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Google Earth Veterans Tours Geo Mark 11/11/11 10:41 AM
Hi all,

I thought this forum might be interested in a pretty amazing project the Google Earth team is previewing today:

This is a preview of a tour-creation platform that we're hoping will make it a lot easier for people to share their stories and personal history using Google Earth. We thought that veteran stories were a great fit for this kind of tool, and I have to say that I'm really inspired by the handful of stories that were shared for the project launch. I'll definitely chime back into this thread when we open the tool up more broadly!

Otherwise, I'd love to hear any feedback you all have on how these tours display!

Re: Google Earth Veterans Tours Frank_McVey 11/12/11 2:58 PM
Hi, Mark,

Given the limitations of my pretty slow internet connection, the three sample tours worked well. The only (very slight!) observation I would make is the the unjustified right edge of the text box in the LH panel meant that the words at the end of some lines were partially obscured.

Great work and congratulations to team.


Re: Google Earth Veterans Tours washi 3/12/12 5:28 AM

Interesting tool!  It would be a great way to cast material that have a strong narrative, like RWFG's bio pieces.

Re: Google Earth Veterans Tours kite_surfer 4/20/12 7:21 AM
Hi Mark,

The (what I guess) preview window if not working for me. It's grayed out. This might be because I'm on an older via/s3 unichrome video card now and have to use  Version of Google Earth as well as that version for the Google Earth Plugin. However, on the other hand, I can view contents of Google Maps and the Google Earth Previews with no problems at all.

Edit: It seems to be working right now. Thanks! 
Re: Google Earth Veterans Tours Normb 3/16/12 10:33 PM
Hi There...

I'm sure I have looked at all these before..  I get that I have to Download the Google Earth Plugin...  I thought I did some time ago. :-))

Google Earth Plugin
Re: Google Earth Veterans Tours Normb 3/17/12 12:20 AM
Well I found what was wrong for me....

While Updating my GPS map data I saw the the Google Earth Plugin was Disabled in Firefox..  Enabled it and all here is good..
Re: Google Earth Veterans Tours Bill V 10/30/12 11:46 AM
I would really love to build a tour for the WW2 459th BG.

I've been reading "Coffee Tower", which is about the tour of the 15th USAAF 459th Bomber Group, a group of B-24 Liberators that included George McGovern (may he rest in peace) and others like my mom's brother, Edgar "John" Ferguson, Jr.

My uncle didn't make it back: His ship was shot down by ME-109s over Germany. He lost two gunners during the attack, and it exploded after most of his crew had bailed. He and his co-pilot were still at the controls.

Through reading about the Liberators he flew with (the planes AND the men), I'm coming to learn more about the uncle I never knew, and for that, I am very thankful.
Re: Google Earth Veterans Tours Noisette 12/15/12 3:48 AM
Hi Bill, you might want to have a look at this post and see if it gives you any inspiration on how you could do that: 467th AAA Battery A Tour Through World War II Locations.  It certainly sounds as if you have an interesting story to tell.