Taj Mahal 3D

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Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 12/9/05 9:36 AM
Here's what I have made for everyone's viewing pleasure- The Eternal Monument of Love, more popularly known as the Taj Mahal.

See post by me titled "Taj Mahal 3D with Overlay" to download a matching overlay and view a screenshot.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D seer 12/10/05 7:56 AM
This is truly beautiful! Thank you so much for your effort.
Be seeing you, Seer
Re: Taj Mahal 3D M_Gros 12/10/05 9:35 AM
Great !!!!

Which tool have you used to create it?

Mariano Gros

Re: Taj Mahal 3D PenguinOpus 12/10/05 10:32 AM

Oh my!

Incredible work... thank you.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 12/10/05 11:15 AM
Thanks for the appreciations.
Now I am looking up "Image Overlay" so that this content can be paired with a higher resolution satellite image from Space Imaging. Hope there wouldn't be copyright infringement; can someone please enlighten me?
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Re: Taj Mahal 3D cwtreserves 12/11/05 8:28 AM
Does anyone else have a similar problem to me with this placemark?
Downloaded OK but when I select the placemark GE 'travels to it OK, The model appears briefly, then vanishes never to return.

I have tried rebooting, also increasing cache way above default (what settings do others use?).

I am using an Athlon 64 3000 with 1GB ram

I really like to view this item as I'm fortunate enough to have been to the Taj


Re: Taj Mahal 3D tekgergedan 12/11/05 9:14 AM
No, but I experience another with the tour. When it plays, the show malfunctions. I do not even know what those pages mean. Will you explain them, Sanga ?

cwtreserves, do you employ OpenGL or DirectX?
Re: Taj Mahal 3D Kempster 12/11/05 9:53 AM
I love the 2 people right outside the Tah Mahal! Nice addition!
Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 12/11/05 10:10 AM
Those two people were added to give it a human scale so that people who haven't seen the real thing can fathom its actual size.

Tekgergeden, the tour has issues which I am also facing. Only the first page displays correctly. I had set the camera to get progressively close to the monument in each consecutive page. It still plays correctly in its native format/application.

Roger, that's beyond me. Why don't you try contacting one of the forum/community administrators through a private message regarding your problem? They should be able to help you.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D tekgergedan 12/11/05 10:27 AM
I see. The men there is a beautiful idea. I use this idea in the photos I take.

The problems are forwarded to the Admins and Mods. It is not something with private messages. When they read these posts, they reply. And this is a great feedback for the Keyhole staff -- a really living Community, isn't it?
Taj Mahal 3D with Overlay Sanga 12/11/05 10:36 AM
I am aware that what I am going to post is a duplicate Placemark. I hope the Google Community administrators will understand because:
- I have prepared this overlay to perfectly match and thereby enhance the 3D model.
- Though this post should have been in another forum like 'Earth Browsing', but I wanted it to add value to the 3D model so that people who view the model can compliment it with this overlay.
- This overlay is fairly accurate, not like a few hundred feet off the mark, if I may say so.

Here's hoping that this image overlay from Space Imaging will enhance the Taj Mahal Google Earth tour experience. BTW the overlay file is 2 Mb big. I had also prepared a smaller overlay but thought it better to not duplicate.

Here is a screenshot of both the model and overlay:
Re: Taj Mahal 3D with Overlay tekgergedan 12/11/05 10:42 AM
If you are in India, it should be late... Great that you still work to inform us.

Once I have read a post like "where is Tac Mahal?". Now, with you, everything is clear. Thank you... I am saving your placemark as a sample for my future works as well (when I get GE Pro)...
Re: Taj Mahal 3D cwtreserves 12/12/05 6:02 AM

I normally use Open GL, but have just tried using DirectX - similar problem - 'model' appears briefly then vanishes

Re: Taj Mahal 3D banac 12/12/05 8:46 AM

Here's what I have made for everyone's viewing pleasure- The Eternal Monument of Love, more popularly known as the Taj Mahal.

See post by me titled "Taj Mahal 3D with Overlay" to download a matching overlay and view a screenshot.

Thank you very much.... It's very very good...........
Re: Taj Mahal 3D cybarber 12/13/05 4:07 AM
Great 3D conversion!.

Just for the visitors of this tread a "cross-eyed" Stereo 3D Screenshot to get an impression of what you did.

Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 12/13/05 8:15 AM

Great 3D conversion!.

Just for the visitors of this tread a "cross-eyed" Stereo 3D Screenshot to get an impression of what you did.


