealMcCoy 10/31/05 7:17 AM
Here is a placemark of the latest part of the body of Concorde F-BVFD wich was dismantled

It's in Dugny, near Le Bourget.

No plan to show it to public or to restore it for now

F-BVFD did an "heavy landing" in Dakar in November 1977 and was repaired but she was retired from service and dismantled in 1994.

Her nose was sold to a rich american in on 16 March 1995 for FF300,000 (~€45,730).

(Infos from

Thanks to Oliew on for providing exact placemark

Placemark deleted to replace it with a realigned one due to imagery update (see post below)
Offical inauguration TheRealMcCoy 11/7/05 6:11 AM
Fox Fox static display has been inaugurated last friday (the 4th) by Aeroports de Paris officials and Air France president (Jean-Cyril Spinetta, see photo) with a few officials.

It was raining as if the skies were crying for not seeing Concorde flying anymore

She's now on display and lights are active by night.

Photos are (c) Philippe Noret and are on
Google Earth addict and Concorde lover laugh

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Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located yehoudin 11/7/05 12:56 PM
i think its time to remove the zipped plan as the museum is visible (in high res) for long....

Nice work you've done. I just found that the placemark for the concorde at the Sinsheim Museum is not at the exact position, as I know 'cos I often take the E50 (aka A6) and it's right aside of the Autobahn - and permanetly causes a traffic-jam. Maybe you want to compare with the town maps that I try to attach.
The concorde (and tupolew) are on the west part of the museum area.

If you have information that is not in the description of my posted placemark, please let me know so that I can update it. I've searched all forums for this topic but I didn't find anything. Please contact me if I've overseen something and posted a duplicate placemark.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located yehoudin 11/7/05 1:04 PM
uups. its time to delete the placemark, as the museum is in high res for long and now everyone knows the location...

So I believe this to be the location....( sorry for having posted zipped jpg-maps in my previous post, this one is the kmz-file)
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located zmarties 11/7/05 3:09 PM
Thanks to all the hard work by various other contributors on this thread, I now have more exact locations for a number of the aircraft.

The placemark file on my server has been updated, but since it's using a network link you should pick up the changes automatically without having to do another download.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located urbanz 11/7/05 7:49 PM
Did you guys notice the one sitting on the runway at Heathrow? Runway 23.
Sinsheim precision TheRealMcCoy 11/8/05 4:54 AM
Thanks alot

In fact the location was really approximative because neither zmarties nor myself knew where was located this museum

It seems that your placemark is accurate
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 11/8/05 4:59 AM
Hahem... How to tell you...

You should try and open the placemarks provided before asking... The one at Heathrow is of course spotted

Do you really think we could have missed it ?

It's one of the 3 (only ) Concordes visible in GE (the one at the Intrepid Museum is no more available for the moment )) if we excepts the one we can **almost** see at Brooklands and the remains of one of them near Le Bourget...
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located zmarties 11/9/05 3:21 PM
Another quick update - I've added in the Cradle of Aviation museum on Long Island which owns the huge model of Concorde that used to be in Times Square, New York.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 11/10/05 8:16 AM
Thank you for the update

I will continue to add / correct some placemarks if I have more infos
Tent removed TheRealMcCoy 11/17/05 7:00 AM
The tent has been removed

Image (C) Brooklands Museum
Outer wings attached !!! TheRealMcCoy 11/17/05 7:44 AM
Outer wings are attached !!!
The most recent photo :

More info on the Concorde SST forum thread.
Outer wings attached (more photos) TheRealMcCoy 11/18/05 2:44 AM
Photos found on the Concorde Project pages taken 2 days ago :

All the photos of the operation :
Concorde G-BBDG radome fitted !!! TheRealMcCoy 11/29/05 1:23 AM
Her nose is back

The radome has been re-fitted to the droop nose.

Congrats to the English Team at Brooklands

Photos (c) <a href="" target="_blank">Concorde Project</a> (more photos <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a> )
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located jclarke 12/3/05 7:17 AM
I haven't found a placemark for this pair of Concorde aircraft at Heathrow. I suspect that the Heathrow imagery was updated as part of the UK 6" data, but I apologize if these have been posted before...
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located zmarties 12/5/05 4:16 PM
Yes, I see that the latest updates to the imagery have given us three new Concorde images at Heathrow.

