Anchorages of the Caribbean, US/Canada East Coast

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Anchorages of the Caribbean, US/Canada East Coast GeoffSchultz 10/25/05 7:09 AM
I've spent a lot of time creating a Google Earth presentation of my cruising aboard the BlueJacket, which is a 40 foot Freedom sailboat. This includes locations from Maine to Florida and virtually all of the Caribbean. The placemarks include text snippets from the logs and then link to the entire log as well as photos from the area. The logs from most of the US east coast and eastern Caribbean are pretty thin, but the photos are good. Everything gets much better starting in Venezuela and west of that.

Anchorage placemarks utilize anchor icons, placemarks which include diving information have dive flag icons, and land based travel utilize either sign posts, Myan pyramids or airplanes. Icons are grouped by region / country / state or year.

You can also access the latest KMZ file at:

-- Geoff
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More SEW_5 10/26/05 11:45 AM
This really is an amazing KMZ file! A tremendous amount of work had to go into it. There must be hundreds of placemarks.

The photos and trip logs really add a lot to this. And your web site is great! It was a joy sailing through the Caribbean with you. Thanks!

Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More Chief_Sparky 10/26/05 12:09 PM
As an avid sailor, I find this use of GE to be ... well, fascinating. Well done!
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 10/26/05 4:28 PM
Thanks for the kind words. I've gotten a lot of postive feedback from other sailors who have virtually sailed with me.

-- Geoff
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More Frank4 11/8/05 5:39 AM
Geoff, this is really excellent. Check out my post from a couple of months ago here where I documented our trip to the Caribbean. You can download my KMZ or read the story I wrote about it at the Google Earth Blog here.

(By the way, I can really appreciate how much work it was to create your KMZ. That was a big job!)

Here's a screenshot of the Virgin Islands part of our trip:

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Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More Chris_Schulz 11/9/05 9:27 PM

Great file!

What software (if any) was used to create this?

Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 11/10/05 4:29 AM
This was created using Google Earth Plus. The Plus version allows you to create paths. The photo albums were created using Arles which is an wonderful product from Digital Dutch. The trip logs were generated using FrontPage.

-- Geoff

P.S. Thanks!
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More magnalogger 11/10/05 5:55 AM
Very nice log! Makes appetite! And this in November...

When GPS logs are available, the amount of time required can be minimized by using

GPS logs can be uploaded and annotated with texts, images, maps and links. The results can be exported as plain HTML, on Google Maps or as Google Earth files without additional work. It's free, examples can be found on the front page.
Just a thought.
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 11/10/05 6:21 AM
Thanks for the comments and the suggestion of using GPS logs. I hesitate to do that because I don't think that most people want to see where we tacked, circled for an achorage, etc. I'm also afraid that it would make the KMZ file too large with all of the path points. On the flip side, I suppose that for individual anchorages it could be very useful. Can MagnaLox utilize a depth sounding?

-- Geoff

P.S. I also worry about people using my logs for navigation and as rediculous as it may sound, any potential liability.
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 12/28/05 6:49 AM
Based upon feedback from several people I have made edits/corrections to some of the placemarks in my BlueJacket.kmz file. As I don't know how to upload a newer version onto this forum, you'll have to access the updated file from my web site.

You can access the latest KMZ file at:

Thanks for the feedback!

-- Geoff
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More Anonymous 12/28/05 11:08 AM
Nice job I wonder if you sailing in Florida lately there a many marine pier here
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More ed_bloom 12/28/05 12:34 PM
Venezuela is very beautiful and Los Roques provides some good fishing. I married a Venezuelan women and would really love to spend more time in that part of the world.
May your ocean travels be wonderfull!!!
Too bad the communist president Chavez, is in power......
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More Frank4 12/29/05 7:33 AM
Hi Geoff, I'm glad you're continuing to update!

To change your original attachment, simply edit your original post and point the attachment to your new file. It will automatically overwrite the old one with the new one.
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 12/29/05 11:19 AM
Sorry for the long delay in responding to this, but I don't frequent this forum very often. Anyhow, I use ThumbsPlus to manage my image libraries and Arles to create the web pages.

-- Geoff
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More magnalogger 12/30/05 7:25 AM
Sorry for the kind of late answer

Well, it's no shame to circle for an anchorage... everybody did it.
But it is very interesting for others where You finally found Your place
Since last week You can conveniently "tag" places on Your track.

Magnalox currently is not supporting depth sounding, but I thought about offering it in the past. It's database is prepared for it, eg heartrates can be displayed.
If there is enough demand, I'll implement it.

I'm explicitly excluding liabilities by stateing that the data can be wrong or inaccurate and is not suitable for navigational purposes.
And the postings are anonymous, so I don't expect trouble here.

Have fun
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More tbfromnc 1/2/06 8:00 AM
The Placemark for Beaufot North Carolina is actually shown in Morehead City
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 1/2/06 8:53 AM
Beaufort, NC is not in its correct spot. Thanks for the correction.

-- Geoff
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More sv1coolcat 2/11/06 8:40 AM
I am planning to sail "1 Cool Cat" , a PDQ 36 catamaran, from Nova Scotia to the Caribbean first weather window in Oct. via Bermuda. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Al.
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More akegg 4/8/06 11:03 PM
Rio San Juan, DR is on the wrong place. You have Cabrera marked on here... Please correct it.

Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More skyrover 5/3/06 10:45 AM
For others interested in this kind of thing there is also SailBlogs ( ) has feeds of sailing travels. There is a 'system-wide' kml file (showing the current positions of a lot of the member boats), and premium members can have a personal kml file tied with links to thier blogs as well that is created automatically.

