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Roman Entertainment SJATurney 3/15/07 8:50 AM

*** NEW UPDATE - November 2011 - WHOLE FILE REWORKED ***

This is the most comprehensive collection of sites of Graeco-Roman entertainment I can manage and is the sum of several years of research and constant change with the help of you folk. The list covers all forms of entertainment venue that were utilised in the Roman world, including the Byzantine east.

Though they are not specifically 'entertainment' venues as such, I have included the Bouleuterions (council chambers) of the Greek east for two reasons: Firstly, they sometimes shared a use as an entertainment venue in the later Empire. Secondly, some are uncertain as to they original use anyway and could be some for of auditorium.

This month the list has been heavily altered. A number of sites that were labelled as hi-res have been downgraded and a new res category added. I hope that I've managed to shuffle these into more appropriate files. In addition several of the sites have been moved slightly (or in one case removed) following new information and better location data.

The list is now split four ways:

Hi-Res in Green: Sites that are clearly visible with moderate detail or better or sites hidden by trees or buildings that will not become any better res.

Mid-Res in Purple: Sites that are clearly identifiable but lacking in detail or too blurred to be classed as Hi-res

Low-Res in Yellow: Sites that are barely discernable and very little or no detail is visible, though the site is confirmed

Unlocated in Orange: Sites that are known to exist, though exact location has yet to be confirmed.

The list, over the four categories currently includes 106 Circuses, Stadia & Hippodromes, 249 Amphitheatres & 656 Theatres, Odeons & Bouleterions.

If anyone knows of any sites of Roman Entertainment that are not included please do let me know so that I can add them. I will continue to upgrade the sites currently in low or mid-res as they become available in hi-res.

And thanks to a whole bunch of folk who constantly help me correct errors here.

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Re: Roman Entertainment Spinnne 8/11/07 8:40 AM
Very nice list. Thank you very much. Would be great to have other lists for temples or via- or aquaeducts of the Roman era.

Re: Roman Entertainment soy_la_ley2006 8/17/07 2:15 PM
Hello, I have downloaded your landmarks, but you didn´t include the amphitheatre and the theatre of Segobriga in Spain. This site is located close to Saelices, a town close to modern Cuenca. The remains of the old city are almost untouched and can be visited.
More UK Roman Amphitheatres Rambler24 9/5/07 4:31 AM
The very small amphitheatre at Charterhouse in the Mendips is little-known. It served the romano-british lead-mining community there. I've read that Charterhouse lead has been found as far away as Rome, confirmed by metallurgical analysis.

Another amphitheatre is at Dorchester - an existing neolithic henge was adapted to form a large amphitheatre. The Megalithic Portal site has details, and some excellent pictures.

I've attached a KML for the two sites - I hope it works OK - it's my first post here, though not my first vist, by any means!

Thanks for an excellent list.
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Re: More UK Roman Amphitheatres SJATurney 9/7/07 4:19 AM
Good Lord. And I actually have read about these but have not noticed they weren't included. Thanks man.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 9/7/07 4:21 AM
I've got Segobriga ear-marked ready for addition but the view is just too low res at the moment. Waiting for a higher-res version.

Re: Roman Entertainment SkiDragon 12/16/07 6:38 AM
I have been editing the Wikipedia article "List of Roman amphitheatres", and have been adding locations for as many amphitheatres as I can, using several resources, including earlier versions of this kml. Feel free to in turn use any locations you see on the Wikipedia article in updating the kml.
Re: Roman Entertainment SkiDragon 10/16/08 3:11 PM
What are your sources? I was going through the list and could not identify some of the monuments, such as:

Isthmia circus
Bovillae circus
Tarragona circus
Carthage circus
Gortyn east amphitheatre
Pozzuoli early Amphitheatre

The following two look legitimate, but I had never heard of them outside of your kml file.
Minturno amphitheatre
Naples amphitheatre

The Tivoli circus is not a public structure, and it does not seem big enough to function as a real circus. For example, there is a small "circus" on the Palatine in Rome but it is too small to serve any real purpose that I am aware of.

I think you misidentified the Padua amphitheatre. That looks more like a public park or something.
The same goes for the Vasto amphitheatre. The structure you identified looks modern.

Is the Cherchell Hippodrome a roman circus or not?
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 10/17/08 3:44 AM

For Isthmia. Here's a link to a map of ancient Isthmia that shows the circus:
It's quite easy to find out about on the net.

Of Bovillae (Frattocchie) circus, only three arches of an arcade remain. There was a theatre nearby that is now reburied. Bovillae was a city in its own right between Roma and Alba Longa. It is now part of a new archaeological park being planned.

Tarragona Circus is part of a major archaeological excavation in the city. The circus ran NW to SE and cut the city in two with the main habitation area to the west and the Imperial forum to the east. I've been there and photographed it many times throughout its recovery and consolidation and the curved end of the cavea is clearly visible a little to the east of the placemark. For a simple city plan:

Carthage circus is well documented. Just search on google and you'll find all sorts. Most of it's completely buried, but small bits and pieces have been revealed. Check out the plan on

Of Gortyn east amphitheatre, again I've been to see it and have details in several books. The small church of Ayia Deka in the village is named after ten saints that were martyred in the Gortyn amphitheatre and the church was built on the site to commemorate them. There is a curvature visible in the buildings around the church and fragments of masonry are still visible. Presumably the city outgrew this small amphitheatre and a new one was constructed elsewhere (cf Pozzuoli.) It’s mentioned on several websites as well as in my books, for instance:

Of Pozzuoli, I'll grant you the earlier amphitheatre is not clear and not easy to find info on, but there are a lot of refs on the net, take wikipedia:
I've been there and there are few pieces visible, but one is an impressive arcade of arches that runs from the railway line to the shops below.

