World Ice Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends)

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World Ice Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends) Sam034 9/14/06 10:15 AM

Last update : February 09

Hello everyone from a french lover of Ice Hockey, This is my contribution to GE !

I post here arenas locations of the most teams of ice hockey around the World and also illustrated placemarks for the Greatest players !
(over 1.500 arenas and 60 players classified)

The file includes arenas teams of following leagues :

North America :

USA and Canada

Semi-Pro : NEHL, EPHL, AAHA, MWHL, LNAH and Canadian senior AAA teams
Major junior leagues : OHL, QMJHL and WHL
U.S Junior A : USHL, NAHL, and "Tier III" leagues : AEHL, AJHL, CSHL, EJHL, IJHL, MJHL, NPHL and WSHL
College : NCAA (Division I and III), ACHA (Division I), NJCAA and CIS

Europe :

Andorra (only one team)
Armenia (National Championship)
Austria (OËL, Nationalliga and Oberliga)
Belarus (Ekstraliga)
Belgium (Royal Championship and Minor league)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (Ice rink of national team)
Bulgaria (National Championship)
Croatia (Prvenstvo Hrvatske)
Czech Republic (Extraliga, 1. Liga and 2. Liga)
Denmark (Al-Bank Ligaen and 1. Division)
Estonia (Meistrilliga)
Finland (SM-Liiga, Mestis and Suomi-Sarja)
France (Ligue Magnus, Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3)
Georgia (National Championship)
Germany (DEL, 2. Bundesliga, Oberliga and Regionalliga)
Hungary (Borsodi Liga and Minor league)
Iceland (Íshokkísamband Íslands)
Ireland (Irish League)
Israel (Israeli league)
Italy (Serie A and Serie A2)
Kazakhstan (National Championship)
Latvia (Samsung Premerjliga and other teams)
Liechtenstein (only one team)
Lithuania (Cempionato A)
Luxembourg (only one team)
Netherlands (Eredivisie and 1e Divisie)
Norway (GET-Ligaen and 1st Division)
Poland (PLH)
Romania (Liga Nationala)
Russia (KHL, Vysshaya Liga and Pervaya Liga)
Serbia (Serbian National Championship)
Slovakia (Extraliga, 1. Liga and 2. Liga)
Slovenia (Državno Prvenstvo)
Spain (Superliga)
Sweden (Elitserien, Allsvenskan and Division 1)
Switzerland (NLA, NLB and 1. Division)
Turkey (Super Ligi)
Ukraine (National Championship)
United Kingdom (Elite, EPIHL, ENIHL and SPHL)

Latin America :

Costa Rica (only one team)
Mexico (Campeonato Nacional)

Oceania :

Australia (AIHL)
New Zealand (National League)

Asia :

Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans teams from Asian League (+ home arenas of respectives national championships)
Funland Center in Manama
Sky Rink and Megabox Ice rink in Hong Kong
Pyramid Ice in Malaysia
Pyongyang Ice Rink
Megamall Ice rink in Manilla
City Centre Ice rink in Qatar
Fuji Ice Palace in Singapore
Mini-Big-Egg in Taiwan
2 ice rinks in Bangkok, Thailand
United Arab Emirates (3 teams)

Africa :

South Africa (National League)
Morocco (only one team)
Ice rinks in Ivory Coast, Kenya and Tunisia (not yet teams)

Miscellaneous :

60 legends of Hockey illustrated by bio, photos and videos
Hockey Halls of Fame and IIHF, NHL Headquarters

All teams are classified by countries, by leagues and by levels.

The info balloon includes the logo, the name and capacity of the ice arena and the website of the team..
The Legends of Hockey folder includes informations like biography, photos and videos about the greatest players of this sport.

Enjoys on this World's tour of Hockey !!!!!

Samuel Prezet (France) :

Odyssey Arena in Belfast
Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh

17.000 downloads since the first upload.
Re: French Ice Hockey (All Levels) Diane9247 7/29/07 12:18 AM
Sam -

No need to apologize for your English! You're quite fluent. Compared to my French, it's brilliant!