Conversion? Am not sure whether you are complimenting the work done or being sarcastic. In case you are alleging that this model is plagiarised, I would like to assure you that it is my original work.

Anyway, I am curious about this 'cross-eyed stereo 3D'. What is it? One as seen by the left eye, the other as seen by the right eye?
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Re: Taj Mahal 3D cybarber 12/13/05 8:45 AM
No offense intended.
As it seems such a labourouse and difficult work to to manually I assumed you used some sort of program to convert it from another format. If it was made from the ground up al the more praise to you.

cross-eyed means you view the right hand image with your left eye and the left-hand image with your right eye.

keep your eyes on the same level as the images. Take a distance from the screen of about 30-40 cm and try to do as above with your eyes.

It takes some time to get used to slightly move your head forwards and backwards if you can't get the images in focus).

When you have succeede in fusing the right and left image to a third virtual central image, you will see a marvelous 3D version of your Taj Mahal.

Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 12/13/05 10:27 AM
It's alright. It's a tedious job but what's tedious when you are doing something you enjoy? Building something piece by piece and admiring your own handiwork... The wonderful comments here make it even more worthwhile. Though not all who downloaded and viewed it necessarily appreciate it, I hope some more among who haven't commented do.

I haven't been able to get the 'cross-eyed' stereo effect, I'll try again later. Since the two images are stacked vertically on this page (my view), I had put them together in an image editor, keeping the first image on the left.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D M_Gros 12/13/05 11:00 AM
I'm very surprised for the result of your work.

I have made "El pilar de Zaragoza 3D" , a church from my city ( you can see it in this forum), but whit a very diferent final result.

I have converted from my 3DS original to KML using the one day free try DProfiler converter.

Which tool have you used to create it?


Mariano Gros
Re: Taj Mahal 3D cwtreserves 12/14/05 4:23 AM
Problem solved!

turned off 'terain' and model appeared!

I had 'elevation exaggeration' set to 2, this caused the model to appear to be floating above ground (just like an Indian magic carpet) and caused the model to disapear out of view.

With options reset to default values all works OK with terain selected - except the tour.

Brilliant model !


Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 12/14/05 6:57 AM
Thanks for the compliments.

M_Gros, I did this model in SketchUP- a wonderful yet simple 3D modeling software (www.sketchup.com). The SketchUP people are pretty active here in this forum, going by the name of SketchUPFolks. I have seen your model. You can import your 3ds model into SketchUP and export to kmz with the GE plugin. You can also fine tune the curvature of your domes in SU.

Roger, congratulations. Does your display look like any of the three screenshots in this thread? I had extended the base of the Taj complex downwards so that it remain firmly rooted to earth. For best results use the image overlay I have posted in this thread.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D cwtreserves 12/14/05 7:20 AM

Yes, I now get a similar result to that on the posted screenshots - provided I have 'terain' on and 'elevation exagerration' set to '1'.

With terrain off it looks like the atached.

I presume GE is presuming a zero elevation and your model is set up for the actual height above sea level. All come good when 'terrain' adds the bumps & lumps.


Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 12/14/05 9:38 AM
GE default 'elevation exaggeration' setting is 1, it has to be left at that and terrain has to be 'ON'. Even for me with terrain 'OFF' it looked exactly like your attached image- floating in the air.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D cwtreserves 12/14/05 9:47 AM
Glad that there's no problem with my computer!

But, I've not had the same problem with other models - that's what threw me. Perhaps this is to do with the actual elevations - eg Golden Gate Bridge, San Fran Cisco is at sea level

Now I've found out the workaround, I think your model is very good, but the 'tour' problem remains - seems to be wizzing off to locations around the Taj - but looking the wrong way to see the model.


Re: Taj Mahal 3D Ananya 12/14/05 8:14 PM
Phenomenal! Given time I would love to construct something like this for the Towers of Silence in Bombay. See my post here:

Post: http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showthreaded.php/Cat/0/Number/128303/page/

Kml link:

I am personally intrigued by them.

Thanks for sharing your hard work with us. It's really awesome. People like yourself make GE truly rock.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 12/15/05 9:51 AM
Roger, as mentioned earlier, there are issues with the tour which I haven't been able to figure out. So the tour doesn't play as intended, the camera just goes haywire.

Ananya, thanks. I have tried some of the links on your thread as well as the kml link you have provided but all I get is an overview of the African continent from 10500 km..

