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Heidelberg Project detroit michigan scamarc 6/29/08 5:48 AM
The Heidelberg Project started as an outdoor art project by Tyree Guyton in 1986 in Detroit, MI. The name is derived from the Project's location on Heidelberg Street. The block that was once home to drug dealers is now filled with brightly painted houses, cars, and signs, as well as handmade sculpture of bicycles, vacuums, shoe, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. In 1999, about half the Project was demolished by the City when the Mayor declared it an eyesore. It has since been recognized as a local landmark with international support. The Heidelberg Project has become an ongoing community project.
Re: Heidelberg Project - A Community Art Project CuriousJM 6/17/11 11:49 AM
Note: I am surprised to note that the .kmz file uploaded almost 3 years go by scamarc is not reflected/incorporated in Google Earth and there is no corresponding blue i in the GEC layer of Google Earth.

I am therefore placemarking this afresh with some details and images of this extra ordinary work of collaborative community art project.

Heidelberg Street of Detroit is located in an area inhabited mainly by poor families of African-American origin. Till mid eighties the neighbourhood was in shambles and riddled with drugs and poverty related crimes. However in 1986 a local artist Tyree Guyton and his grandfather Sam Mackey started an art project which became known as - "The Heidelberg Project" and transformed the area into an International showcase of collective art.

The artist started the work with the help of local kids and began cleaning and painting the houses with multi-coloured bright dots. They also salvaged rejected toys and household items and decorated the exterior of houses, railings, side walks, trees etc. with the items so salvaged. Gradually the streets were transformed into a massive art exhibit, vacant lots became "lots of art" and abandoned houses were converted into "gigantic art sculptures".

Initially the project met with some contempt and condemnation especially from the civic authorities and few of the artworks were forcibly removed/torn down. Gradually it came to be recognised and accepted. A very positive effect of the project has been vast reduction of crimes in the area. Reportedly no serious crime has taken place in the vicinity since the inception of the project.

The project is now Internationally recognised. In 2008, it was one of 15 projects representing USA at the 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Image from Flickr is by Thomas Hawk

Image from Flickr is by Khaz

Image from Flickr is by laughlin

Image from Flickr is by jbcurio

Image from Flickr is by Bob Jagendorf

Image from Flickr is by NDeHetre

Image from Flickr is by sarrazak6881

Image from Flickr is by sarrazak6881

Image from Flickr is by Khaz

Image from Flickr is by Wigwam Jones

Image from Flickr is by Thomas Hawk

Source of info and more info: Wikipedia /Official Webpage of Heidelberg Project.

Copyright: Images from Flickr are under the copyright of their owners and are used here under Creative Commons license. Actual terms of reuse is available in the link given below each image.
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Re: Heidelberg Project - A Community Art Project Noisette 6/18/11 10:34 AM
Oh what a great idea smile If you look in street view you can see there are coloured circles in the road too. Thanks for adding to this JM smile

(scamarc added a photooverlay, and they aren't currently added to the GEC layer, which is why there is no blue "i").
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