Unique Building Which Looks Like Fabergé Egg

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Unique Building Which Looks Like Fabergé Egg CuriousJM 6/22/14 11:23 AM

A building in Moscow has the unique shape and design which makes it look like a giant Fabergé egg. The white base of the building is designed like an egg cup and the windows and the skylight on the top look like jewel work of the Fabergé egg. Exterior walls of the Egg decorated with ceramic tiles. The top dome is made of copper and interior of the dome is beautifully painted

This unique design was brain-child of architect Sergei Tkachenko and art dealer Marat Gelman.  They had originally proposed such a design for a building in Israel but it was not accepted there. A smaller scaled down version was then built in Moscow in 2002, as an annexe to a new apartment building. The egg shaped building has 5 rooms spread over 4 floors. First 3 floors have a height of 3.2 meters each and topmost floor is 4.5 metes high. The house has its own underground parking designed for 4 cars.

Image from Panoramio is by Павел Троицкий

Image from Flickr is by Pingxel

Image source: http://www.dometra.ru - Copyright status not known. Image widely available on the Net.

3-D image from Google Earth/3D Warehouse created by Chigirinsky

Main source of info: RIA Novosti / Moscow Daily Photo Blog / dometra.ru (English Translation) 

Some great images in: skyscrapercity.com

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