If anybody has plans and elevations (with or without dimensions) of the other structures in the Taj Mahal complex, can you please let me know? This would include the gateway and the mosques on the sides. I would like to add those as well. This would provide a complete view of the Taj complex.
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Re: Taj Mahal 3D tekgergedan 12/15/05 10:52 AM
I think, you will not stop. How about the whole city? (Just kidding)

Thanks again... Complete complex will be a very meaningful one. Good idea of you...
Re: Taj Mahal 3D Runtime 12/17/05 10:42 AM
Wow the model looks so realistic...

Did this take a really long time?
Re: Taj Mahal 3D xav 12/17/05 8:50 PM
This makes perfect use of the shading of polygons in the newer GE v ersions .

I know my song well before I start singing ...
Re: Taj Mahal 3D -line opacity xav 12/17/05 9:36 PM
I could not refrain from playing around with this extremely beautiful model
and to my taste it would look even better, if the line opacity was set to about 20%.
Then the black lines would not show so much, especially when viewed from distance.
I changed the opacity in the left part of the building.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D -line opacity Sanga 12/18/05 8:53 AM
xav, thanks for the pointer, I do agree that setting line opacity to less than 100% looks much better. How did you do it? I searched for ways to do it and all I could find was Edit Properties (right click or highlight 'model' or descendants in the Places' panel. But in this manner I lose all shading.

All in all, what I could achieve was far different from your screenshot. I am using GE version 3.0.0762.

PS. I wish GE would support textures on 3D models so that it could be made to look more realistic.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D -line opacity xav 12/18/05 10:46 AM
Does SketchUP not allow you to set the opacity of the lines? Or maybe the line color: set it to a light grey.

If not, you can do it by hand. Just expand every folder of the model. The last "geometry" item in each folder contains the lines.There you can set the line opacity (check advanced).
Re: Taj Mahal 3D -line opacity Sanga 12/19/05 8:21 AM

The last "geometry" item in each folder contains the lines.There you can set the line opacity (check advanced).

I figured that much out after reading your earlier post but thought it too cumbersome. I had assumed you did it with a single mouse click.

SketchUP can do as suggested, just that it never occured to me that it would look better that way. I'll play around with line colour in the next update which would be when:
1. Google Earth supports textured 3D models, or
2. I get more information on the other structures,
whichever occurs first.
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Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 12/31/05 9:26 PM
Wishing all visitors to this thread a
Re: Taj Mahal 3D thejason 1/2/06 12:00 AM
This rules! Finally a start to 3D buildings outside of the US! Good work, uh, um...just a sec...uh...human!
Re: Taj Mahal 3D caa17 1/3/06 1:53 AM
Fantastic! It is certainly a very good piece of art!
Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 1/11/06 9:46 AM
Thanks caa17 and TheJason.

I have also posted a detailed 3D model of the Eiffel Tower at the following link:
Do drop in and leave your comments. Of course more coments are also welcome here in this topic.

I am also preparing a low polygon version of the Eiffel Tower and will post later if there is preference for it.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D kalyan97 1/12/06 7:33 AM
Is it possible to view the 3D images of Taj Mahal to peep into the interiors including the structures below the platform? I remember to have read that there are radar images which can penetrate upto 25 m below the ground.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 1/13/06 9:19 AM
There is no radar data involved in this kind of model, it is done manually through surface modeling and using 2D drawings and photographs as references.

It is of course possible to model the tomb below the platform but for a viewer/user to actually navigate upto that point unguided is tricky without passing right through the walls. It can work okay with a 'guided' tour.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D Ferdey 2/1/06 6:40 AM
Wow, after seeing your amazing Eiffel Tower model I've now downloaded this plus the overlay. Thank you once more!

Perhaps you could do the Brighton Pavilion, if you wanted a challenge, which is very similar architecture:

Brighton Pavilion
Re: Taj Mahal 3D Sanga 2/3/06 9:31 AM
Thanks for the wonderful comment. As for the Brighton Pavilion, the sheer amount of curves would make it a daunting task, not to mention availability of relevant information.
Re: Taj Mahal 3D hernoor 3/5/06 8:37 AM
great job with this..
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Re: Taj Mahal 3D embont 4/14/06 6:16 PM
This is truly beautiful!! I live..
Wilcom to embdesign
Truly Impressive saellis 4/15/06 4:08 PM
This is the best 3D model I've seen yet. Bravo!
"Fortitudine Vincimus"
Update Sanga 11/11/07 10:33 AM
After a loooong time, update for changes to Google Earth terrain. Rest of the model remains as it was.

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