World's Second Largest Hole in A Lake

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World's Second Largest Hole in A Lake CuriousJM 11/16/11 12:49 AM
The morning glory hole type spillway in the Whiskeytown Lake, Shasta County, California, is the Largest Hole in a Lake in US & Europe and second largest in the World.

The spillway crest has a diameter of 26.8 metres (44 feet) and the bore gradually tapers down to 7.5 metres (24.5 feet).

It may be worthwhile to note that the largest hole in a lake (90 metres - 295 feet) is in the Jatiluhur Reservoir on the island of Java, Indonesia.

Image from Flickr is by pressuretobear

Main source of info:US Bureau of Reclamation (pdf)

Copyright: Image from Flickr is under the copyright of its owner and is used here under Creative Commons license. Actual terms of reuse is available in the link given below the image.
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Re: World's Second Largest Hole - Whiskeytown Spillway TheLedge 11/16/11 1:25 AM
I would love to see a local artist create a plug and chain for it. grin