Again, Minturno amphitheatre is mentioned in the Wikipedia page, but when I was originally searching these out, I found a very good map of the city of Minturnae and the amphitheatre was clearly marked. I’m damned if I can find that map now, but it’s there somewhere. The best ref I can find now is “There is also an amphitheater to the west, still buried” on

I’ve been round the outside of the Naples amphitheatre. There’s nothing to see in the streets, but down within the houses are large remnants. This webpage is excellent on the subject,

The Villa Adriana circus is not a circus in the normal way, I’ll admit, and there’s some inconsistency there since I haven’t included the Domitianic ‘stadium’ on the Palatine or the ‘garden stadium’ within the villa itself. This lies at the entrance to the villa and can only have been monumental, due to the size and location, as it straddles the road leading to the entrance. It was definitely constructed in the circus fashion, using the covered galleries of the slave quarters in a cavea-like fashion, but cannot have been used for equestrian sport due to the size. Trying to decide whether to remove this now or add other ‘stadia’ that aren’t.

As for Padua amphitheatre, I’ve already uploaded a newer version of the kml file, but it hasn’t replaced the original one fully yet, as for some reason it takes a while on Google Earth. If you’re looking at the original (big oval park with pools and fountains etc.) I was originally misinformed about this. That is actually the location of the theatre, of which no traces stand above ground level. The latest version shows the amphitheatre in the Giardini dell’Arena, which is definitely correct (note some Panoramio photos of the remains at that location.) Directions to it are given on

For Vasto, you’re absolutely right. It’s marked in the wrong place. Obviously had too much coffee while doing that one. It should be in Piazza Rossetti and is well documented there. I’ve moved it and uploaded once again. Thanks for that. See this for a mention

And finally, Cherchell Hippodrome. Again, it’s mentioned in the Wikipedia article and again I once had a map that showed it, but can’t locate it now. It is documented as being destroyed for building materials. Since the only real difference in the Roman period between stadium, hippodrome and circus was the size, this would be too big to be classed with stadia. Honestly, the best ref I can find now is

Re: Roman Entertainment Jorisvr 10/20/08 11:49 AM
This is great, thanks a lot!
I am currently very busy, but I'll try to have a look at all of your findings next week. I am the creator of the Dutch versions of the Wikipedia lists of Roman Circuses and Amphitheatres and I'm planning to start a list of Roman and Greek theatres in the near future. I based my list of amphitheatres on the English version but expanded it and did some aditional searching on the internet.

Not sure what you are looking for. Do you want to show at least some remains on the map or is just the exact location enough? For the moment I can help you with one Circus. It´s the Circus Varianus in Rome (see here: and was build in the third century by Caracalla and Heliogabalus. It's very near the Amphitheatre Castrense which is shown on the map and it belonged to the same complex. Almost nothing remains but the shape of a large part of the southern wall is clearly visible on the map because some pope rebuild an ancient aquaduct and used the large Circus wall as a foundation.

You can find it at 41 53 16 00 N & 12 31 15 75 O Look for the rotunda at piazza Lodi. The aquaduct comes from the east makes a sharp angle to the left then to right following the Circus wall for a few hunderd meters before turning right and left again. Actually looking at this photo I think I do see some remains directly on the right of this last corner north of the white building.

Another very well known Circus in Rome is the Circus of Caligula or Nero, remains are below St Peters square, but apart form the Obelisk which was moved around 1500 nothing is to be seen abough the ground

Re: Roman Entertainment Jorisvr 10/20/08 12:00 PM
Found 2 more: The Odeum of Domitianus,also in Rome. Located directly to the south of his large stadium on the Field of Mars. The shape is easy to be regognized. It has almost the same orientation as the great theatre of Pompei which is almost directly to the south of the odeum.

To the west of the Theatre of Pompei are the remains of the Theatre of Balbus. Look at the building between Via Paganica, Via dei Funari and Via Michelangelo Caetani. This building is build on the foundations of the theatre. The curved form of thge cavae is not very clearly but visible.
Connected to the west of this theatre was the Crypta Balbi, al large porticus. Part of the large wall along the Via delle Bothege Oscure is ancient and remains abough the ground.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 10/21/08 12:12 AM
Hi there.

I've actually got the odeon of Domitian on my latest kml file that's online. I wish they'd swap them over faster than this, as it doesn't appear to be showing yet, but if you use the kml from here, it's on. The Circus Variana in the Sessorium I haven't put in as there's absolutely nothing to be seen of it. I've only included in my file something which either:

a. has something physically remaining to be seen


b. Can be discerned through the shape of later buildings.

Do let me know if you spot anything else.

Apparently theatres can be discerned in the shape of buildings in both Colchester, UK and Genoa, Italy, though I haven't identified either of those as yet.