Re: French Ice Hockey (All Levels) Sam034 7/29/07 6:11 AM
Thanks Diane for your comment. But often I need a dictionnary french to english to not being too ridiculous.

I have the ambition to complete my file with the hockey teams arenas of the greatest european championships (Russia, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Latvia ...).

Because the best hockey gameplay and players is not only into the NHL.
Final Update Sam034 7/29/07 9:02 AM
The Division 3 added, all french teams are inside now !!!
UK ice hockey Sam034 7/30/07 10:26 AM
all teams of the three majors leagues of ice hockey in United Kingdom has been added.

Elite League
English Premier League
Scottish Premier League

Enjoys !

More Championships will be added soon !
Italian ice hockey *DELETED* *DELETED* Sam034 7/30/07 2:02 PM
Post deleted by Sam034
Swiss Leagues Sam034 7/31/07 5:26 AM
Swiss leagues of LNA and LNB added !!!
Re: French Ice Hockey (All Levels) Diane9247 7/31/07 1:18 PM
LOL! Don't worry, Sam, GE participants are international and very open-minded! Anyone who tackles English has my admiration. Wow, you are completing your project very fast, thanks for the great work. You're right, there is a whole world of hockey out there besides Canada and the US - North Americans sometimes forget that.
German and Belgian Leagues Sam034 8/1/07 6:51 AM
German league teams of DEL and 2.Bundesliga added
Belgian teams added also
Dutch Leagues Sam034 8/2/07 8:31 AM
Dutch leagues "Eredivisie and 1e Divisie" teams from Netherlands Added !!!
Spanish League Sam034 8/2/07 4:20 PM
Spanish Superliga and German Oberliga teams added
Austrian Leagues Sam034 8/3/07 3:25 PM
Austrian teams from OËL and Nationalliga added !!!
Other Additions Sam034 8/5/07 5:35 AM
Slovenian, croatian, irish and icelandic teams added !!!
Re: Austrian Leagues syzygy 8/5/07 5:53 AM
nice work sam!
please select Székesfehérvár out of the Austria folder as it is in Hungary!

more of my KMLs and topics
avatar legend
Re: Austrian Leagues Sam034 8/5/07 6:46 AM

nice work sam!
please select Székesfehérvár out of the Austria folder as it is in Hungary!

Thanks Syzygy

I have select Székesfehérvár in the Austria folder because next season it will play into the OËL austrian league like the slovenian teams of Ljubljana and Jesenice.A very good challenge in a very good championship for this team.
Re: Other Additions Sam034 8/6/07 7:40 AM
Baltic teams from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia added !!!
Serbian teams also
Re: Other Additions Sam034 8/7/07 5:18 AM
Bulgarian, romanian, hungarian and danish league teams added !!!
Re: Other Additions syzygy 8/7/07 4:08 PM
great update!
Czech and slovakian teams Sam034 8/8/07 8:07 AM
Extraliga and 1. Liga teams from Czech Republic and Slovakia added !!!
Swedish and Danish teams Sam034 8/10/07 12:58 PM
Swedish, danish and ukranian teams added !
Finnish teams Sam034 8/25/07 9:17 AM
Finnish teams of SM Liga and Mestis added !!!
Russian and Kazakh teams Sam034 8/27/07 8:17 AM
Russian superliga and kazakhs teams added !!!
Oceanian teams Sam034 9/3/07 1:22 PM
Australian teams from AIHL and New Zealand Teams from National League added !!!
Re: European Ice Hockey Arenas (All Leagues) syzygy 9/4/07 1:01 AM
what the may-bug become to be from? (hungarian proverb) means cca.:
i am surprised how much i became to like this post!

thank you made me learn something about europian ice hockey!
(good point by my mother in law... )
see you, Sámuel!

Re: European Ice Hockey Arenas (All Leagues) Sam034 9/4/07 5:24 PM
Thank you Gabor for your support, Enjoys play hockey everywhere even in Hungary .

A bonus has been added, Chines, Japanese and South Koreans teams from Asian Ice Hockey league.

And of course Vipers Rules ! A good season in preparation ; 1st match : 15th september against Avignon Castors
Asian arenas Sam034 9/7/07 9:51 AM
Huge and final update Sam034 9/12/07 11:06 AM
Huge update with north americans teams from NHL, AHL, ECHL and LNAH !!!

