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no made of cheese syzygy 2/11/11 10:53 AM

something glimmering on the top of Mons La Hire...


27°36'17.62"N, 25°26'53.28"W (zoom close!)

any ideas about what the heck this could be?

have found no "i"/GEC layer in GMoon-mode so might have already been asked before.



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Re: no made of cheese Hill 2/11/11 1:21 PM
Most likely an imagery flaw.

(Though maybe an alien base* eek shocked oshocked laugh osmirk )

* For those who find every imagery flaw to be a NASA cover-up or proof of alien life.
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Re: no made of cheese spacecowboy2006 2/11/11 4:10 PM
grin Its highly reflective selenium! You have to know a little Greek to get that, LOL.
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