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Gricignano Support Site philverney 6/17/05 9:48 AM
The Gricignano Support Site is part of the U.S. Naval Support Activity Naples, Italy


The Naples Improvement Initiative (NII) is the largest quality-of-life improvement project in Europe. This 700 million-dollar project will affect virtually every military command, all military members and their families, and DOD civilians in the greater Naples area. The project began after the Naval Support Activity, located in Agnano, was shaken by a sizeable seismic event. The base infrastructure was damaged and it was decided that the Navy community in Naples was in desperate need of new facilities. After years of deliberation, the decision was made to build a support site, consisting of housing, schools and all aspects of community support, in the town of Gricignano, about 15 miles north of Capodichino.

I wonder if anyone on here has stayed their during in tours?

Phil, UK

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Re: Gricignano Support Site Chudman 10/30/05 12:58 PM
I actually live there right now, although I'm at RAF Mildenhall (your turf) for the next few months. It's nearing completion, with its mall food court and bowling alley scheduled to open next year and a handful of new housing units opening sometime in the future. The original date for everything to be open was in 2000, but five years later it's still not all ready, thanks to significant but unexpected archaeological finds on the site and the usual Neapolitan work scheme (ie. the longer things take to get done the longer they're guaranteed a job).
Re: Gricignano Support Site philverney 10/30/05 1:35 PM
Excellent Thanks for your great information on what it's like there I'm sure the weather is better there than at EGUN

Re: Gricignano Support Site LonnyOnline 8/7/08 3:28 AM
I have lived here since the start of 2008. I am US Navy and we see UK military all the time. Though I don't understand them half the time. After all were a people sperated by a common language. I am glad that there is UK alies on our base though. Just wished the locals where on our side.
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