If you want to send me a private message with your email address, I'll mail you my file of low-res ones too. Haven't posted that as I move them to the hi res one and post when they appear. Also, if you message me, I can perhaps put you in touch with another Dutch researcher on the same subject.

Re: Roman Entertainment SkiDragon 10/21/08 11:41 PM
Thanks a lot. I'll have to check out those sources.
I'm still not convinced about Isthmia, however. The map labels it a "stadium". How are you defining a "circus", as opposed to a "hippodrome"? I've always considered a circus to refer specifically to the Roman-style structure. The Greeks didn't build circuses, at least not until the Roman came around. Olympia had a hippodrome for example, but I've never heard it called a circus.
What I'm asking is, what about the Isthmia "circus" differentiates it from a "hippodrome"?

And if you don't mind me asking, what books have you wrote?
Re: Roman Entertainment Castles23 11/1/08 1:39 PM
Three sites for Camulodunum (Colchester)

51°53'27.96"N 0°54'5.83"E Theatre within the roman walls

51°53'0.42"N 0°53'45.33"E The circus found in 2004-6

51°51'52.73"N 0°51'25.17"E Theatre at Gosbecks
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 11/3/08 5:51 AM
My thanks for this. I've now added the Gosbecks one which I've not located before. Perhaps there's been a hi-res update since last time I looked? I've not added the circus as there's nothing to identify it by, either remains or even a lasting shape. I have added the theatre, which, according to my sources is in a different location as indicated by aerial street shapes.
Re: Roman Entertainment SkiDragon 7/8/09 6:52 PM
In your most recent June list, I believe you misidentified the Plovdiv circus. You have marked a location that looks like a small theatre, or odeon. I think think the actual location is further to the north, to the west of the theatre.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 7/13/09 6:51 AM
Nicely caught SkiDragon. Can't believe I got that skewiff (what a great word). New version up and updated this c*ck up!


Re: Roman Entertainment Phoebusa 9/28/09 5:59 AM
The Stadium at Ancient Messini @ peloponnese Greece was converted in Roman times for games. Please go to 37 10 22.48 21 55 08.70 to see this on Google maps.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 10/2/09 11:47 PM
Hi Phoebusa.

As far as I can see I've already got this stadium marked?

I will be releasing an update in the near future, however, so I'll make sure then.

Re: Roman Entertainment SkiDragon 10/6/09 12:09 AM
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 10/6/09 4:38 AM
Indeed. I saw this yesterday afternoon. Haven't had a chance to check on GE yet, but I presume there's no sign at current imagery. On Bing maps/birdseye view you can see the excavation and a curvilinear structure in the centre, though I'm not sure that this is the new discovery. There's already been a theatre found there years ago and, since the imagery is unlikely to cover the current excavation, it may well be that. Think we might have to wait til GE gets new imagery for Portus.

Incidentally, I was in Rome last week, and visited the Villa of the Quintili on the Via Appia. There's a current excavation going on there too where they've found what they claim to be a nymphaeum. It probably is, given the dimensions, but the shape is quite theatrical. You can see that on Bing too. Come on GE, get some new imagery...

Cheers matey.
Re: Roman Entertainment SkiDragon 10/21/09 11:19 PM
Here is another discovery, of an "Athenaeum" in Rome. I'm not sure if you would consider it a site of "entertainment", though.
Re: Roman Entertainment Webervogel 1/27/10 12:57 PM
Hello VictrixT,

great work! Thank You - it was already very helpful to me!

there's a amphitheatre found in Bavaria. It was found in 2003. You'll find it in the attachment.

view my wiki about Roman Roads and other Placemarks on my homepage.
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 1/27/10 2:31 PM
Great post.
The Romans could not live without the theater. Is it possible that a large Roman city Volubilis did not have a theater?
Best regards.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 1/28/10 1:54 AM
Hi Belizarius.

I think it's extremely likely that Volubilis had a theatre (and quite possibly an amphitheatre too), but evidence of one has yet to be found. I myself have scoured aerial photography and have noted several suspicious shapes, but nothing definite.

My current ongoing research is to try and identify a possible amphitheatre at Timgad, as I feel sure it will have had one.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 1/28/10 1:57 AM
Hello Webervogel.

Thanks for that. I'd actually read the reports about Kunzing, but couldn't identify its exact site. I've looked many times. I shall be updating early next month and will include this.

Cheers and good hunting.
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Re: Roman Entertainment iltg 5/17/10 10:55 AM
Two point from Nysa
Stadion Nysa
Boulevterion Nysa
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 7/1/10 1:51 AM
Sisapo is missplaced for... 300 m grin

I have doubt to tell you this, only 300 meters... smile

This is the "hole": Google Maps

And photos (excavation begins this summer).

photo 1

photo 2
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 7/1/10 2:49 AM
The roman theatre of Toledo is... here:


Next to the circus, under modern buildings ofrown
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 7/30/10 7:09 AM
Roman Amphitheatre in Viminacium (Serbia).

I can't find the exact location of the amphitheatre, but I have read this here:

The Roman amphitheatre Viminacium is the only one in the central Balkan region and in the region of south-east Europe. Its size and degree preservation are astounding – the preserved walls are five metres high,” said Korac and added archaeologists had yet to come to the central point of the site – more than 18 metres underground.

