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Tennis games collection Anonymous 11/5/06 7:26 PM
Edit : I am going to collect all tennis games in progress here from now on. Contributions welcome!

Doubles match in progress. You can even see the ball!

The person on the lower right has just returned serve by the looks of things :-)

Edit - here are some more tennis-related links I forgot to add here :
Tennis court under construction
Tennis loving street!
Tennis match and pow-wow
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Found two more! Anonymous 11/7/06 4:11 PM
Two more tennis matches in progress :-)
Lots more in this area Anonymous 1/17/07 3:59 AM
Maybe it's time to start a collection?
Re: Lots more in this area Anonymous 2/1/07 6:52 PM
Here are more!

With the added bonus of a kiddie's court next door where there is also a game in progress :-)
Tennis moved here Anonymous 2/1/07 6:55 PM
Moved more games to here from here
no one playing Anonymous 2/13/07 5:36 PM
Even though I like collecting tennis games in progress, I think it's pretty obvious why no one is playing on this court!
Singles and doubles Anonymous 2/16/07 12:30 AM
Here are two more games in progress. A singles game and a doubles game. The person at the bottom left hand corner of the doubles game must be moving fast - their shadow is completely distorted.
Re: Tennis games collection bjardinier 2/16/07 12:53 PM
Over Paris, fly to "Court no6". There is already a post on this place.
Check around. Several matches are occuring...
Re: Tennis games collection Anonymous 2/19/07 3:03 PM
Hi bjardinier - thanks for your interest!

I finally found the court you were talking about! It is at Roland Garros and court number 6 is identified as part of this post. Roland Garros already has quite a few placemarks so I won't double post it here.

Thanks again
Re: Tennis games collection Jak2067 2/25/07 2:55 PM
Nice finds heamit...If i find some Tennis matches and/or games in play (that are not already placemarked) i will post em here
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Re: Tennis games collection Jak2067 2/25/07 3:34 PM
Here is a tennis game in play i found in Maine, feel free to add to your collection at will...

Re: Tennis games collection Anonymous 2/25/07 3:56 PM
Nice find Jak2067 - thanks!

This isn't a proper collection (yet?) just a thread so your post has 'added' it already Maybe one day I'll figure out how to make collections that work without automatically double-posting everything and then I'll do it properly. In the meantime - thanks!
Re: Tennis games collection Periboob 4/1/07 12:12 AM
Very nice finds heamit!

Althought I am not sure (even at this resolution it is a close call) I think I have three balls in flight. The shadow is hard to make out, but it is in the right direction, and approximately the right distance from the ball image. Though one looks to be headed for the net. All of them have a player in position for a serve, and a racket close to the follow through position.

Love that highrez.
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Re: Tennis games collection Anonymous 4/1/07 4:37 PM
Very nice finds Periboob! Thanks!
Re: Tennis games collection Anonymous 6/3/07 5:02 PM
Here is a game in progress found by member Majoska
2 games of doubles Anonymous 11/4/07 5:39 AM
in progress .. a couple of courts apart. I think there has been an image update here recently
Re: Tennis games collection Anonymous 1/15/08 3:47 AM
2 more singles games in progress!
Lots of games in progress! Anonymous 1/29/08 8:09 PM
It must have been a lovely sunny afternoon in Germany when these images were taken!

Lots of games in progress!

Many a budding young Boris or Steffi?
2 games of doubles in progress in Denmark Anonymous 1/31/08 6:14 PM
2 games of doubles in progress in Denmark
More games - Long Island Anonymous 3/6/08 2:39 AM
Here are a bunch of games in (new?) high resolution areas
Re: Tennis games collection Anonymous 8/13/08 6:38 PM
Here are a whole heap of games in progress in Nagoya, Japan!
Cologne Anonymous 8/18/08 6:27 PM
Here are some more games in progress in Cologne, Germany