I'm not planning to update the compendium yet, since its objective is not to locate Concorde images as such, but rather to give the present location of the planes themselves. The presence of these old images may be somewhat temporary - its been reported that the data to the east of the airport (where there is a block of low resolution data) should soon be changed yet again, and that may wipe out one of the Concorde images to the immediate east of that.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 12/7/05 8:25 AM
Real nice find that nobody spotted before, even me although I searched GE for Concorde since the new image update, I didn't looked here but tried to find updates on Concorde in plain air (there is no new images about them) where they are located.

Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located tonyperks 12/7/05 12:38 PM
Err ... but did you see the two aircraft waiting at Heathrow Terminal 4 ?

Lat=51.4608261543, Long=-0.444877413921

or the one at the Maintenance Hanger ?

Lat=51.4721523158, Long=-0.415898122692

Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located mbishop 12/8/05 4:28 AM
This is the actual spot where G-BOAF is now a standing exhibit and open for public tours. You can't see her because the view predates her move to this location.
...but this is the spot
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located chakotay200 12/11/05 4:34 AM
ahhhhh, you have got one concorde at heathrouh, there is two, one it on a runway, and the other it on a taxi way, look at the area of low ressolution, then pass that and you will see concorde
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 12/13/05 4:56 AM
Thanks for the precise location
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 12/13/05 4:59 AM
Yes, there she is (spotted by Delta102) :
Concorde G-BBDG new photos 17 Dec 05 TheRealMcCoy 12/19/05 2:53 AM
Brand new photos of G-BBDG at Brooklands !!!

Examples :

See all shots taken on 17 December 2005 :

Thanks to the guys at Brooklands for their astounding work !!!
Concorde G-BBDG new photos 31 Dec 05 TheRealMcCoy 1/2/06 2:23 AM
Works is always on the way on this one

Here are some brand new photos from the guys at Brooklands

Example :

All the images :
F-WTSA (Cn 02) in Orly : photo 12/28/05 TheRealMcCoy 1/5/06 4:01 AM
A beatiful photo of F-WTSA on taken on 28th Decembre 2005 between 2 snow storms :

She is in permanent display at Athis-Parray Aviation Delta Museum and is completely white after graffiti attack this year and complete re-painting.

Original colors should be back soon thanks to Delta Museum volonteers' wonderful job.
F-BVFF photo by night TheRealMcCoy 1/5/06 4:07 AM
The following photo was taken on 27th December 2005 by night :

It shows the "afterburner" light effects.

As it is said below the photo : it's a pity it's only lights and not a real takeoff
Concorde G-BBDG new photos 07 Junuary 2006 TheRealMcCoy 1/9/06 6:55 AM
Brand new photos of G-BBDG showing work progress on her :
Concorde G-BBDG opened to public : 15 January 2006 TheRealMcCoy 1/16/06 5:30 AM
Concorde G-BBDG is now opened to public in Brooklands Museum !!!

Here are the photos taken on 14th and 15th January 2006 :

Examples :

She's opened to public every weekend
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located niksutty 1/18/06 2:12 PM

what about this one?
Re: Concorde G-BBGB new photos 07 Junuary 2006 niksutty 1/18/06 2:45 PM
You haven't got this concorde on your list....

Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located Hill 1/18/06 3:31 PM
This was actually the first sighting of that particular Concorde (which is actually a photo, taken on a different day, that happened to catch one of the others while it was being moved ), which occurred soon after the last imagery update.
Click the images to view two important videos about our only home.
A Pale Blue Dot HOME

“Only when the last tree has died, the last river has been poisoned, and the last fish has been caught will we realize we cannot eat money.” Cree Proverb

My avatar Mr. Raven posed for me at the Tower of London.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 1/19/06 3:33 AM
This one is already spotted.

See chakotay200's post in this thread and my answer

She has been first reported by Delta102 in this thread :
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located Concorde_Rules 1/20/06 7:11 AM
Hello! I was surprised to find alot of activety from this link for my website, and now I know!

I am the owner of, and I am a member of the G-BBDG restoration team. I am one of the people taking pics of the project.

Im James, Im 16

Anyway, Brooklands tomorrow, I shall be uploading them as soon as poss after I return from tommorrows days work!

