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Amazing Race 8 neon_ 9/27/05 11:03 PM
Here are all the stops in the first episode of "The Amazing Race - Family Edition" which aired 9/27/05. This time it's 10 teams of 4 family members. I'd heard that all stops will be in the USA this time, presumably since there are a few little kids playing, but they have left the USA and been to Panama and Costa Rica, so far.

(Scroll down for later individual episodes. A folder containing ALL episodes for the season is now at the bottom of this thread)

Teams travelled through New York City, across New Jersey into Pennsylvania and Amish country.

I know a lot of people have been making TAR posts but I don't see any yet tonight so here we are. I'll add to this post as we go and try to post each episode.

The Black family was eliminated

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yes I'm back
Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 1 OneFalseMove 9/28/05 12:18 AM
I was hoping someone would do a post like this! Please keep it up!
Amazing Race 8, episode 2 neon_ 10/4/05 10:17 PM
Here are the stops for the second episode of "The Amazing Race - Family Edition" which aired 10/3/05. This week teams travelled from Lancaster to York, PA then to Washington, DC and on to Virginia and a Civil War re-enactment.

The Rogers family was eliminated

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Amazing Race 8, episode 3 neon_ 10/11/05 11:20 PM
Here are the stops for the third episode of "The Amazing Race - Family Edition" which aired 10/11/05. Teams flew to Charleston, SC where they had to de-head shrimp or drive through a deep mud course, and then on to the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL (which looks very cool in GEarth - check it out if you haven't seen it before )

The Bransen family were first place finishers and received free gas for life! The Aiello family was eliminated.
Re: Amazing Race 8 TravelCanada 10/18/05 4:48 PM
I just think this is fabulous of you to do as I am a HUGE AR fan and I think this is a great interactive benefit! Very impressed & I hope you'll keep it up! I look forward to the next update!

Hey, if you're going to leave home...Travel Canada!!
Amazing Race 8, episode 4 neon_ 10/18/05 10:45 PM
Here are the stops for the fourth episode of "The Amazing Race - Family Edition" which aired 10/18/05. Teams drove through Alabama & Mississippi, ending up in New Orleans. The episode was prefaced with an announcement that it was filmed a few weeks before hurricanes Katrina & Rita hit and was dedicated to those who died in the storms, and to crew members from the area.

Tasks included a lap around a racecourse on 4-person bikes, and a choice of sawing logs with a 2-person saw or playing blackjack. Details of each stop are on the placemarks, as usual.

It's a little surprising - ok, shocking - that 255-year-old New Orleans landmark Preservation Hall doesn't seem to have been placemarked before

Repeat first place finishers, the Bransen family won a trip to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL. The New Orleans Schroeder family was eliminated. Sadly, the Shroeders lost everything to Katrina a few weeks later.

(Glad you guys are enjoying this! It's fun to follow along and put it together each week )

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Amazing Race 8, episode 5 neon_ 10/25/05 11:24 PM
Here are the stops for the fifth episode of "The Amazing Race - Family Edition" which aired 10/25/05. Teams left New Orleans (the episode was prefaced with a statement that it was filmed a few weeks before Katrina) and headed for Panama.

This week they took boats through the Canal waters to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and rode brightly-colored Red Devil (Diablo Rojo) buses through Panama City. Some explored the historic Casco Viejo district and others identified bird species at the huge Parque Nacionale Metropolitano. They also had to get a hit off a champion Little League pitcher.

The bickering Paolo family used this leg's Fast Forward to finish first, after terrifying (for one of them, anyway - note the expression in the 4th pic) bungee jumps, and they won a trip for 4 back to Panama City. The Godlewski family arrived last but wasn't eliminated: instead, they'll begin next week with no money and no belongings other than their passports and the clothes they were wearing.. note how many they'd layered on at the pitstop, just in case!

Note: placemarks folder has been revised to correct the location for Estadio Juan Diaz baseball field - thanks to bobcageon59 for the fix!

