Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive

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Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive nzlegend 8/13/05 9:56 AM
Hi team this is my first post and hopefully a worthwhile one for all the fans of the Lord of the Rings Films. I have tried to locate most of the filming locations of interest of the 3 'Lord of the rings' movies, which were filmed entirerly in New Zealand.
I searched through the whole site and couldnt find such a placemarking project.
I wasnt sure where to post this, the subforums are rather vague, please move it mods if you feel this is the wrong place for it.

I found about keyhole last year and badly wanted to try it but lacked an adequate computer, 2 weeks ago that ceased to be a problem and now I am addicted! My lifelong fascination of geology and geography has been fully ignited. I love google earth!
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations paig3 8/14/05 4:27 AM
I have posted a few just this afternoon, they are in the Earth, Earth browsing section, they all have Lord of the Rings in their title. I have a few more locations which I might post later on as well. I though all my Lord of the Rings stuff at once might just annoy everyone.
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive contour 8/14/05 6:37 AM
Well, congrats to you finally!! Just remember don't get side-tracked like so many of the rest of us did and half aren't talking...lol

Check this little web-site out-http://www.konfabulator.com/

I thought I would never leave this place alone...its a fun site.

I have Tommy Afrika to Thank myself!
WOW!!! Neo Zeland IS the MidleEarth!!! Renato_Gerk 8/14/05 6:42 AM
I couldn´t imagine that they used all the country to shoot! Thanks for the information!
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Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive eyespyer 8/14/05 8:45 AM
Fantastic, some of the sites are easy to recognize from the film like Edoras. Nice job.
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive nzlegend 8/15/05 3:42 AM

someone asked in another thread how did you know? well this little book was invaluable, it has some locations with GPS pinpoints, the rest of the locations from the book were approximations that I filled in with local knowledege .
One of the filming locations Edoras is only one hour drive from my home town, I know the area well and when I first heard that Jackson had chosen that particular spot I instantly thought perfect choice!

Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive Katamari 8/15/05 3:02 PM
Good job mate
I search, therefore i am. Hello, Before you post up a new placemark, check it isnt already been posted by a: ticking the box- b:searching the forums, as it might take time for it to appear on the map Look after the BBS!, dont clog up the same placemark unless you have something new to add to it! (like a map)
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive Doc_Brown 8/18/05 8:00 PM
Cool post! they certainly used alot of New Zealand in the filming, I saw the SEE DVDs and remember all the searching they did by helicopter well before the movie to find perfect locations, I didnt realise that there quite so many!
Shame NZ isnt at a higher resolution.
Has anyone down one of theRings tours that are now popular in NZ?
I'd love to go to NZ and do one.
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive steve_o 8/31/05 8:49 AM
New Zealand is middle earth!
J.R.R Tolkien Rules!
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehen HardinComp 9/28/05 8:51 AM
Awesome job! I don't keep many of the non-Katrina placemarks I find, but this one is definitely a keeper! Now if we can only get some high rez images of the area. *sigh*
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehen Frank4 9/28/05 10:35 AM
Just thought I would let you know that I've written a story about this Middle Earth collection of placemarks at the Google Earth Blog.

Frank Taylor - Author of Google Earth Blog
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(If you have story ideas, please send me a private message.)
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehen nzlegend 10/10/05 5:02 PM

Just thought I would let you know that I've written a story about this Middle Earth collection of placemarks at the Google Earth Blog.

cool! I am pleased my placemark has been appreciated by many LOTR fans.
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive canadasangel 10/24/05 8:50 AM
I love it..I am a huge fan of the books and the movies..
I t is hard to believe that most of New Zealand was used for filming until I saw the map..

I have one problem though it does not show the shots you mention on each location.

I cannot view the actual picture at all

Any Ideas????
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive nzlegend 11/2/05 6:04 AM
Sorry there are no movie photos of the locations, I guess for hard core fans they can watch their SEE DVD's and connect the names to the locations.
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive Mark_Mitchell 11/14/05 9:34 AM
Hi gang,

I was fortunate enough to have visited many of the LOTR filming locations in 2004 during a trip to NZ. I have many photos and am willing to share but I am new to Google Earth and am not sure how (or where) to post the pictures.

I have some great shots with DVD stills incorporated from the movies.

Please help,
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive fixer 11/23/05 6:42 PM
Hi! I live in Argentina (s34.6242347114, w58.4564206768 in G.E.).
I've never been to New Zeland, but i know people who travelled... it's so great! Even in photos! I hope some day i could visit it...
I'm a fan of LORT too. When i was 12 years old i had read the Silmarilion, and now i'm starting it again.
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive vriendtje 1/5/06 8:01 AM
Hi Mark,

This summer I travelled to Egypt. I reconstructed our journey with Google Earth.
I used the pictures I made and imported them as overlays. The result is quite beautiful.
You can find the trip HERE.
If you start with the movielocations of LOTR as posted before, you can add your pictures as overlays and create a new dimension to this roundtrip!
I hope to hear more, and am looking forward to the result!

Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive Doc_Brown 4/8/06 4:00 AM
Has anyone managed to get any of the photos and DVD stills online that were mentioned earlier in the thread?
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive vriendtje 5/1/06 5:18 AM
Well not yet anyway.
Mark Mitchell posted me and said he would try it the way I did it with Egypt.
He was working on it.
so with a little patience we will get to see a nice show!
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive Chronos70 5/8/06 10:34 AM

That seems like a cool program to add to my system, but one thought keeps me from installing it. Two words "Google Desktop” What are the privacy issues with this little wonder. Anyone know?
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehen Kapiti_Kings 7/31/06 3:21 AM
Well Done! Fantastic.

However, I'm not sure where you have placed Weta Studios?
whats at the corner of Chelsea St and Argentine Ave? Is that Peter Jackson's house? I thought he was on the Miramar hills somewhere and not on the flat?

Camperdown Studios (Weta Studios) is on Camperdown Rd and Weta Digital's main door is on the other side of the buildings on Manuka St (off Weka St) (see placemarks)
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehen Kapiti_Kings 7/31/06 4:01 AM
Call me picky but your markers for "Bree" at Fort Dorset and the "Embassy Theatre" are also off a smudge (like down the road and around the corner for a bit) I havent checked many others

The other thing you might want to do is arrange them in order that they are shown in the movies so when people press the play button they fly from location to location like following the movie -but hey, that is being picky ;-)

Did you know Paraparaumu Airport was used for some pickup shots? they wanted some more shots of horses running but with all the rain we had around the time made the gounds to soft so they closed Pram airport and used one of the runways (they didnt want shadows of planes/gliders crossing over)
its amazing what you can do with a green screen and a bunch of shipping containers to hold it up
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehen Frank4 9/11/06 5:52 AM
With the new high resolution photos for New Zealand, it's clear some of the placemarks in this collection are off slightly. It would be nice if someone local to NZ who knows these locations were to go in and place them properly and repost the collection. We could then arrange to get the base message updated...
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive Grillslinger 10/4/06 6:53 AM
I've been working on an update and it's almost done. I've added pictures to nearly all of the sites, and have deleted some that seemed redundant , were not high res, or locations that were not at all recognizable...I will put it up soon and I would love to hear what needs to be put back in, or other changes you would like to see.

I also gave each location an interesting view to make it feel a little more cinematic.

I moved a few sites (they had shfted when NZ went to high res) and hopefully, everything is in the right place. If not, please let me know.

I look forward to sharing wih you all!

"The man in black fled across the barbecue trail, and the grillslinger followed."
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive MoZrOb 10/15/06 6:36 AM
Hello dude , ( or dudette?) . Excellent work locating the various sites used as LOTR locations. This belated response concerns , the placing of the Helm's Deep marker . Are you quite certain of it's accuracy ? I'm pretty sure the actual quarry in question is a mile or so south of your placemark. (There are actually 2 quarry sites just south of your marker . I refer to the larger more southernmost of the 2 , the one with the clearly defined step levels) . I have studied still shots from a " making of the movie" DVD which match the layout of the afformentioned site exactly.
On another note , i have recently added a placemark of my own which may be of interest to your goodself . It marks the location of the house ( Gear House colonial homestead ) used extensively in P Jackson's first movie , Bad Taste. It can be found on the Eastern side of Porirura bay directly NorthEast of the quarry site.

Cheers ,

MoZrOb. (uk.)
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive anagoman 12/4/06 5:31 PM
great placemark, NZ going hi res was always going to mean there would be discrepancies with the original placemark, as with anywhere that goes high res, the low res placemark which looked good turns out to be infact quite a lot out.
There are bigger tragedies :-)
cool paramuntme 8/7/07 2:13 AM
like this movie very much. and th sence is beautiful.
recently, i will be given a set of the book. bacause i attend a knowledge contest onwww.swagvault.com/active. the question is so easy for me. i will be the winner! if you are farmiliar with the film. you also can take part in it.
Re: Lord of the Rings - movie locations (comprehensive Milan Hoppe 2/15/14 2:58 AM
So for those using Osmand (Open Street Maps) this is the already converted favourites.gpx for all of you with the same data of LOTR locations like in post #1 beside the favourite discribtion which is not available in this program. Nethertheless you find also a PDF with a alphabetically sorted list of the locations including the describtion.
Have fun in discovering...