The location seems to be in this town:,21.166667&ie=UTF8&ll=44.716667,21.166667&spn=0.141499,0.362549&z=12

Wikipedia's entry about Viminacium:

If you can help to find information about this amphitheatre, thanks wink
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 7/31/10 11:40 AM
Not the exact location yet, but more pieces of information about Viminacium.

Location of the city (Note the coal mine at south).,21.253111&z=13&t=h&hl=es

From this Powerpoint:

The geophisical radar of the amphitheatre:

A photo in Panoramio (nothing to see).

Google translation for this page:

This communication continues at city bathroom (thermals) (the overlay object 7). Northeast of the city's resort is an amphitheater (Amphitheatrum). The amphitheater is approximately circular base, measuring about 100 meters. It is interesting that the amphitheater is used northern town wall as one of its sides (the overlay object 8, as well as ground penetrating radar survey).

I enjoy investigating, but I haven't found more information on internet laugh wink
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 9/13/10 1:11 AM
Aerial photos and location of the Roman Theatre of Singilia Barba (Near Antequera, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain).

In Google Maps

In Goolzoom

Not excavated. Very small, although is thought that is well preserved under 15 meters of earth.

Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 10/28/10 6:57 AM
Thanks for that. Amended in next update, due tomorrow
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 10/28/10 7:14 AM
Yay. Thanks Egocentrico. Found Viminacium's amphitheatre (which I've been trying to locate for a long time.) Also, the site of the city's hippodrome. All coming in next update.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 11/1/10 12:24 PM
Sorry, I can't find anything about Uxama (Osma). "It's thought it had a roman theatre and amphitheatre".

I have found information about the roman theatre of Velilla del Ebro (Celsa) in a book of 1886:

It says that the theatre was discovered... and the stone blocks used... frown in 1868.

Like Toledo (you haven't used it, and I understand it, as "it's said", but there is not any archeological intervention), there is another town that is thought to have theatre and amphitheatre(perhaps is known, but authorities doesn't say anything).

It's the town of Alhambra, (not the palace in Granada), in the province of Ciudad Real.

When making a road, part of a circus was discovered and partially excavated, but now it's buried under the road oconfused

Text in spanish:

The only photo of the excavation I have found (sorry for the terrible quality, right at the bottom)

I believe the circus it's in this area:,34.78,,0,8.31

An index of photos of the local museum:

If you know a philanthropist millonaire, talk him about excavating there... frown

Forgive my english. Too much Google Translator otongue
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 11/5/10 1:57 AM
Hi Egocentrico.

All good stuff, and the English is fine. Better than my Spanish (Yo hablo un poco de Espanol!) You're a pretty fine researcher, my friend.

I also believe that Granada is thought to have had a theatre at some time.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 11/5/10 8:55 AM
Originally Posted By: VictrixT
Hi Egocentrico.

All good stuff, and the English is fine. Better than my Spanish (Yo hablo un poco de Espanol!) You're a pretty fine researcher, my friend.

I also believe that Granada is thought to have had a theatre at some time.

Si hablas español: Alt + 165 = Ñ ; Alt + 164 = ñ laugh wink

I have read that on the famous hill of the "Albaicin" in Granada, there was a roman city called "Municipium Florentinum Iliberritanum" (Iliberris).

In this blog:

Google Translation:

I have seen that the poet that wrote some of the walls of the Palace of Alhambra, Ibn al-Jatib (XIV century), thought that it could be possible the presence of an amphitheatre there. But the roman Granada is not well known at this moment. A theatre or an amphitheatre could appear in a future, who knows...

I enjoy looking for information, I am learning a lot about this stuff. To be honest I didn't know that there was a roman city in Granada, and I have been on the Albaicin... laugh
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 11/10/10 12:53 AM
Last time I was in Granada (which was quite a while ago now) I stood on the Alhambra and scoured the Albaicin hill looking for any sign of it. Never saw anything. Ah well.

Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 11/10/10 10:49 AM
VictrixT, If you know more interesting places to look for information about them in spanish, let me know. I enjoy searching on the net otongue

About the roman theatre of Toledo: Good news. There is bibliography.

"There are structures that may correspond to the roman theatre in the sport area of the Carmelitas School"

I have realized that the previous aerial photo I told you with the suspicious place comes originally from here (in spanish):

Google Translation:

More old maps:

Also here:

It says "Roman ruins that may correspond with the roman temple of Mars or Hercules"

It's sad as it's placed under buildings of the XXth century (even a pool!) but after reading that I'm very sure that the roman theatre of Toledo is there. Anyway some places must be well preserved.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 11/18/10 10:08 AM
I have found that in the roman city of Castulo (6 km at the south of Linares, Jaen, Andalusia, Spain), there was a roman theatre. There is a latin inscription that says that someone gave 2 statues (Venus Genetrix and Cupid) to the roman theatre of that city.

The web in Spanish:

Google Translation:

And the location of that city, there are photos in Panoramio of the area.

Some photos:

Spanish Wikipedia:

English Wikipedia:

So it's an orange point. Location sure, I have read that the theatre is thought to have been in some place, but I couldn't find anything.

