The Battle of Gaugamela

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The Battle of Gaugamela Positive Ion Things 3/20/12 5:38 PM

In 331 BC, Alexander the Great led an army of an estimated 47,000 Macedonians and Greeks against an estimated 100,000 soldiers led by Darius III of Persia. The battle took place in Gaugamela, not far from Irbil (Arbela), which is now modern day Mosul in northern Iraq. The Battle of Gaugamela is also referred to as the Battle of Arbela.

The location was chosen by Darius for its flat, treeless and waterless terrain to allow his massive army room and to allow his 200 chariots to maneuver freely.

Fearing a night attack, Darius kept his army up and alert through the night, while Alexander had dismissed a surprise night attack and allowed his army to rest. Alexander himself slept in the next morning, and had to be woken by his concerned generals.

Before the battle, Darius offered Alexander a peace agreement. If Alexander would cease the invasion, Darius offered half him of the Persian Empire. One of Alexander's generals, Parmenion, said that if he were Alexander, he would gladly accept the more-than-generous offer. Alexander replied, "And I would too, if I were Parmenion."

Alexander led his vastly outnumbered army to a massive and decisive victory over the Persians, which led to the fall of the Persian Empire, and then divided into two halves - East and West. Darius had managed to flee the battle with a small group of Persian forces, only to be hunted down by Bessus, a commander of the Persian army, and murdered. This did not sit too well with Alexander, who captured and executed Bessus the following year. Alexander gave Darius a proper burial in the Persian Empire capital of Persepolis.



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