Thanks Concorde_Rules
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 1/23/06 4:48 AM
Hi James

Beeing a great Concorde fan (and member of AF001 forum) I am the one who gave news about Delta Golf (and about Concorde in general) on this forum.

I hope the traffic coming from here is not a problem for you

I wish everybody know the impressive work beeing done at Brooklands

If you want to give news about Delta Golf, feel free to do it (I think you noticed I try to keep this thread tidy :P ).

And thanks for your great photo and for the good work of the whole team at Brooklands.
30th anniversary of Concorde entry into operation TheRealMcCoy 1/23/06 8:15 AM
Last Saturday the Brooklands Team celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Concorde entry into operational service with Delta Golf and some Champagne

As usual, thanks to James (aka Concorde_Rules) for the photos :
Re: 30th anniversary of Concorde entry into operation Concorde_Rules 1/24/06 12:53 PM
Heh, no problem

Ill keep posting it on the forums, it usually gets spread very quickly!

Re: 30th anniversary of Concorde entry into operat TheRealMcCoy 1/25/06 12:25 AM
I usually post here news as I am aware of.

It is often after Mark Regwell post news on

I have not enough time unfortunately to read forum and the other forums I use

But I go sometimes on concordesst In fact every time I look for an info I go to the website

Thanks again for you work and the work beeing done at Brooklands

By the way : your photos are great and I mean it (I am a digital photo amateur too).
Concorde G-BBDG new photos : 28 january 06 TheRealMcCoy 1/31/06 7:42 AM
They work hard on Concorde every week-end (almost)

Photos taken on 28th January 2006 are, as usual, here :
Concorde 1:1 Replica used as a Café in Germany TheRealMcCoy 2/3/06 4:17 AM
This placemark has been submitted by kman900 :
Original post with placemark

This is a 1:1 Concorde replica wich is used as a café in the Flugausstellung Museum (Germany).

Unfortunately this place is in very low res in GE

Thanks to kman900 for locating it... I knew it exists but was unable to spot it
Concorde G-BBDG new photos : 04 February 2006 TheRealMcCoy 2/8/06 8:37 AM
Once again James (aka Concorde_Rules) took several photos the 4th February :

What's very interresting is when you look at these brand new photos and compare them with the oldest photos

That's impressive

If you live in or travel to UK you are encouraged to visit the Brooklands Museum and meet some of the folks who work on these beauty. They worth it too
Concorde Flights in Google Earth TheRealMcCoy 2/10/06 5:44 AM

I'm currently working on displaying Concorde's flight plans into Google Earth.

This is quite a huge work, first to find the data and then to add them into GE.

Data are collected by three means :
  • Concorde's lovers who have good infos (mainly thanks to AF001 forum)
  • Flight Simulator realistic flight plans (mainly thanks to AVSim website)
  • intensive web search

Below you'll find what is done and what is planned (will be update on the fly) :
  • Concorde Atlantic routes to USA [Done]
  • 3 Concordes following the 1999 Solar Eclipse [Done but additionnal infos needed (altitude)]
  • London Heathrow <-> New York JFK [Done]
  • Paris CDG <-> New York JFK [Done]
  • Paris <-> Dakar <-> Rio [Done]
  • London Heathrow <-> Barbados [Almost done]
  • London Heathrow <-> Bahrain [Almost done]
  • Supersonic Tours (London -> London, Paris -> Paris and London <-> Paris) [IAlmost done]
  • Toronto [Early stage - need infos]
  • Concorde following 1973 Solar Eclipse [In progress]
  • Concorde Round The World records [Done but additionnal info needed]

And more to come as I get data
Entries of this list marked as [Done] will available in a post below

If you have data on Concorde's flight plans contact me via MP
Concordes Atlantic routes to USA TheRealMcCoy 2/10/06 5:50 AM
The attached placemark shows the 3 Concorde's Atlantic Supersonic routes to USA regardless of departure or arrival airports.
  • Sierra Mike (SM) : main route from Europe to USA
  • Sierra November (SN) : main route from USA to Europe
  • Sierra Oscar (SO) : backup route

These routes are Concorde specific and placemarks placing should be very accurate
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 2/14/06 3:01 AM
Unfortunately the one near runway 23 at Heathrow disapeared with imagery update

Hope she will be back soon
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located yehoudin 2/20/06 5:41 AM
I wondered why your placemarks never showed up within GE layers. Now that I see that your .kmz uses a network link, I know why. However I think it's a pity, because your collection is really great and the other users could download your complete collection if they see one of the visible (and each one a houndred-times posted) concordes. Maybe you want to post an offline version to the forum, than it would appear with the next GECommunity layer update.