It's thought that it had an amphitheatre and circus, but there is not evidence of them.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 11/18/10 10:59 AM

Roman Theatre of Castulo. Excavated in 1971, 1972. Bad conditions (foundations).

A photo here (I have deduced the place with the photo):

It's placed on this area (I can't tell you the exact place):;fc=&ma=
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 11/22/10 5:08 AM
Hi Egocentrico.

Indeed. I've actually had a look before for the amphitheatre of Castulo, but not the theatre. However, I think I've tracked the theatre down. Using Sigpac Visor and GE between them, along with a photo ( I suspect that the theatre is here (see attachment.) I'm not going to add it until we're fairly sure, but tell me what you think.

Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 11/22/10 5:10 AM
Ah. Should have read this first. Now we have conflicting ideas. Hmmm.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 11/22/10 7:56 AM
Anyway I believe that you can safely put an orange dot for the theatre in Castulo.

In following years keep an eye here:

Is the unknown city of Torreparedones (Ituci?). The systematic excavation started in 2006. I have read (no photos yet) that a complete military statue has been found. I think that something can appear there in a future.

I suposse that you know that place. But not all are roman theatres and amphitheatres. Anyway I think that something must appear there in some years.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 11/22/10 8:44 AM
Another photo of the roman theatre of Castulo. The books with the exact location of it are not public in Google Books.

Anyway I confirm you that the theatre is in the area I said. A map with a "cerro del teatro" (Hill of the theatre) can be seen here:
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 11/23/10 3:00 AM
Thanks Egocentrico. I've added it to the next release.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 11/30/10 1:37 AM
It's an offtopic, and this wouldn't be a very interesting stuff for me. But I think that it's a good idea for people studying roman roads.

Would it be possible to create a .kmz with milliariums of the roman roads? It may help their study.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 11/30/10 7:44 AM
Hi EgoCentrico.

Someone has already done something like that. Check out mw-seite which I came across while sorting Roman Tunisia (Just released today). My big project that's ongoing is the Roman limes (I've done Britain and Germany, but there's so much more)
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 11/30/10 11:24 AM
I just wanted to say the idea, I thought it was a good one.

On the other hand, I found a link for you.

Someone in 3D Warehouse has reconstructed the walls of Castulo.

Creating in 3D Hadrian's wall would be impossible, but... grin

I insist. If you have more theatres, amphitheatres or circus to "explore" in Spain, let me know. wink
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 12/5/10 12:01 PM
Another amphitheater - Tiernes, Spain. It is very unusual.
Location : 41 ° 19'47 .14 "N 3 ° 8'48 .05" W

Photo Panoramio
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 12/5/10 2:50 PM
Great finding. I knew about Tiermes, a roman city excavated in the rock, but I didn't know it had an amphitheatre, too.

Although is the most irregular roman amphitheatre I have ever seen shocked
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 12/6/10 2:47 AM
Well spotted.

I think it's believed to be a theatre rather than an amphitheatre, but from what I understand, identification at Tiermes is unclear. Added to the next release.

Cheers my Byzantine friend!
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 12/6/10 4:05 AM
I'll try to translate the most relevant sentence of the spanish wikipedia.

Recientemente S. Martínez y J. Santos exponen que dado el potencial poblacional de la ciudad, y ante la ausencia de otros edificios de espectáculos con tipología romana, la necesidad de amplios espacios de uso público demandó en Termes la existencia de este tipo de espacio a la manera de un campus, con una funcionalidad ligada al desarrollo de juegos y deportes que estadios, circos e hipódromos acogían, o para otras actividades lúdicas y de esparcimiento necesitadas de áreas amplias al aire libre, de las que no se excluyen aquellas conectadas con rituales religiosos.

A free translation (but it says everything). Forgive me my mistakes, please. I like to write in english, but I am learning at the same time I write, and it's a complex text.

Recently S. Martínez and J. Santos expose that given the population of the city, and due to the absence of other spectacle buildings of roman tipology, the needing of open spaces for public use made necesary the existence of this kind of space, with a functionality for sports, games and circus; or another ludic activities, that may involve religious acts.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 12/6/10 4:31 AM
I have discovered it right now. It's different from the one we have been talking about:

14. Cávea de teatro.

Edificación pública con pequeño graderío.

En la ladera noroeste de la ciudad, aprovechando un entrante en la roca, se llevó a cabo una edificación pública de la que se observan aún, degradados, unos escalones labrados a modo de graderío de la cávea de un teatro. No existen datos concluyentes al respecto de esta construcción.

The same with the translation. I omit what I don't know, but is not essencial frown


14. Theatre's Cavea

Public edification with small bleachers

At the norwest of the city, using the rock, there was a public building where can be seen, eroded, some stairs carved like bleachers of a theatre. There is not conclusive evidence respect this construction.

I haven't found photos of this area yet.

According the map that appears in this book:

The Cavea is located in this area:$image/jpeg

Edit: I found a photo smile

Edit 2: The place of the Cavea?$TRUE$image/png
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 12/8/10 11:44 AM
Does anyone know why in the eastern part of the Roman Empire is only a few amphitheaters? Any ideas?
Best regards
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 12/10/10 8:15 AM
Hi Belizarius.