So if you're interested in reading about sailing adventures, or have a trip of your own to document, this is a great site.
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 7/17/06 1:13 PM
I have posted an updated KMZ file to this site. The new KMZ file includes this years cruising which was from Honduras to Belize to Mexico to Key West to the Cay Sal Banks to the Bahamas to the Chesapeake. All of the placemarks link to trip reports and photo albums on my web site. Enjoy!

-- Geoff
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 10/5/06 7:51 PM
Please note that the KMZ file has been updated to include my summer cruising in the Chesapeake. This included Tangier Island, VA, Crisfield, MD, the Solomon Islands and Annapolis.

-- Geoff
About Cubagua geoturista 11/20/06 3:47 PM
Cubagua is one the most historical island in Venezuela, and there is a lot of things to see and to do on the island. I am working on it. You should speak with the locals, so you could go to some very interesting and important places around the island, still "virgin", after the depletion of the pearl oysters.
Roigar Lopez from Venezuela
Roigar... preserving and promoting our Geological Heritage in Venezuela
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 12/17/06 8:38 AM
The KMZ file has been updated to include all of 2006's cruising. This includes: Honduras, Belize, Mexico, Bahamas (Cay Sal Banks, Andros, Berry Islands, Abacos), Chesapeake Bay and the trip from the Chesapeake to Ft. Lauderdale, FL via the ICW. The KMZ covers virtually all of the Caribbean and a a good chunk of the east coast of the US.

I also have done a major re-organization of my web site and the new KMZ file has been updated to reflect these changes.

As usual, please let me know if you see any mistakes!

-- Geoff
Updated KMZ files GeoffSchultz 7/16/07 2:02 PM
I have just returned from another season of cruising. This season covered most of the islands of the Bahamas that we had missed on previous trips and then we returned to the Chesapeake via the ICW. As we cruise, I generate extensive logs as well as photographic albums and videos. These logs, photos and video now cover virtually all of the Caribbean and the east coast of the US from Maine to Florida. Many of the newer logs include a "For the Cruiser" section which provides information which I think is useful to cruisers.

Since I returned I've been updating the web site with this year's material. Most of the logs now include pictures of the area as well as links to a Google Maps page which allows people to utilize an interactive map to see where the log was written from. You can access this material at

I've also created a Google Earth presentation of the trips. Each anchorage that we've been at has a placemark which includes a snippet of the log and links to the full log and any photos or video. There's a master file which contains all of our trips as well as files which break down the travel by area and by year. The 2007 file even includes a "tour" which flies you along our route. More information on this can be found at

I hope that you find this information interesting and valuable. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to write.

-- Geoff Schultz

P.S. The KMZ file has been updated with my master file on this site
Updated File Not Utilized by "Show in Google Maps" GeoffSchultz 10/12/07 3:36 AM
All of my web site content has been migrated to a database and the web site now utilizes PHP based pages to access the content. As a result I had to update my KML file to reflect these changes. I uploaded a new version of the file several days ago, and I've noted that if you click on the "View in Google Earth" icon, you get the correct file. However, if you click on "View in Google Maps", you get the old version.

Can anyone explain why this is occurring and what, if anything, can I do to get Google Maps to use the correct version?

-- Geoff
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More sherban 11/26/07 8:14 PM
Geoff- Your Cruz Bay link for STJ USVI is wrong, can you fix it so not to confuse others? You have the link at Salomon Bay, Cruz is SW from there...
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 11/27/07 5:42 AM
The position for Cruz Bay was fixed. Thanks for the correction.

-- Geoff
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 3/25/09 11:56 AM
I just finished updating this KMZ file to include our 2008 cruising. In 2008 we did what's known as the "Down East Circle Route." This trip started in the Chesapeake and wound through the Hudson River, the Erie and Oswego canals, Lake Ontario, down the St. Lawrence river, through Canadian Maritimes and Prince Edward Island, into the Bras d'Or Lakes of Nova Scotia, down the coast of Nova Scotia and finally back along Maine, NH, MA and into RI.

This file also covers almost 40,000 miles of cruising and includes virtually all of the Caribbean, Bahamas and lots of the eastern US and Canada coastline.

I also implemented "regions" which means that placemarks aren't displayed until you zoom into the area which contains them. Prior to this there were too many placemarks and it was confusing. Now all that you see is a colored path showing the route that we took on a given year. As you zoom in on that path, you'll see the placemarks.

If you click on a placemark, you'll see a snippet of the log and a link to the full log as well as links to photo albums and videos.

Enjoy, Geoff
Re: Anchorages of the Caribbean & More GeoffSchultz 8/19/11 7:29 AM
It's been quite some time since I last updated this post. Since I last posted we've cruised through the Great Lakes, shipped BlueJacket via truck from Milwaukee to San Diego and cruised down the Baja and into the Sea of Cortez. All of this has been extensively documented in logs, photos and videos.

I have now updated my web site so that it dynamically generates KLM files. You can generate them for specific time periods or for specific regions (i.e. Bahamas, Venezuela, etc). The placemarks in these KML files link to logs, photos and videos.

Also, starting in 2011 I started geo-coding my photographs and when you're viewing a photo album you'll see a globe shaped icon in the navigation bar. If you click on the globe, a Google Maps window will appear showing where the image was taken.

You can find the web site at:

Click on "Trip Reports", select a cruising year or region and then press the link to generate a KLM file. It will automatically download.

Enjoy! -- Geoff