Raleigh - Durham Public Housing

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Raleigh - Durham Public Housing dtoronto 8/5/05 7:39 PM
Raleigh - Durham Public Housing

Refer to my website http://www.angelfire.com/nv/207 for more pictures of public housing and urban decay.
Walnut Terrace dtoronto 8/5/05 7:39 PM
Walnut Terrace
Oxford Manor dtoronto 8/5/05 7:40 PM
Oxford Manor
Oldham Towers dtoronto 8/5/05 7:40 PM
Oldham Towers
Morreen Road Homes dtoronto 8/5/05 7:41 PM
Morreen Road Homes
McDougald Terrace dtoronto 8/5/05 7:41 PM
McDougald Terrace
Liberty Street Homes dtoronto 8/5/05 7:43 PM
Liberty Street Homes
JI Henderson Homes dtoronto 8/5/05 7:43 PM
JI Henderson Homes
Halifax Courts dtoronto 8/5/05 7:44 PM
Halifax Courts
Glenwood Towers dtoronto 8/5/05 7:44 PM
Glenwood Towers
Few Gardens dtoronto 8/5/05 7:44 PM
Few Gardens
Fayette Street Homes dtoronto 8/5/05 7:45 PM
Fayette Street Homes
Dandridge Downs dtoronto 8/5/05 7:46 PM
Dandridge Downs
Damar Court dtoronto 8/5/05 7:46 PM
Damar Court
Cornwalls Road Homes dtoronto 8/5/05 7:47 PM
Cornwalls Road Homes
Chavis Heights dtoronto 8/5/05 7:47 PM
Chavis Heights
Carriage House dtoronto 8/5/05 7:48 PM
Carriage House
Re: Few Gardens AG28 6/13/06 6:17 PM
Uh, you're about 7 miles off on this one. Imagine my shock
when I checked Google earth and found out my childhood home
was in the middle of the projects!!! The site you have marked is
actually a small little business park. Few Gardens is about
5 to 6 miles south of here.
Re: Few Gardens ChrisSimpson 8/16/06 12:26 PM

Tell me about it.

I used to live over on Horton Road and I was stunned to see Few Gardens so close to where I lived.

Isn't Few Gardens in Edgemont?
Re: Carriage House ChrisSimpson 8/16/06 12:26 PM

Carriage House

I am also not sure if I would consider Carriage House public housing. The area has kind of gone downhill a little bit, but I don't believe it's "the projects".