It was trickier finding some of the spots this week since they left the USA but it was nice seeing exotic international places on TAR again

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Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 5 Red_Rover1 10/26/05 6:58 PM
This is the only reality show my wife and me watch. The show lends it self so well to GE. Keep up the good work.
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estadio Juan Diaz correction bobcageon59 11/1/05 7:20 PM
I believe that this is the correct location for the baseball stadium. Thank you the time & great job you are doing with the race. Very well done bro.
Amazing Race 8, episode 6 neon_ 11/1/05 11:35 PM
Thanks for the correction on the Panama ballfield, Bobcageon! I've revised the episode 5 folder. There are a couple more iffy spots this week, hopefully someone can confirm or correct them.

Here we go with the stops from the sixth episode of "The Amazing Race - Family Edition" which aired November 1, 2005. Teams left Panama for Costa Rica where they travelled to the rim of an active volcano, a coffee plantation, beautiful beach towns, and a choice between a rainforest canopy or a banana plantation. They also found (and used) the first of two Yields for the season. Tasks were difficult this week and took a toll on the racers. As usual, details are in the placemarks.

The Godlewski family, who'd been deprived of all their money and belongings last week, begged enough money to get through and they recovered enough to finish fourth. The Paolo family once again finished first, winning their choice of a Segway, Vespa scooter, jet ski or all-terrain vehicle - one for each of them. The Gaghan family arrived last and was eliminated.

Note: when "Family Edition" was first announced and we saw the families with little kids, quite a few viewers sighed & groaned, thinking we were going to have a dull kiddie version this season (myself included). But the Gaghan kids were really great and showed a lot of spirit and competitive talents, and they were better behaved and more fun to watch than some of the obnoxious "adults" on some of the other teams. Carissa is only 9, making her the youngest Amazing Racer ever, and her brother Billy is 12 - they'll be missed.

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Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 6 bobcageon59 11/2/05 6:19 PM
Jeesh thanks again Neon. Really well done, I had all positions pegged but the banana plantation. This location, in my opinion, offered best human interest part of AR8 so far with poppa pualo showing his 2 snotnose kids what its like to work, and was a great example for those 50+ers who people believe are past their prime. I was worried Momma was going to die at the pitstop & good on her as well. They have grown to my personal favorite, but I am worried that they may be in tough from here on in.
Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 6 neon_ 11/4/05 1:37 AM

They have grown to my personal favorite, but I am worried that they may be in tough from here on in.

I won't go that far but they did good this week and really earned their first place (unlike last week lol)

This week's show was one of the best as far as scenery and "local interest" though, which is the best thing about TAR. I just heard an ad that next week's will be a 2 hour show so I expect a lot of placemarks - following along and trying to find all the places as they go is a nice diversion from all the bickering
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Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 6 bobcageon59 11/5/05 1:23 PM
Well I agree with the "I won't go that far" comment with regards to the kids, But I love papa showing them what life is like in the real world. I'm looking forward to your post for episode 9. I follow along on GE while watching as well but I do not have your great posting skills. Thankyou again for taking the time
Amazing Race 8, episode 7 neon_ 11/9/05 12:33 AM
Here are the stops for the 7th episode of "The Amazing Race 8 - Family Edition" which aired November 8, 2005 (along with episode 8).

Teams started out in Quepos, Costa Rica where they began with a swim - Dad Paolo got winded and needed a rescue!) They went on to the town of Grecia and the impressive La Iglesia de Metal (Metal Church), then on to Sarchi and a choice of loading & hauling one ton of sugarcane or painting oxcart wheels in colorful traditional designs.

From there they returned to the USA, landing in Phoenix and traveling on to Chandler where one member had to drive a go-kart 50 laps around the Firebird International Speedway (remember that the Weaver family dad died on a racetrack about a year ago, but they did ok on this one.) From there, they drove to Fort McDowell for the pitstop of this leg.

