Secret military base?

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Secret military base? snopper 9/13/06 7:29 AM
No one lives here, it is the most inaccessible places on earth, so what's going on here?
Re: Secret military base? tekgergedan 9/13/06 8:34 AM
Though no one lives, military is everywhere. That's why there are borders.
Re: Secret military base? PriceCollins 9/13/06 1:14 PM
These are the Falkland Islands (Spanish = Islas Malvinas). They are considered sufficiently important that the United Kingdom and Argentina fought a war over them in 1982. See Wikipedia.

Such outposts often determine which country has the oil, mineral, and fishing rights in sizeable surrounding areas.
Re: Secret military base? snopper 9/15/06 8:21 AM
Thanks for the history lesson. I think you missed my point here, I know the UK maintains a military presents on the islands as you will have seen on East Falklands, but this is in an incredibly inaccessible place on the West Falklands, I can’t make out what it is, and I do know that sometimes governments like to hide it’s secrets away from prying eyes – and what better place than the Falklands – but you can’t hide from GE!!
Re: Secret military base? elmpt1 9/23/06 1:49 PM
Looks like one of those sinister quarry things!
Re: Secret military base? mark0845 9/23/06 7:26 PM
There are heavy vehicle tracks to the north of this `quarry`. Possibly heavy military vehicles. The area to the north is covered in cloud or is of very poor resolution. Looks like something could be hidden under those clouds.
Re: Secret military base? Valleytaff 9/24/06 12:48 AM
I may be wrong, but I think it looks like an observatory or other type of radar outpost. May not neccessarily be as sinister as first appears. Don't forget, the Falklands has a fully operational Airforce base and ATC is just as important here.

The fact that it's next to a quarry (active or not) may just be coincidence, but I don't think there are any "secret squirrel" activities here.
Re: Secret military base? CaptainOverlord 9/24/06 1:43 AM
hey.Just checking but can you give us a decent pointer to where these vechile tracks are?I can see something which look like them but they are too wide to be a British Battle tank
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Re: vehicle tracks. mark0845 9/24/06 1:24 PM
just scan north and follow any dark tracks you find. I cannot se they leak anywhere as the area is covered in `cloud`.
Re: Secret military base? ProfFrink 9/24/06 10:27 PM
Hmm, I'm not sold on the military application either but I will point this out. If you follow the dirt tracks to the south they eventually lead to some small docks and then to a rough airstrip here.

Re: Secret military base? AndyByronUK 9/25/06 6:12 AM
People, get real. The Falkands is a fairly hospitable group of islands, very boggy with rough terrain. So what if there is a military presence there? Would you like to be taken by suprise by an enemy a second time? It is just proberbly a military presence.

Just because the armed forces are present, you shouldn't assume something covert is happening. I have had friends on tour in the Falkands, they're flown out by chopper to a base, do a few patrols and get cold before heading back to Stanley for tea and medals.

Re: Secret military base? AdamCNDSFI 10/21/06 2:00 PM
LOL, Andy you have hit the nail on the head, people get real!!

As some people have sort of guessed, this is a road being built by the Falkland Islands Government (note; not British Goverment, not the military, the FALKLAND Islands government) to an isolated farm 3 miles to the South East.

This is not the place to try and describe what the Falkland Islands and people are about so I won't start but they are certainly not as inhospitable as some people would have you think!!!
Re: Secret military base? bossman85 2/17/07 7:42 AM
Dunno about secret... but somewhere around this area, though i havent found it yet is 751 signals unit located on Mount Alice.
Its a small RAF radar site which i served at for four months back in 1988 it was cold boring and miles form anywhere.
if anyone can point it out i would be grateful
Re: Secret military base? snopper 2/22/07 1:07 PM
I too was at Alice back in ’86 as a ‘heavy’ wouldn’t say it was boring, I had plenty to do.
Alice is just a bit north, in cloud – what’s new – the structure in question wasn’t there when I was there though.
Re: Secret military base? josh55 2/22/07 3:11 PM
Yea it could be anything it also is a varry hard location to get to and to locateand also there is that airfeild not to far away.
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Re: Secret military base? rocco698 3/22/08 1:06 PM
It's difficult to say with the cloud cover, and it's a long time since I served there ('94) but I suspect your 'secret military base' is the shooting range for the nearby RAF Mount Alice radar station (obscure by the cloud). This is no secret. In fact, if you look almost due north by about 52miles, you can clearly see Alice's sister site, RAF Byron Heights. The pair are almost identical in size and set-up.
Re: Secret military base? DobroJutroLo 3/22/08 2:42 PM
All i know is that it is between Port Stevens and Albermarle near Cape Meredith. Probably just part of the Royal Navy or RAF.
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Re: Secret military base? M609 7/28/08 3:10 PM
It's a radar station on Mt Alice just north of your placemark.

Video taken from summit.
Re: Secret military base? buster38 12/30/11 3:39 AM
As previous persons have mentioned, Alice gets pretty clagged in quite often, so this is the lower helicopter landing site. When it's is too cloudy to land at the top site, they drive down in the BV's to this 'secret military base :-) and meet the helicopter there.
Re: Secret military base? JudgeDrey 3/17/12 3:36 PM
FYI, by moving the time slider back to 2001-02, most of the cloud cover is removed if that helps.