If you have information that is not in the description of my posted placemark, please let me know so that I can update it. I've searched all forums for this topic but I didn't find anything. Please contact me if I've overseen something and posted a duplicate placemark.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located R_Tuck 2/21/06 8:42 AM
Hi there! Thanks for the cool post - it's great to know where they all are, and where to go to see them (if I ever get to Europe!). I have one slight correction for you - the one in Seattle, Washington, USA at the Museum of Flight has been located in an adjacent parking lot converted to a display area. The picture in GE, of course, pre-dates the time the aircraft were moved there.

Here are the coordinates:
47d 31' 10.78" N
122d 17' 56.98" W

Oregon, USA
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 2/24/06 2:34 AM
Thanks for the correction

How precise are these coordinates ?
Did you recorded them by yourself with a GPS or are they approximate ?
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 2/24/06 2:39 AM
Well, every placemark added to the Compendium should have been at least once posted to the forum. That's why we did not re-post them in this thread...

I will double check and post placemarks that are not in the Community layers so that they are added at the next layers update
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located Concorde_Rules 2/24/06 6:55 AM
Mark has suffered a system failure, so I will post the latest pics so far

11th February 2006
12/14/16th February 2006
18th February 2006

We have taken the rear floor up, I think SA is doing the same???

Concorde Round The World Records TheRealMcCoy 2/27/06 3:23 AM
Here is a placemark containing infos on the 2 round the world records established by Concorde F-BTSD :
- Westbound : 12-13 October 1992 in 32 hours 49 minutes 03 seconds.
- Eastbound : 15-16 August 1995 in 31 hours 27 minutes 49 seconds.

Complete with placemarks (based on Airports Database by Herrminator) and path (generated with PathGen).
Concorde G-BBDG new photos : 25 February 2006 TheRealMcCoy 2/27/06 3:32 AM
Here are the brand new photos of G-BBGB at Brooklands :

Thanks to Young James for the photos and to Concorde_Rules for the updates
3 Concordes following the 1999 Solar Eclipse TheRealMcCoy 2/27/06 4:10 AM
On the Aug. 11, 1999 three Concordes followed the total solar eclipse.
Two were affreted by British Airways (BA99S and BA91N) and one by Air France (AF4500)

Concorde was the only civil plane able to "chase" the eclipse because of its speed superior to Mach 2 and because the speed of the eclipse umbra was about Mach 2.3 over Europe. Thus the Concordes managed to stay in the darkest shadow for about 4 to 8 minutes while someone standing on the surface would only stay 2 minutes.

Provided in this file :
- Trace and placemarks for the three flights icluding real runways infos
- Trace, umbra (as a polygon) and placemarks (ordered by Zulu time) for the eclipse

Based on Michael Vone's FS2000 MV Challenge Eclipse Chase scenario for Flight Simulator
You should visit this website and download this challenge for more in depth infos.

Thanks to AVSIM for hosting the Challenges files.

Thanks to Xavier M. Jubier for the KMZ files of the Eclipse I used to provide eclipse shadow as a polygon.
His website contains infos on infos all the eclipses with KMZ folders and are available through a Yahoo Widget !!!

P.S. :
The altitudes are set to 0 because I have no altitude data for the moment.
Tail cone fitted the 6th March 2006 !! TheRealMcCoy 3/8/06 1:00 AM
Delta Golf is now fully restored to her fighting length, 202' 4"!!

Image (c) Gordon Roxburgh

More photos as usual on :
G-BBDG new photos 11th March 2006 TheRealMcCoy 3/13/06 3:02 AM
As usual James took photos of the ongoing restoration of this Concorde.

