Amish plows and buggies

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Amish plows and buggies Munden 1/29/11 11:57 AM
In the newly updated imagery in Illinois, they included the Amish area around Arthur and Arcola.

I'd been interested in trying to find Amish farmers in the field and managed to find four. Two are plowing, one is harvesting, and one is cutting grass and weeds.

I've also put placemarks on some family buggies and carts out on the roads as well as on some collections are farmhouses.
Re: Amish plows and buggies Munden 7/13/12 8:50 PM
Well, this file is now out of date with the latest imagery. If you turn on the timeslider and go back to 2010, you'll see all of the things marked here.
Re: Amish plows and buggies Hill 7/14/12 11:07 AM
Interesting collection Munden. I missed this the first time around. The timeslider date is October, 2010.