The Godlewski family arrived first and won a trip for 4 to a rainforest resort and spa in Belize. The Paolo family thought they were last so they put on as many clothes as possible in hopes it wouldn't be an elimination round. It wasn't, but the Bransen family arrived behind them, also piling on their clothes since they had to set out on the next leg without any money or possessions other than the clothes they were wearing.

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Amazing Race 8, episode 8 neon_ 11/9/05 12:47 AM
And here are the stops for the 8th episode of "The Amazing Race 8 - Family Edition" which aired November 8, 2005 right after episode 7.

Racers headed for Mesa, AZ where one member from each team not only rode in, but took the controls in fighter planes, and had to execute a 360° loop. From there they did a drive-by of the Grand Canyon, then went to Glen Canyon Dam where they had a choice of finding three spots by compass or bailing out a submerged boat and then carrying it a short distance. Finally they all took motorboats around Lake Powell to find the houseboat that was the finish line for this leg and the pitstop.

The Godlewski family arrived first again and this time won a 27-foot travel trailer. The Paolo family's luck ran out this week: they arrived last and were eliminated (sorry, Bobcageon!)

There are only four teams left now: the Bransens (dad and daughters), the Weavers (widow & kids), the Godlewski's (sisters) and the Linz's (siblings).
Re: Amazing Race 8 bobcageon59 11/9/05 6:39 PM
watching 1 night later .... I may do this again next week .... enjoying following this on GE thx the Neon
Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 7 bobcageon59 11/9/05 6:41 PM
3 years ago I took a vacation in Phoenix & visited these sites ... cool to see them on AR .... thx again Neon
Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 7 bobcageon59 11/9/05 6:57 PM
CRAP!!!!!!!!!! I did NOT need to know what kind of underwear father Branson was wearing !!!!!

But thanks anyway Neon
(nevermind) neon_ 11/10/05 12:23 PM
(the problem I'd posted here was taken care of)

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Amazing Race 8 (no post this week) neon_ 11/15/05 11:39 PM
The show didn't air November 15 - must be why we had a double episode last week - see you next week!
Amazing Race 8, episode 9 neon_ 11/22/05 11:00 PM
Here are the stops for the 9th episode of "The Amazing Race 8 - Family Edition" which aired November 22, 2005. The placemark folder contains details of each stop.

Teams traveled through Utah this week stopping at scenic Monument Valley and Gemini Bridges, Park City, Green River, Heber City, and Salt Lake City. Tasks & activities included a helicopter ride to a butte-top car ad locale, mountain biking or rapelling, meeting up with an 1,100 pound grizzly bear, and skiing down a 60' ski jump at the site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

center: movie and tv star "Little Bart" and his owner/trainer Doug Seus
(note host Phil Keoghan wasn't rapelling in the episode, and probably not doing more here than a photo op, considering the lack of safety equipment that the racers wore)

The second of two Yields in the game was found and used, and relations & sportsmanship continued to deteriorate between the teams. The Linz family won this leg and a trip for 4 to Jackson Hole, WY. The Weaver family arrived last but this was a non-elimination round so they will remain in the game, setting out next time without any money or possessions other than what they were wearing.

Interestingly, the teams each drove an SUV pulling a camper trailer in this episode. If you've ever driven through Monument Valley or out of it north to Mexican Hat, you know it's some hairy driving conditions. Also a potential problem was mentioned when host Phil Keoghan said "a production error" caused the Godlewski family's car battery to be drained and they were delayed. The Godlewski family finished third this week - if they'd been last there may have been some hotter tempers than usual on this episode.

Thanks to GEarther Kempster for placemarks for this week, although I ended up in slightly different spots for a couple of them. As always, let me know if anyplace is wrong and I'll correct the folder.
Amazing Race 8, episode 10 neon_ 11/29/05 10:39 PM
Here we go with the 10th episode of "The Amazing Race 8 - Family Edition" which aired November 29, 2005. The placemark folder contains details of each stop, although a few of them were tricky to find this week.. I gave up completely on one. As always, please post any corrections here or send to me via PM.