You can see them all here :

Wonderfull work as I always say

A little example :
Concorde G-BBDG weekly photos : 18th March 06 TheRealMcCoy 3/20/06 3:13 AM
As usual, here are the new photos of the current work on B-BBDG restoration at the Brooklands museum thanks to young James :

An example showing a part of the British Team :
Now we can see it in Google Earth !!! TheRealMcCoy 3/24/06 3:54 AM
Due to new imagery available in GE today this museum is now in Hi-Res

So I updated the placemark (see attached placemark)
Re: Sinsheim precision TheRealMcCoy 3/24/06 4:34 AM
Now that Germany is nearly completely in Hi-Res we can again refine the location

See my post :
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located zmarties 3/24/06 12:09 PM
Now that Germany is in High res, we can see the Sinsheim museum in much better detail - but the image dates from before the arrival of Concorde.

The other German "concorde", the museum cafe at The Flugausstellung in Hermeskeil is however visible, at

49°41'5.71"N 6°57'35.14"E

Yes, I'm deliberately not giving a place mark, so as not to polute the community layer, (there is already an entry very close to this point). I will be updating the Compendium collection when I'm next at the correct computer to do so.
Concorde G-BBDG weekly photos : 25th March 2006 TheRealMcCoy 3/26/06 11:48 PM
As usual, work is going on every weekend at the Brooklands Museum to restore Concorde G-BBDG.

Here are the latest photos from James :

An exemple :

Keep up the good work folks ! Your work is, as always, impressive
Concordes not viewables in GE now are (almost) !!! TheRealMcCoy 3/27/06 2:25 AM
Thanks to Astrecks who provided some placemarks and overlays images now we can see Concorde in many locations :

Posted by Astrecks :
Concorde in Manchester
Concorde in Sinsheim

Posted by me :
Concorde in the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center
Concorde at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle
Corcorde at Seattle Museum of Flight
Concorde at Filton, Bristol
Concorde F-BVFC in Toulouse, France
Concorde G-BOAB at Heathrow Airport, London (new location)
Concorde G-BOAD in her temporary home at Aviator Sports & Recreation in Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn (new location)
Concorde G-BBDG : new website for photos TheRealMcCoy 4/3/06 3:35 AM
James (aka Concorde_Rules) published a brand new website for its photos of the ongoing restoration of G-BBDG and all Concorde-related photos :

There are brand new photos taken on the 31 March 2006 and 1st April 2006.

Thanks alot James
New photos 6th and 8th April 2006 TheRealMcCoy 4/10/06 2:11 AM
New photos taken on 6th April and 8th April 2006.

Thanks again to James (aka Concorde_Rules).
Concorde G-BBDG coutdown to full public opening TheRealMcCoy 4/11/06 3:28 AM
Here is the countdown until G-BBDG is fully opened to visitors :

She will be fully opened to public on the 29th June 2006 at 10:00:00 GMT+01:00
Concorde G-BBDG new photos : 11th and 13th April TheRealMcCoy 4/12/06 12:36 AM
Brand new photos of Concorde G-BBDG in restoration with many photos of the cockpit instruments and of the interior wich is currently under preparation
Re: Concorde G-BBDG new photos : 11th and 13th April Concorde_Rules 4/17/06 10:06 AM
Countdown was incorrect, it is ow fixed, its now for the 27th July 2006

Concorde F-BVFD remains (Dugny, France) updated TheRealMcCoy 4/19/06 6:13 AM
I realigned the placemark due to an update in the imagery of Paris wich occured on the 04/18/06

Previous placemark removed
Countdown TheRealMcCoy 4/19/06 6:15 AM

It was a little optimistic :P
F-WTSA (Cn 02) in Orly : GE imagery updated !!! TheRealMcCoy 4/19/06 6:53 AM
Paris and surroundings imagery has been updated yesterday so now the Musee Delta is in higher resolution than ever !!!

Sierra Alpha is so beautiful.

Please also have a look to the other planes
Air France Concorde F-BVFC at Toulouse Frank_McVey 4/19/06 7:25 AM
Thanks to the new imagery

Concorde retires
Re: Air France Concorde F-BVFC at Toulouse TheRealMcCoy 4/19/06 7:29 AM
Oh my godness !!!

I failed to see that !!!! I did not noticed the update of the imagery... Is it due to the update wich occured yesterday ?

I don't know wich location is the actual one : this one or the previous one... but I will find out !

Nice find Franck
Re: Air France Concorde F-BVFC at Toulouse TheRealMcCoy 4/25/06 3:11 AM
So I asked a person who went to Toulouse last December to see Fox Charlie to validate the place...

Both places are now wrong (the previous one and the one actually viewable in GE).

