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Reverstone Sucharith Maduranga 4/4/12 4:00 AM
Reverstone - Knuckles Mountain Range
Sucharith Maduranga 4/4/12 4:01 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Reverstone no.stranger 4/4/12 4:51 AM
Hi Sucharith  Maduranga,

Welcome to the Community.

For anyone to see on Google Earth the location you have posted, you need to attach your placemark file from your 
computer / hard drive, "add a placemark on Google Earth"

Re: Reverstone BeadieJay 4/4/12 4:53 AM

Hi and welcome to the Google Earth Community :)

You really need to provide a placemark so that people can see the exact area that you are commenting on.  It would also make your post more interesting if you could tell us something about the area.

Please see this Beginners Tutorial which will show you how to create a placemark.  You can then share it with the community here by adding the saved kmz, which will be on your hard drive, as an attachment.  This link tells you more about how to submit your placemark to the Google Earth Community.

Thank you

BeadieJay, GEC Moderator