Teams were still driving their SUV/camper-trailers from last week. They traveled around northern Utah (oddly backtracking to a couple towns they visited last week) and then headed into Wyoming. They rode hot air balloons, did some old-time "working on the railroad", watched Old Faithful erupt, and worked a mini-cattle drive. There was no pit stop so nobody was eliminated - we go into the next episode with still four families remaining.

Once again, "due to a production error involving camera equipment" this week the Linz family's car battery was drained, delaying them and putting them in last place at this point. This was the second such "production error" referenced this season - the Godlewski family's vehicle's battery was similarly drained by production staff last week. It's highly unusual for reality tv that such things would be mentioned on the show - unless they'll end up being a factor in the final results.

It's interesting that these downloads are dropping week by week - what does that mean, if anything? BTW when the series wraps up I'll combine all weeks into a single GEarth file.

(anyone else finding it funny that the other teams keep referring to the Godlewski sisters as "the desperate housewives" every week? That show airs on ABC )

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Re: estadio Juan Diaz correction BellaDama 11/29/05 11:03 PM
I cant see the placemark. Can't be loaded.
Re: estadio Juan Diaz correction neon_ 11/29/05 11:20 PM
hi Bella, try clicking the folder for episode 5 - I replaced this stadium in there with the corrected spot.

These are .kmz files so be sure you're on Google Earth and not the older Keyhole application. Also, these (and many other placemarks) will show up in your Temporary Places as "tar8-5.kmz" in this case, with a blue & white sphere icon and a little black triangle. Click the little black triangle to open the folder(s) below so you can zoom to the spots.

Hope that helps!
Amazing Race 8, episode 11 neon_ 12/6/05 7:18 PM
Here are the stops for the 11th episode of "The Amazing Race 8 - Family Edition" which aired December 6, 2005 (and began with a full ten minute recap of last week's ep.) The placemark folder contains details of each stop.

This week teams drove their SUV/camper-trailers through beautiful Wyoming and Montana scenery, stopping at Cody and two ranches for Old West-themed tasks (erecting a teepee or assembling & driving a covered wagon, and photos in period costumes) plus a hunt for colored golf balls in a golf cart designed like a mini-Buick on a Montana course.

One of the locations this week, Turtle Ranch in Wyoming (top row), has been used for many tv ads including Wells Fargo, Anheuser Busch, and Marlboro.

The Bransen family arrived at the pitstop first and won a Buick Lucerne. The Linz and Weaver families arrived second and third, rounding out the final three. The ever-squabbling Godlewski family (who were called "the desperate housewives" by the other teams) arrived last and were eliminated.

Next week's two-hour show will be the finale.
Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 11 Kempster 12/7/05 2:09 PM
Thanks to neon for doing such a nice job on the Amazing Race 8! I always like to compare mine to his and see how accurate I was. I hope you continue this on the next Amazing Race, too!

But now we are down to 3 families:




Who do you want to win? (I am not asking "who do you think will win?" because I have heard of a few leaks.)

I want the Linz family to win because they are so easy-going and never "freak out" like other teams do. Good luck!
Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 11 neon_ 12/7/05 5:57 PM
thanks Kempster - it's been fun following along, partly because it kept me uninvolved in all the bickering, name-calling, holier-than-thou'ing etc.


Who do you want to win?

My sig line on a reality site or two is "I don't care who wins - I'm just here for the cheap entertainment.. the cheaper, the better" and it's never been more true than this season of TAR. It's the most unlikeable group of finalists I can imagine, which hasn't helped the show at all with its predominantly-US locations this season.. (my opinion only.) If I weren't noting the places for this thread, I would have stopped watching several weeks back.