I am preparing an overlay to display the real place and I'll post it here This overlay should be very precise with the help of the guy who went there a few monthes ago
Re: Air France Concorde F-BVFC at Toulouse TheRealMcCoy 4/27/06 3:47 AM
Done :
Concorde G-BBDG new photos 29 April 2006 TheRealMcCoy 5/2/06 3:13 AM
On the 29th April 2006 there was work done on Delta Golf but she was also opened to public.

There was lots of red cars and lots of people to see Delta-Golf because of the "Italia" weekend at Brooklands (which is also a car museum) as you see with the latest photos from James (aka Concorde_rules).

More photos as usual on Jame's website :
Concorde G-BBDG new photos 06 May 2006 TheRealMcCoy 5/9/06 4:15 AM
Brand news photos of the restoration of Delta Golf taken this week-end at Brooklands.

Thanks, as usual to James
Concorde G-BOAB moved on 10 May 2006 TheRealMcCoy 5/11/06 7:41 AM
Concorde G-BOAB (aka Alpha Bravo) moved the 10th May 2006 from her position by the runway 23 to another location next to the old Eastchurch Road crossing gates due to on-going maintenance and building extension work at the airport.

More info with photos and an overlay as soon as I have more infos and I can locate precisely her new "home".
Re: Concordes not viewables in GE now are (almost) TheRealMcCoy 5/12/06 2:01 AM
Added G-BOAB new location at Heathrow Airport.
Re: Concordes not viewables in GE now are (almost) TheRealMcCoy 5/17/06 4:51 AM
Placemark corrected and new overlay to "correct" the background
A (almost) new Concorde viewable in GE (model) TheRealMcCoy 5/23/06 6:20 AM
Thanks to PeteUK post in Fun and Games now you can see a "new" Concorde in GE

This is a approx. 2 meters long model wich is located in the Madurodam park in Den Haag (La Haye).

This park recreats parts of Holland in miniature and this Concorde model is located in the La Haye Airport replica.

See attached placemark for the location

Thanks to PeteUK for helping me finding the place back
Concorde G-BBDG got her tail back !!!!! TheRealMcCoy 6/9/06 3:05 AM
On wednesday 07 June 2006 Delta Golg got her tail back !

So now she looks like this :

More photos as usual on James' website :

And some others on Mark Redgwell PhotoBucket account :
Evolution of Delta-Golf : May 2004 --> July 2006 TheRealMcCoy 6/9/06 3:32 AM
Here are some photos to show the impressive work of the Concorde G-BBDG restoration team from her arrival at the Brooklands Museum

May 2004 :

Summer 2005 :

June 2006 :

26th July 2006 (official opening) :

So, once again, a huge BRAVO to the restoration team who did an astonishing work on Delta-Golf

Keep up the good work folks

Photos are (c) to their authors.

More photos and infos :
Brooklands Museum Concorde
Concorde SST website
Young James Concorde restoration photo diary
G-BOAE "tent" now viewable in GE !!! TheRealMcCoy 6/14/06 8:19 AM
Due to the recent (8th June 2006) imagery update, the Caribean islands are now in High Resolution.

So the Barbados Airport (Grantley Adams Internationnal Airport) is concerned

You can know see the "tent" that protects Concorde G-BOAE.

See attached placemark to see it

Screenshot :
Concorde G-BBDG at Brooklands Official Opening ! TheRealMcCoy 8/9/06 7:40 AM
On the 26th of July 2006 G-BBDG, wich has been fully restored, has been officially opened to public !

All the photos are, as usual, available on Jame's website :

Once again I want to highlight the fantastic work that the volonteers at Brooklands Museum did in a little more than 2 years (as I said in the previous post).

Girls and guys at Brooklands : YOU ROCKS !!!!
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located Chun Brizio 8/15/06 1:12 PM
I found once a Concorde over a Boat, just by an US Carrier. Is it possible? Maybe by the USS Intrepid, but right now there isn,t no plane.
Chun Cartography traveller
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 8/17/06 8:27 AM
I answered to your PM but the answer can interrest people here so :
Concorde G-BOAD sits on a barge near the Intrepid Museum in New-York but the imagery of this area has been replaced by older but more precise photos.
So in GE you cannot see Alpha-Delta on her barge

Attached is a placemark with an overlay showing actual view of this area

You can also notice that the planes on the Intrepid have moved in between the 2 photos

Here are 2 recent (07/16/06) photos of Alpha Delta on her barge :

And some older but closer ones :
Re: Concordes not viewables in GE now are (almost) TheRealMcCoy 1/5/07 3:58 PM
Added G-BOAD new (temporary) home.
New Concorde Compendium - work in progress TheRealMcCoy 1/5/07 4:13 PM
I am preparing a brand new Concorde Compendium containing all the placemarks given here plus some additions.

