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Favorite commercial BobInNC 1/6/10 9:32 AM
Re: Favorite commercial kite_surfer 1/6/10 9:56 AM
grin Here's my all time favorite about a Dutch insurance company. laugh

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Re: Favorite commercial TheLedge 1/6/10 10:30 AM
I like this one doing the rounds at the moment.

Re: Favorite commercial no.stranger 1/7/10 8:59 AM
Thought I'd play it safe and stick with the Cougar theme,,,

Re: Favorite commercial Noisette 1/7/10 9:29 AM
One for the ladies smile

(with a twist wink )

The original
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Re: Favorite commercial AmericanXplorer13 1/7/10 9:48 AM
Here's two of my favorites:

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Re: Favorite commercial kite_surfer 1/8/10 10:06 AM
NS, I'd probably done the same. grin
GR, Great Roller Babies. laugh
Noisette, I'd done some searching but can't find the Laundrette/Laundromat. It's a superb imitation of the original.
AX, I loved your BIG ADD. ocool
Bob, Thanks for the thread. laugh
Re: Favorite commercial Groovy23 1/8/10 1:08 PM
Original "Cornetto" ad.

Boddingtons Beer version.

Google Makes The Go Round!

Re: Favorite commercial Barnstormer66 1/8/10 6:17 PM
A Classic from my "Youth"!

It probably would NOT be PC today.

Grieve but Be Not Sad...His Spirit still Lives so long as One of us Remembers! smile

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Re: Favorite commercial AmericanXplorer13 1/8/10 7:53 PM
That's awesome!

"Take 59" grin
Re: Favorite commercial Markopolo 1/10/10 11:16 AM
This ones a couple of decades old, too, but it still cracks me up.

Wherever you go, there you are.

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Re: Favorite commercial BobInNC 1/10/10 12:33 PM
Here's another oldie

Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 1/10/10 7:55 PM
My son's 3-yr-old life would come to a screeching halt every time this was on.

And, from the era when you could get your feet x-rayed at the shoe store! shocked

In 1959 I was upset about being too old for the brand new Barbie doll. ofrown

I am thoroughly enjoying everyone's ads! grin Noisette - yeah!

Re: Favorite commercial Markopolo 1/11/10 12:45 AM
Thanks for the Hot Wheels reminder, Diane. They were COOL!

I do like FedEx's commercials: laugh
Re: Favorite commercial BobInNC 1/15/10 6:10 PM
Re: Favorite commercial TheLedge 1/16/10 1:36 AM
The latest series of these critters have the UK in stitches.

This is the first.

Search Youtube for more. meerkat advert.
Re: Favorite commercial dgt 1/16/10 6:58 AM
In Soviet Union, fashion wears YOU.

Re: Favorite commercial BobInNC 1/16/10 7:52 AM
Good advice

Re: Favorite commercial carmedic 1/19/10 3:10 PM
Seeing as Noisette posted some for the Ladies

heres one for the lads grin

But my favorite must be this one, after months of setting up and testing, it was done in one take

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Re: Favorite commercial AmericanXplorer13 1/19/10 6:38 PM
Are you sure that this isn't animated?
The tires rolled up hill? grin
Re: Favorite commercial Lrae 1/20/10 3:08 PM
It might have been filmed at the Mystery Spot!

Re: Favorite commercial Hill 1/21/10 11:36 PM
I always get a kick out of this one.

Then of course there is herding cats.

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Re: Favorite commercial BobInNC 2/11/10 5:49 AM
Some may find the middle section of this one disturbing, but watch it to the end.

Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 2/11/10 9:34 PM
Re: the Melman video -

"...and who can argue with the fiber, you know."

This is GREAT, Bob, love it! grin grin grin And the meerkats are hilarious, Grim! I see I've missed a whole batch on this thread, so thank goodness I've caught up. owink
Re: Favorite commercial BobInNC 11/16/10 3:09 PM
II generally hate car insurance commercials, but this one breaks me up.