That said, I'm all about watching ordinary folks run their little hamster wheels for our enjoyment.. and I have enjoyed posting each eliminated family's "sore loser" pics each week

(btw, still not a him )
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Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 11 Mike_in_Florida 12/10/05 3:02 AM
Adding to this last episode:

Cody, Wyoming - "Buffalo Bill's Irma Hotel"
1192 Sheridan Avenue
Cody, WY 82414

Our racers had to stop here, get a old time group picture taken with Buffalo Bill, show him the picture and get their next clue.

Here's the official website of the Hotel:
Re: Amazing Race 8, episode 11 Mike_in_Florida 12/10/05 3:07 AM
Also Who do I WANT to win? The Linz family.
I am from Florida but I can not stand the Weaver family.

It was nice to see them yielded. I wish they would be yielded every time.
Amazing Race 8, episode 12 - finale neon_ 12/13/05 11:41 PM
Here are the stops for the 12th and final episode* of "The Amazing Race 8 - Family Edition" which aired December 13, 2005 in a two-hour episode. The placemark folder contains details of each stop.

This week the final three teams flew from Montana to Canada where they covered a lot of ground in both Montreal and Quebec, then went on to the Niagara Falls area, finishing up in Lewiston, NY.

Along the way they had choices of curling or log-rolling as well as sailing & climbing a tall ship mast or finding Cinderella; they had to learn to fly from a trapeze, they rode jetboats and solved jigsaw puzzles. They stopped at the sites of the 1967 World's Fair and the 1976 Olympics, hunted among 56,000 stadium seats, and went to the top of the world's tallest tower.

After all they went through (which was only 25 days in real time), as usual it came down to a sprint to the finish line but this time it was a very close finish. The Linz family arrived first - barely - and took the million dollar prize. The Bransens came in just behind them, and the Weavers arrived third.

* There was an additional webcast competition for the 2nd and 3rd place teams to compete for a car that I'll post below.

Lots of photos this time:

The Linz family claims their million dollars - cheered on by all the previously eliminated teams -
closely followed by the Bransens, and finally the Weavers:

Unlike most two-hour tv shows, this one wasn't leisurely with a lot of filler material: after a short season recap, it was jam-packed and I had some trouble keeping up and finding some of the spots. Please let me know if anything's amiss and I'll correct them before packing all the episodes into one folder for the entire season.

Many, many fans were pleased with the results of the race tonight - hearty congratulations to the Linz siblings for their hard-earned victory and a job well done!

The show will pick up again in February, when they'll be traveling all over the world again.

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Amazing Race 8, final competition - play along! neon_ 12/14/05 1:58 AM
There was a webcast of a final competition for the 2nd and 3rd place teams to win a GMC Yukon XL like they'd been driving for much of the race. The Bransens and Weavers had to retrieve 12 icons related to the race from clue boxes, one at a time, staying together as a family throughout, and match them up with the correct state or country on the maps they'd just completed. **Spoiler below** for who won the car.

Have you been paying attention? Play along - this isn't for a car, it's just for fun (though I think there is a drawing to win a car on the CBS site). Here are the 12 items:

  • Surfboard
  • Boot
  • Chair
  • Teepee
  • Hot dog
  • Racecar
  • Motorboat
  • Bart the bear
  • Freighter
  • Rocket
  • Cow
  • Tower

The answers are in a 6-minute video on this CBS page or you can paste either of these URLs directly into your Windows MediaPlayer to bypass download problems and commercials:

** Results **

Dad Bransen and his 3 daughters finished first again and won the car, their second! And don't forget, they won free gas for life early in the race as well as a trip to Orlando and Universal Studios. I think Momma Weaver and her 3 kids went home empty-handed.. several of the previously eliminated teams won some nice prizes

This one's a wrap - see you in February, maybe
Amazing Race 8: full season neon_ 1/7/06 1:39 AM
Finally! Here's a folder containing all the episodes for the season.

sometimes I'm not so good at following up, but I get around to things eventually