I don't know if Zmarties is still around but I'd like to get in touch with him either to update its file or to replace it by mine when it is ready
C-CONC disappeared from Heathrow Airport TheRealMcCoy 4/4/07 1:44 AM
G-CONC is the immatriculation of the 1/3 Concorde scale model (in fact it's more a 1/2.5 scale model ) which was on a roundabout near London Heathrow Airport, UK.

It will be replaced soon by a double-deck (and ugly ) A380 model from Emirates.

There was some worries about G-CONC but the good news is that it has been disassembled carefully and been moved to the Brooklands Museum where volonteers will take good care of it

(c) The Sun
More info soon

Photos by Gordon Roxburgh /

Album by Neil Walker :
Album by Young James (as usual):
G-BOAE is opening to public !! TheRealMcCoy 4/13/07 8:13 AM
G-BOAE is to be opened to public VERY soon

Here are some rare photos of the interior of the tent taken a few hours ago :

Thanks to Colomba (
G-BOAE exhibition opening !!! TheRealMcCoy 4/16/07 2:07 AM
Today, April, 16th 2007, G-BOAE exhibition is opened to the public !

It has been inaugurated last thursday (April, 12th).

Here's a couple of photos taken before inauguration :
Re: G-BOAE exhibition opening !!! Concorde_Rules 4/21/07 12:19 PM
Hey TheRealMcCoy!

Nice to see your still linking to us!!

Could you do me a favor and update your posts further up the thread, the "" gallery does not have concorde stuff on it and the links don't work.

Could you find and change them to the correct ones on "" or just replace the link to ""?

Re: TheRealMcCoy 4/27/07 7:22 AM
Done... it was long and boring but it's ok now

Don't forget to do the same correction in your posts (I saw at least one)
2 new Concordes, 1 corrected and 2 imagery update! TheRealMcCoy 6/14/07 6:54 AM
It's been a long time since we see new Concordes on GE

Due to last massive imagery update here are the changes :
- Manchester and Filton Concordes are now viewable !!!
- Brooklands Museum image quality has been unified but the tent which used to protect G-BBDG during the first stages of her restoration has disapeared (old but accurate imagery)
- Toulouse's Concorde F-BVFC imagery is now accurate (recent images) and F-WTSB image has been updated.

Placemark and screenshots to come
Placemarks and screenshots TheRealMcCoy 6/16/07 2:42 PM
Manchester :

Filton :

Toulouse :

Brooklands Museum :

See attached placemark (which is a folder )

BTW :thanks to the board administrators for my "title"
I'm VERY proud
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located Frank_McVey 6/25/07 9:02 AM
Please note that there are discrepancies in this file due to imagery changes. This is currently being upgraded to correct any errors and to add in new Concorde data - 3d models, routes, etc - by TheRealMcCoy.


Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located TheRealMcCoy 6/25/07 9:24 AM
Thanks alot Franck

More news as I complete the new KMZs

A preview of one of the KMZ :

Concorde in Barbados
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located 8002reverse 1/19/08 2:27 AM
I think the Rio de Janeiro Concorde Placemark needs to be 7 nms NNW at the International Airport.
Re: Concorde Compendium - all 20 aircraft located skycop63 2/12/08 8:39 PM
Follow this link to listen to an audio of the cockpit radio chatter on the final Concorde flight. The controllers and many other pilots were anxious to offer their thoughts on the end of it all.','imageShell07','200','200','off','true',40,10)
Flying? You bet.
Concorde G-BOAG (Seattle) now visible !!! TheRealMcCoy 4/14/08 2:24 AM
Due to an update in imagery G-BOAG is now visible in GE/GM at the Seattle's Museum of flight at Boeing Field

Thanks to BBS Community User DelPiero for pointing me this out
G-BOAD in Brooklyn now visible too !!! TheRealMcCoy 4/14/08 9:37 AM
I was checking all the Concorde relative placemarks when I noticed that Brooklyn has new imagery too !!!

