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Tribe philverney 5/15/05 10:03 AM
Could this be some sort of local tribe going about their business in the middle of the Saudi Desert.

Oh and has anyone on here been to Saudi? If so I'd love some pics to be posted as it looks an amazingly beautiful country...

I wonder if it is a they have a satellite phone linked to a laptop.....if so they could be looking at keyhole at google HQ saying 'oh doesn't it look busy'

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Re: Tribe GeveNarielwalla 12/28/07 1:27 AM
Hi Philverney,
I got interested in this post and placemark on the tribes of Saudi Arabia, and thought I should pry a little more. Look at these links and you will find some fascinating and little known details:

Tribes with exotic names like Tahmeem, Otaibah, Qahtan, Mutai, Subai, Harb and Anazah, Ad Dawaser, and Shammer, the former rulers of Arabia(!) and many more with marital ties amongst these and the Al-Saud royal family. There appear to be rivalries as well.
Interesting to know that Bin-Laden is a tribe-merchant family!!!
There is a link here with :

I would love to spend a night in a Bedouin tent with the stars shimmering in the night sky and feasting on some delicacies and sipping tea.

and look at this ...a Bedouin female on a truck's wheel

Geve Narielwalla
Re: Tribe Diane9247 3/16/08 6:19 PM
Phil -

Here is the most astonishing collection of private travel photos I've seen, some are of Saudi Arabia. However, photographer/pilot Brian McMorrow says he has difficulty getting a visa to SA, so cannot add more, yet. They are all in his "Aerials - Middle East" section. The Empty Quarter is fantastic and surprisingly like what you see in the hi-res GE imagery. Night shots of SA cities are beautiful.

He even let me use one of his for a post I did on Yemen. (Thanks again, Brian!) Anyplace you're curious about is probably in his collection.


Oh - and geve, those photos are stunning!

(Edit: Fixed link, thanks for letting me know, mlr24! )
Re: Tribe mlr24 3/23/08 11:37 AM
Re: Tribe Ghasal 4/8/08 6:54 PM
Hi Phil ,,, Sorry for being sooo late.

This placemark,, they are not actually a tribe,, they are some people who have stocks such as camels and sheep, probably sheep ,, they live in desert most of the time.

I hope u r not angery.
سبحان الله وحمده سبحان الله العظيم
Re: Tribe philverney 4/14/08 6:06 AM
Hi Ghasal,

Thank you very much for clearing that up. Is it similar to a Bedouin marketplace?