The Romans pretty much developed organised and themed blood sports. The first amphitheatre was purportedly two wooden theatres in Rome on a moveable system by which they could be rotated from two back-to-back 'D' shapes into an 'O'. They also pretty much brought chariot racing to the med area.

In the Greek-speaking east, the fashion since the early days had been for theatre, and the Hellenistic conquests spread theatres and stadia (running tracks) throughout the eastern world.

When Rome began conquering and annexing the eastern lands, the culture that persisted was Greek, and not Roman. Even throughout the high Empire, the east mostly spoke Greek and maintained Temples to earlier Gods. As such they also stuck to theatres and stadia. Very few places favoured amphitheatres and circuses, and those were usually cities that either favoured Rome (e.g. Byzantium), or were built anew by Rome after destruction (e.g. Corinth).

You often find even in the west, that amphitheatres are theatres that have been extended to add a further type of entertainment or attached to a military settlement and used for military sports & entertainment.

Sorry to get boring on the subject!

Hope that's interesting.

Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 12/10/10 3:08 PM
Thank you, VictrixT. It's logical. However, I have doubts. Did the Romans in the east did not like blood? There also were stationed legions. I think that the soldiers love more gladiatorial than Antigone. Perhaps in the east of Empire soldiers had no time for entertainment? Theatres were used only by civilians. There was no need to build amphitheaters.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 12/15/10 2:01 PM
I am from this area of Spain, that's why I write a lot about La Mancha.

There is a city, located here:;fc=&ma=

It's Iberian, roman and visigothic. Its name is Oreto, and its king, Orison, killed Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal. It's very unknown, with few archeological excavations.

The extension of the roman city (hill at the left) is about 14 hectares, at least, there are roman ruins in the cultivated areas, at least near the church.

There is an inscription, found in the XVIIIth century, that says:

In spanish: “Publio Baebio Venusto, hijo de Publio Baebio Besister, Oretano, a petición del regimiento y del pueblo hizo este puente para honra de este templo con gasto de 80.000 sestercios y después la dedicó, habiendo hecho en la fiesta de la dedicación juegos circenses de a caballo”.

In english: "Publio Baebio Venusto, son of Publio Bebio Besister, oretanian, at request of the regiment and the town made this bridge to honor this temple, spending 80.000 sesterces, and after that it dedicated it, having done in the celebration of dedication, circensis games with horses."

Source in spanish:

Forgive my english. Does it means that Oreto had a roman circus, at least a temporal one?
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 12/16/10 12:51 AM
Hi Egocentrico.

Of course, it is quite possible the city had a circus, but it may be that races were held on some plot of land set aside for the purpose and not in a specific purpose-built structure.

Dougga, for example, has a circus, but races were held in a levelled field there long before the circus was constructed.

I'd be interested to see how things progress with this site as it is excavated.

As a matter of pure interest, I located two places that have a suspiciously circus-like shape in Tunisia. One (at Kasserine) is probably based on modern constructions, but is in the right sort of area if Cillium had a circus. The other (at Jebel Moraba) looks to me to fairly clearly be a circus.

(I've attached a kmz file for them. See what you think.)
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 12/16/10 6:50 AM
Originally Posted By: VictrixT
Hi Egocentrico.

Of course, it is quite possible the city had a circus, but it may be that races were held on some plot of land set aside for the purpose and not in a specific purpose-built structure.

Dougga, for example, has a circus, but races were held in a levelled field there long before the circus was constructed.

I think the same, but perhaps in a future a theatre or an amphitheatre may appear. Who knows...

Originally Posted By: VictrixT
I'd be interested to see how things progress with this site as it is excavated.

I have been thinking in all the archeological excavations in my area. There are a lot active, and considering the actual economic situation in Spain, I don't think it's going to be excavated soon again, perhaps in 10 or 20 years... Last excavation was made in 2000 - 2005. Previous one at the top of the hill in 1974-1975, and an old one in the XIXth century.

I don't know which part of the world you are from. If you are european, you'll understand that you can't excavate everything. We have a lot, and you have to preserve what you have found, too (see Pompeii in the news... frown ). If you are from EE.UU or Canada, I understand your interest, but you must consider what I have told before.

Originally Posted By: VictrixT
As a matter of pure interest, I located two places that have a suspiciously circus-like shape in Tunisia. One (at Kasserine) is probably based on modern constructions, but is in the right sort of area if Cillium had a circus. The other (at Jebel Moraba) looks to me to fairly clearly be a circus.

(I've attached a kmz file for them. See what you think.)

I have seen your suspicious places, but at this moment I can´t see something conclusive. We need more information. And I can help you finding documents in spanish, but not the arabian ones... grin I agree with you, it seems that Kasserine has some kind of modern construction on it, with those perpendicular walls.

I have tried looking for photos on flickr, no results for Jebel Moraba, but too many for Kasserine. If I have time I'll spend my time with the last one later, looking for something.

Anyway I am engineer, not archeologist, consider my point of view, I like this stuff, but I am not a professional grin
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 12/16/10 11:25 AM
You have to see this:

At least in Spain, is very complete.
Re: Roman Entertainment Apollonius 12/19/10 4:12 AM
Great list! You're about as obsessed with ancient Rome as I am with ancient Greece!