And this imagery is VERY recent because you can see G-BOAD !!!
1 new Concorde and 1 imagery update ! TheRealMcCoy 10/10/08 3:50 AM
It's been a long time since there is imagery updates concerning Concorde. Until 5th October 2008

As Paris and its surroundings had been updated here is Concorde F-BVFF (alias FoxFox) on display in Roissy - Charles de Gaulle Airport :

As you can see my 3D model was placed almost perfectly :

(left image is my 3D model)

And the one in Musée Delta has new imagery :
Concorde AF4590 Memorial TheRealMcCoy 10/10/08 4:05 AM
In Roissy again you can see the memorial dedicated to the victims of Concorde Flight AF4590 which crashed in Gonnesse just after taking of from Roissy.
New 3D models and imagery update TheRealMcCoy 8/6/10 3:18 AM
It's been a long, long time since I came here and things around Concorde have evolved, in real world and ig Google Earth !!!

Here are the main additions :
- 3D Concorde models have been added to the 3D layers (F-BVFF at Roissy, G-BOAB at Heathrow, G-BOAC in Manchester and the whole USS Intrepid)

Screenshot taken before last imagery update (see below)

- New imagery : G-BBDG and G-CONC are visible in Brooklands Museum, G-BOAC is no more visible because she's now under cover, G-BOAD is no more visible in Brooklyn and new imagery at USS Intrepid but in bad resolution and G-BOAG in Seattle imagery has been updated many times.

Date : 24th May 2009

Date 2 June 2009

Date : 18th June 2010

Date : 6th Septembre 2009

Date : 12th June 2010

Funny : G-CONC is present in Brooklands and at Heathrow just as G-BOAD was present in Brooklands and Uss Intrepid before imagery update.
G-BOAE "tent" updated TheRealMcCoy 8/13/10 3:26 AM
Imagery has been updated :

Date : 21th March 2009
Concorde Compendium - UPDATED TheRealMcCoy 8/17/10 3:23 AM
Here is an update to this compendium.

Below you'll find ALL locations with screenshots and coordinates (on the screenshots wink ) and attached is a KMZ file with some overlays. 3D models are in the 3D buildings layer.

Prototypes :
- F-WTSS : under cover at Le Bourget Museum, France

- G-BSST : under cover at Yeolvilton, UK

Pre-production :
- F-WTSA : on display at Musée Delta, France

- F-WTSB : on display at Airbus Facility, Toulouse, France

- G-AXDN : under cover at Duxford Airfield Museum, UK

- G-BBDG : on display at Brooklands Museum, UK

Production :
- F-BTSC : crashed at Gonnesse, France (crash site + memorial)

- F-BTSD : under cover at Le Bourget Museum, France (alongside F-WTSS)

- F-BVFA : under cover at Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Washington DC, USA

- F-BVFB : on display at Sinsheim Museum, Germany (not visible in GE)

- F-BVFC : on display at Airbus Facility, Toulouse, France

- F-BVFD : scrapped. Remaining fuselage section stored in Dugny, France

- F-BVFF : on display at Charles de Gaulle Airport, France (3D model in GE)

- G-BOAA : under cover at Museum of Flight, East Fortune Airfield, UK (not visible in GE)

- G-BOAB : on display ay Heathrow Airport, UK (3D model in GE)

- G-BOAC : under cover at Manchester Airport, UK (3D model in GE)

- G-BOAD : on display at USS Intrepid Museum, New-York, USA (3D model in GE)

- G-BOAE : under cover at Grantley Adams Airport, Barbados

- G-BOAF : on display at Filton Airport, UK

- G-BOAG : on display at Museum of Flight, Seattle, USA

Models :
- G-CONC : a 40% scale in BA livery on display at Brooklands Museum, UK (still visible in GE on a roundabout near Heathrow)

- Flugausstellung Museum : a 1:1 replica is used as a café

- 2 models are on display in Mini-Bruxelles theme park (Belgium) and Maroduram theme park (Netherlands)

More to come soon... laugh
Concorde Compendium : historical images TheRealMcCoy 9/7/10 7:55 AM
I assembled all historical images about Concorde in this post :
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