wing suit and google earth

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wing suit and google earth wsuit 3/22/12 10:42 AM
hello, (sorry for my bad english wording !) could it be possible ask to the management group of google earth to take into acount the third dimension  with google earth ? As skydiver and using wing suit I think that a lot of skydivers would be interested by this opportunity. I frequently use my GPS when I jump with two aims. The first in case of sudden arrival of clouds I can find the good direction if I am lost "in space' above the clouds. The second to check my performances how long I fly (time and distance) but there is no very useful soft. Fred
Re: wing suit and google earth kite_surfer 3/22/12 11:58 AM
Hi Fred,

If you have Google Earth Pro, it's already possibe to import GPS data and you can review that data by right clicking the path that was imported. This will give you details of the heights and time of your flight (Elevation Profile). If you cannot afford GE Pro, GPS visualizer could give you some ideas as well. In any way, write posts about your flights! We are definitely interested and if you manage to somehow inspire us with your wing suit flights, Google Earth administrators might even come back to have a GPS import on Google Earth as well..