But I have to say, your inclusion of the Bouleutereion of Priene was in error. For one thing, the building is 100% Hellenistic Greek, not Roman. For another thing, it had nothing to do with was a democratic council house of sorts, where constituents' arguments were heard and voted on.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 12/22/10 1:33 AM
Hi Apollonius.

Always good to see another classical obssessive.

As far as bouleuterions go, I agree in principal with you, but I include them for completeness. My list isn't about locations that were Roman constructions, but rather about locations that were in use during the Roman era, so Hellenistic constructions get added to the list.

With bouleuterions being council rather than entertainment, I realise it's dubious to include them, but in the late Roman & Byzantine eras, there were so many re-uses, mis-uses and multiple uses of these places (and in some ancient sites the exact use of the building cannot be determined archaeologically) that I include them for a sense of completeness.

As an aside, as well as political auditoria such as the Hellenistic bouleuterion, I've also included appropriate sites of a religious nature (such as the Auditorium at Dougga).

Love your ancient Greek places file. I've added that for perusal.

Good hunting with everything.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 1/14/11 2:45 PM
Reference page for theatres in Spain smile

It's in spanish, use google translator.

I have searched for you what I have seen that it's good enough:

Sexi (Almuñecar):,-3.691544&spn=0.000693,0.001065&z=20

Hypothetical, no physical evidence yet.

Hispalis (Sevilla)

Hypothetical, no physical evidence. A possible location here, based on inscriptions found in the XVI century under the building at right (Convento de Madre de Dios):,-5.988989&spn=0.000451,0.00071&z=21

Pdf in spanish:


The link says that the roman theatre is under the church of San José, but there is not church of San José in Velilla del Ebro...

The church of San Nicolas is here (the page of the city council says that the church of San Nicolas is placed over a Roman Temple):,-0.436484&spn=0.001298,0.00213&z=19
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 1/15/11 11:37 AM
Roman Circus of Astigi:

There was a Roman Circus, but I can't find the location on the net, or accesing the following magazine (see abstract):

Abstract : In these lines we presented a small contribution on the knowledge of the spectacles buildings of Astigi (Écija, Seville), developing models that can serve as hypotheses to contrast. Of the theater on which without a doubt the Colony had to count on, and for want of archaeological data, a new location is proposed, from the analysis of the present urban plan and to certain documentary evidences. For the circus a series of archaeological interventions made by our team has been reviewed in the North West sector of the city, exposing a first outline of its shape. Finally, on the amphitheatre we have taken the data provided by an archaeological intervention made by us in the surroundings of the bullring, which has allowed us to restitute the layout and façade of the building, as well as a chronological approach to the date of its construction.

This summer a mosaic with a roman circus appeared in Ecija, but it couldn't be completely excavated.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 1/17/11 5:25 AM
Hi Egocentrico.

Some good information there. I've actually looked for the Almunecar one several times and not located it. Irritatingly, I've actually walked along the street where it is and didn't know!

When GE next has an imagery update I shall release a new version, which will have Almunecar in.

Good stuff.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 1/18/11 12:29 PM
Thanks smile

It's an offtopic, but, is there a similar thread with an index of Roman Forts in one kmz file?

I have been trying to locate a new one in my area using the images from a youtube video (I wasn't able). Archeologists don't say the location to prevent thieves. And I understand that. Personally I know things that I don't want to publish here for that reason (don't worry, there are not roman theatres and amphitheatres among them)
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 1/19/11 9:03 AM
Originally Posted By: VictrixT

When GE next has an imagery update I shall release a new version, which will have Almunecar in.

Good stuff.

I can see clearly the buildings with actual imagery... I don't know what you are exactly referring to.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 1/27/11 7:05 AM
I've thought about going one, but don't know of one out there already, I'm afraid
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 1/27/11 7:06 AM
Hi Egocentrico.

I didn't mean I needed an update to see Almunecar, but thought I'd wait til there was another update so I could hopefully add a few more. Done now and uploaded a new version.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 1/27/11 12:30 PM
New roman city, with new amphitheatre and possible circus:

Google Maps

I can't tell you the exact locations yet.

In spanish (use Google Translator):

Not clear yet, I believe that both news are mixing roman circus and amphitheatre. I believe they are referring to one building. In spanish, some people call "circo" the amphitheatres.

Edit: The "hole" in the middle may be a modern quarry... frown I am not sure, so I can't tell you that's the amphitheatre.

VictrixT: Sorry, I didn't understand what you told me, I thought you were talking about Google Earth imagery... Perhaps my basic english is responsible for that laugh
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 2/10/11 5:57 AM
Hi Egocentrico.

CiaVieja looks fascinating. I've done some searching around myself. From what I read it seems there's definitely an amphitheatre and last month they plotted the dimensions of it. They've also apparently found another curved structure that they believe could be the end of a circus.

I've had a look with several other mapping sites and found some likely possibilities with the dreaded Bing maps. I've attached several screenshots. See what you think.
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 2/10/11 6:31 AM
Further investigation into Ciavieja led me to this possibility:
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 2/10/11 8:51 AM
You are placing wrong the possible site you called "looks likely" laugh (yellow ellipse). It's placed 50 meters at left, and is much larger.