The project is clearly finished !
Junior teams Sam034 9/18/07 8:47 AM
Finally, Majors junior teams from Canada have been added !
General Update Sam034 10/16/07 8:33 AM
A general update has been made !

All logos and links are effective now
NEHL Sam034 10/31/07 6:21 AM
Addition of teams from North Eastern Hockey League (NEHL).
Canadian Junior A and University Sam034 11/30/07 10:06 AM
Addition of all teams from Canadian Junior A Leagues from provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Québec, New Brunswick, Isle of Prince Edward and Nova Scotia/
Addition of university teams from CIS.
NY Times blog article Sam034 12/18/07 5:48 AM
I'm very glad to see that the great newspaper "New York Times" have made an article on his blog about my project.

Here the link : Article about the World Ice Hockey Arenas project
US Junior A teams Sam034 1/3/08 7:59 AM
Addition of US Junior A teams "Tier III", covering a lot of states like Vermont, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana or California and many others.
Hockey Ticket Stubs Legionnaire09 1/12/08 12:04 PM
This post is pretty awesome. I've created a layer that includes the location of all the hockey arenas around the world that I've been to, linked to the ticket stubs from the various games.
The Final Update Sam034 1/28/08 7:13 AM
Finally, to achieve the project, I put in birthplace locations of 60 Legends of Hockey, illustrated by bio, photos and videos.
Re: World Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends) K4R1 2/19/08 3:02 PM
Hi, I am from Czech Republic, I play Ice-Hockey for a team in the 2nd Czech League (2.liga). If u want i can make a list of the GPS coordinates + homepage url's of the clubs that play the 2nd League.
Re: World Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends) Sam034 2/26/08 8:05 AM
The project has been updated with austrian Oberliga, polish 1. Liga, additional teams from Latvia, National ice rink of Bosnia & Herzegovina and Czech 2. Liga thanks to the great work of czech ice hockey player "K4R1".
Re: World Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends) Sam034 3/16/08 9:15 AM
Additions of rinks in exotical places like Ivory Coast, Kenya and Tunisia.
April Update Sam034 4/14/08 3:45 AM
Project updated thanks to GE new imagery.
May Update Sam034 5/26/08 10:17 AM
Usual update thanks to Google Earth new imagery .
Re: World Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends) Axurit 6/24/08 12:40 AM
just to mention that the Ice Rink in Hotel Ivoire, Ivory Coast is located at 5°19'30.64" N and 4°00'11.62" O
What you are showing actually is the "Palais des Congrés".
Re: World Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends) Sam034 7/20/08 1:40 PM

just to mention that the Ice Rink in Hotel Ivoire, Ivory Coast is located at 5°19'30.64" N and 4°00'11.62" O
What you are showing actually is the "Palais des Congrés".

Correction made + Update with addition of 3rd level slovakian teams.
Allan Cup teams Sam034 9/20/08 7:07 AM
Additions of canadian semi-pro teams which play for Allan Cup.
Update with russian KHL teams.
Pervaya Liga Sam034 12/17/08 5:35 AM
Addition of russians teams from 3rd level Pervaya Liga !
Re: World Ice Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends) yp59 2/19/09 2:37 AM
juste pour vous informer d'une petite erreur la patinoire de Wasquehal Lions est située au point: 50°40'36.64"N / 3° 7'24.29"E.

Bravo pour ce boulot.

Re: World Ice Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends) Sam034 2/25/09 9:26 AM
Originally Posted By: yp59

Some corrections has been made + additions of german leagues teams from Regionalliga
Re: World Ice Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends) mouthguard 4/22/09 4:12 AM
Thanks for the work, this is interesting!
Re: World Ice Hockey Arenas (All Leagues + Legends) demonspeedng22 5/16/09 10:08 AM
Hi Sam. I live just a couple miles from the North Iowa Outlaws. Their arena ( North Iowa Ice Arena) is actually located at 43° 9'4.81"N and 93°15'30.26"W, just a little West of your marking.

Great work!
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