Re: Favorite commercial Lrae 11/16/10 3:35 PM
I am thinking that he might have been Diane's teacher at therapy school!
Re: Favorite commercial Hill 11/17/10 1:13 PM
Then there's the "Running of the squirrels"...
Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 11/17/10 2:16 PM
I am thinking that he might have been Diane's teacher at therapy school!

We often use lines from that commercial around the office. "I have a Jack-wagon coming in at 3."

(Oh, now, we all know doctors and therapists make fun of us behind the scenes.)
Re: Favorite commercial TheLedge 11/18/10 10:59 AM
This lady must have the most stunning legs in the world shocked

Errr, I can't remember what the Ad is for grin
Re: Favorite commercial kite_surfer 12/14/10 11:26 PM
Hilarious.. grin laugh

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Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 12/15/10 6:17 AM
HAHA! Good one, kite. Looks like me going to work in the morning - but, thank goodness there's only one car in the vicinity! grin
Re: Favorite commercial kite_surfer 12/15/10 10:24 AM
I fell off my chair laughing when seeing this. wink Can't believe that people actually first scrape their windows and mirrors and then start the car...
Re: Favorite commercial BeadieJay 1/7/11 4:12 PM
I love the ending on this advert


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Re: Favorite commercial-for Piston heads. TheLedge 1/30/11 2:01 AM
How to roll a £300,000 car shocked
Re: Favorite commercial-for Piston heads. Diane9247 1/31/11 11:42 PM
You must be so relieved they didn't wreck your car! otongue
Re: Favorite commercial TheLedge 2/3/11 11:16 PM
This tickled me laugh
Re: Favorite commercial kite_surfer 2/5/11 8:37 AM
Ah the famous dad-trick.. My father made me a wooden gun once with some electronics on it and told me I could shoot the light bulbs off in the room. How was I to know he was standing next to the switch.. otongue grin laugh
Re: Favorite commercial BobInNC 3/3/11 4:55 PM
This has nice noise.

Re: Favorite commercial Gregg1956 3/3/11 7:39 PM

She's having way too much fun. laugh
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Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 3/3/11 8:25 PM
Ooohh, I want to drive that car, Bob! laugh

Yes, Gregg, and I'm enjoying the fun she's having. grin
Re: Favorite commercial TheLedge 3/3/11 10:58 PM
Nothing more sexy than the sound of an old Ferrari laugh
Re: Favorite commercial BobInNC 3/4/11 7:38 AM
I think this one was inspired by Dave Barry.

Re: Favorite commercial BobInNC 3/4/11 7:41 AM
Originally Posted By: TheLedge
Nothing more sexy than the sound of an old Ferrari laugh

Maybe the sight of one in your driveway? ocool
Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 3/5/11 6:29 PM
Not really a commercial, but while we're on the subject of cars, here is one that brings back old memories...

After watching one lame Healey video after another I finally found this one!

Re: Favorite commercial Gregg1956 3/5/11 6:46 PM
That was awesome!

There's a side to you I was unaware of Diane. smile
Re: Favorite commercial BobInNC 3/6/11 1:53 PM
Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 3/6/11 6:45 PM
ocool I just love that gravelly baritone scream of an Austin Healey working through gears. As around 5:18 in the video.
Re: Favorite commercial washi 3/7/11 5:50 PM
Here's a commercial I kind of like...
 And the ビール aint too bad neither!
Wanna see how it was made?  Click HERE.


Re: Favorite commercial BeadieJay 3/8/11 2:39 PM
For all the cat lovers here
Re: Favorite commercial Noisette 3/25/11 7:07 AM
Recent events in Brussels (pictures here and here) reminded me of this smile

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Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 3/25/11 4:13 PM
BDJ and Noisette - those are two great ones! grin (I think I should be watching my cat more closely.)
Re: Favorite commercial jeffryv 3/25/11 5:18 PM
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Re: Favorite commercial Gregg1956 4/16/11 1:57 PM
One of my new favorites. laugh
Re: Favorite commercial LuciaM 4/29/11 2:41 AM
I'm kind of fond of this one:

Commercial w/ Google *and* cats: LuciaM 5/23/11 7:47 PM
Google and cats? I had to post this brand new commercial:
Re: Commercial w/ Google *and* cats: Diane9247 5/25/11 11:02 PM
That is mega-cute! "...fill the internet with even more cats." laugh
Re: Favorite commercial TheLedge 6/9/11 12:48 AM
A very clever one from Evian.
Re: Favorite commercial Noisette 6/20/11 7:48 AM
Somebody just sent me this. Ladies: enjoy laugh Gentlemen: be careful oshocked

There are some nice android ads on this page: FR / NL. The videos are in English, the text and subtitles in French or Dutch.
Re: Favorite commercial BeadieJay 6/20/11 8:20 AM
LOL, brilliant, that cheered me up
Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 6/20/11 10:54 PM
Sorry, gentlemen, but that's hilarious!
Re: Favorite commercial BobInNC 7/19/11 11:27 AM
Re: Favorite commercial Gregg1956 7/19/11 1:56 PM
This one is re-DQ-lous. laugh
Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 7/19/11 9:56 PM
Who thinks of this stuff? grin How do you start with an assignment from Dairy Queen and end up with Mary Lou Retton in a Pinata?
Re: Favorite commercial TheLedge 8/1/11 11:28 AM
Short but funny grin
Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 8/1/11 10:05 PM
MOMMY MOMMY MOMMMMYYY!!!  Absolutely accurate. This is why we kind of dread the word. grin

Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 8/24/11 10:45 PM
Re: Favorite commercial Gregg1956 8/29/11 6:15 PM
Re: Favorite commercial Gregg1956 10/18/11 3:58 PM
The hats and mustaches ...
Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 12/1/11 10:48 PM

I want to do this. laugh
Re: Favorite commercial kite_surfer 12/4/11 12:47 AM
Originally Posted By: Diane9247

I want to do this. laugh

Diane, you're evil.. crazy oshocked I liked your previous one as well, (might be just coincidence but HOND in Dutch is DOG..). Liked Gregg's as well. Signing off, and I think you should too at 12:47 AM. otongue
Re: Favorite commercial no.stranger 12/8/11 5:28 PM

Cinema Stunt by Carlsberg.

Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 12/8/11 10:43 PM
That's a good one! laugh I noticed that in quite a few cases the women plunged ahead and their dates held them back. A funny social experiment, as well as commercial.
Re: Favorite commercial Groovy23 12/31/11 11:08 AM
Posted this in F&G, but I just had to post it here. This ad used to crack me up! grin

Google Makes The Go Round!

(unknown) 1/16/12 2:15 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Favorite commercial TheLedge 5/7/12 2:42 AM
Walls advert I just love the dog.
Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 8/15/13 5:04 PM
Genius!  An on-the-street promotion by Amstel Beer of Amsterdam.  "The "Amstel Pause" machine encouraged thirsty passersby [in Sofia, Bulgaria] to stand still in front of the machine and push a button to start a timer. The machine dispensed a free beer if they held their pose for three minutes."  It might have been a challenge for the youthful customers shown to actually hold still that long.  This would never do in most states in the US, where, heaven help you if you're caught (1) getting a free beer on the sidewalk, or (2) walking around in public drinking one!

                                              Ding-ding - here's your beer!  

P.S.  The old posts' videos above are mostly gone after the "big change" to Google Groups.   : (    But, please add new ones for our entertainment! 

(unknown) 8/15/13 7:46 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Favorite commercial Noisette 8/22/13 3:33 AM
I love this:

Would you go?  I love the idea, but I suspect work (and no holiday left this year!) would make me say no :(  Otherwise Norm, watch out, I'd be headed your way ;)

Re: Favorite commercial Diane9247 8/28/13 3:34 AM
That's a great one, Noisette!  Yes, I'd go, and my choice would be Italy.  
Re: Favorite commercial Noisette 9/8/13 3:41 AM
Ah, the joys of being retired Diane :)

I hadn't seen this one before, I had no idea what to expect.


Re: Favorite commercial Noisette 9/21/13 3:10 AM
This one put a smile on my face too: KITKAT - Have a seat.

Has anybody seen one of these?

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