I have read here that the interpretation is a roman circus, not an amphitheatre:

How do you attach a kmz file here? I have something for you.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 2/10/11 1:04 PM
The Roman Circus of Valentia:

smile I friend of mine told me (thanks Perico).

VictrixT, I think you must eliminate from the index "Velilla del Ebro", I am not sure that was a theatre. It could be the stairs of a roman Temple. I have doubts about Osma, too. I remember reading the source of the identification in a book from XIX century, but I couldn't find more documentation about that (in spanish).

Also, at this moment you can place a red dot in the roman circus of Écija. But I believe you are going to have soon the exact location wink
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 2/11/11 3:14 AM

Yes, the yellow elipse in the image is an inset to highlight. I eagerly await images of excavation of the place as I'm looking forward to finding whether they have found both amphitheatre and circus. Any city important enough to have a circus is sure to have an amphitheatre also.

The 'File Manager' link below the text box should allow you to upload a file.
Re: Roman Entertainment Egocentrico 2/11/11 5:40 AM
I finally managed to attach the kmz file.

The curved structure is very small, it could be a small amphitheatre and not a circus, I am lost laugh

On the other hand, some photos of Valencia's Roman Circus.

Valencia's Roman Origins
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 3/11/11 3:00 PM
And what about this? Zuwara, Lybia. Is this a Roman theater ? Any ideas?
Re: Roman Entertainment SJATurney 3/14/11 2:41 AM
Hi Belizarius.

I have to admit that's a fascinatingly theatrical shape. The town, however, does not appear to have an ancient origin, only being first mentioned in the Middle Ages. Given the neatness of the lines, the size and the lack of any sign of decay, though, I'd say that this is a modern industrial structure. I shall certainly look further into it.
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 3/14/11 11:25 AM
Hi VictrxT
I also found on the Mediterranean coast two other theaters. These theaters are different also theater in Zuwara. You can see that they are not Roman. See kmz file. Unfortunately, now is the war in Libya. I wrote on this subject to the Libyan. So far I have no answers.
Best regards
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 3/25/11 10:04 AM
How about this? I found an interesting object in Karaman (Turkey). It is similar to the ancient theater and lying in the courtyard of the castle.
Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater Belizarius 9/20/11 11:21 PM
Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater. Article here.
Re: Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater SJATurney 9/21/11 3:34 AM
Hi Belizarius.

I think that marker is misplaced. The theatre of Baalbek is noted as having been almost completely destroyed by a hotel construction in the 19th century, but was on the slopes of Djabal Sheikh Abdallah, which lies southeast from this marker, possibly somewhere around the one I've added.
Re: Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater Belizarius 9/21/11 4:25 AM
Thanks for the information. It was only my suggestion. A Propos, Do you have any information about the theater in Olbia?
Re: Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater SJATurney 9/21/11 5:05 AM
Hello again.

Sadly, I can find no precise details about the Olbia theatre, short of the fact that both a theatre and stadium/hippodrome existed somewhere around the agora area. I hope to find a good plan of the city some day. The Ukrainian wikipedia article confirms the existence of the sites, but not the location:,_Ukraine
Re: Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater Belizarius 10/12/11 2:38 PM
It's me again. This picture I found on Panoramio. What you will say about this? The photo is signed: Amphitheater and the ruins of the church in Old Nessebar.
Re: Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater SJATurney 10/17/11 12:57 AM
Hi Belizarius.

That's interesting. I have found references to a theatre in Nessebar, but have never been able to pinpoint where it is. I would like to think this is it, but there are two things that seem wrong. The lines of seating are straight, rather than curved, and the materials are modern. It may be that part of the ancient seating has been reconstructed in the modern era, of course. Will have to do some investigating.

Nice find, though.


Update: It would appear that this is the site of the theatre of ancient Nessebar (though not an amphitheatre as most of the posts on GE and Panoramio seem to suggest.) It seems that the seating is indeed a modern reconstruction of part of it. But you nailed the location. Can't wait for it to become a hi-res area so we can take a good look.

Cheers B.

Re: Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater Belizarius 1/11/12 8:43 AM
Hello again.
What about this? Do you think this is an ancient theater? Unfortunately, no photos Panoramio...
Best Regards
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 4/15/12 7:12 AM
Another one ancient theater in Turkey. 
Re: Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater Belizarius 4/16/12 8:37 AM
Another ancient teater in Turkey.
Re: Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater Belizarius 4/20/12 3:31 PM
Re: Baalbek. Probably the remains of the theater Belizarius 11/6/13 3:39 PM
And now.... Turkey. The remains of the city Arzen ( Erzen ). Of course there is also a theater.
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 1/27/14 1:23 PM
And now Albania. Amantia Stadium.
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 2/25/14 2:01 PM
Parion Theater & Odeon
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 4/8/14 2:08 PM
The remains of the theater at Issos.
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 1/14/15 11:41 PM
Istria and the Mt of Salur. Possible ancient theaters.
Re: Roman Entertainment Belizarius 3/10/15 3:01 PM
Amrit Stadium. Syria.
Re: Roman Entertainment Diane9247 3/15/15 11:58 PM
Greetings, Belizarius, always nice to see you here!  It's great that you continue to add to this.  Here is a LINK for people (like me!) who had never heard of this one.

Best regards,
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