C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R

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C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Helomech 6/24/06 8:17 PM
My first unmarked In-flight spotting! A KC-135R StratoTanker refuels a C-5 Galaxy over Northern California. I found this while looking for landmarks I visited while exploring the Lava Fields. Can't believe no one marked it before! Very cool clear in-flight refueling shot with ghosts!

[color:"brown"]A SPECTACULAR find Helomech!!!! <img src="/ubb/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/ubb/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
One of the best in GE.
Not only is it a great find, but the clarity is very nice for a satellite shot. <img src="/ubb/images/graemlins/shocked.gif" alt="" />
Cyclonic [/color]
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Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Munden 6/24/06 8:35 PM
Indeedy, I don't see anyone else having found this. I don't ever recall anyone finding an image of mid-air refueling either. I think you have a 'first' in more than one way.
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R IspywmyEye 6/24/06 8:38 PM
Sweet, nice find there.
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R psylant 6/24/06 11:06 PM
This definately tops everything out there! Very cool find Helomech.
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Delta102 6/24/06 11:59 PM
Truly incredible!
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Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R jacko1 6/25/06 12:05 AM
Very well spotted,just shows how big a C-5 is.Well done.
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R bebop 6/25/06 1:38 AM
Hi Helomech

Thank you, your find is just extraordinary!

As KASSPER says, "that goes #1 on my list of best finds"

(courtesy of Wikipedia)


Judging by that kind of "black mask" around the cockpit windscreen, it could be a New York Air National Guard's 105th Military Airlift Group C-5:

Another pic HERE.

Once again, awesome find, Helomech
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Desmo 6/25/06 8:14 AM
Great find indeed! But to rate this find above the BBMF 'Lanc', as KASSPER did, is pushing it a bit far in my opinion. Just the odds are against that. 2 airworthy Lancasters in the whole world ( BBMF and CWH) vs. 100+ C-5's and 200+ KC-135's.
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Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Helomech 6/25/06 8:36 AM
I humbly have to agree. The Lancaster is a very special and rare aircraft. To find one captured in-flight by a random satelite pass is truly extraordinary, and although I am jazzed with my own find, I can't hold it up as an equal.

I must add however, that there is an added bit of personal coolness, I have had the opportunity to fly as a passenger on both types in the picture. I rode inthe the tail of the galaxy on a return trip from Howard Air Force Base in Panama, and I've ridden in the KC several times, on one occasion I was allowed to lie in the boomers station flying across the Gulf of Mexico. I now have a Google Earth Holy Grail, I must find a CH-53E refueling from a KC-130. That's a mission I flew Many times as a Crewchief in the Marines.
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Cyclonic 6/25/06 9:04 AM
My opinion on the matter is that the Lanc is in another catagory and is uncomparable. Its flight is a yearly tribute to a great plane from WW2, there are only 2 left that fly on the whole planet that are only flown maybe once or twice a year, so its rarity being captured in GE will never be matched.

But for modern day military planes that fly regularly, which alot have already been found, this is the cream of the crop!!
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Frank4 6/25/06 12:17 PM
Great find Helomech! Just wrote you up today at Google Earth Blog.

Read the story here (which includes an explanation on the blue ghost images, and links to other related stories).

Here's a slightly enhanced screenshot:

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Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R saukko 6/25/06 1:39 PM
Fantastic find Helomech !!
I like the old ladies more but this is really a bull's eye too !
Five stars, of course.
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Helomech 6/25/06 6:07 PM
Again, I am floored by the attention this placemark is getting! The "USA BUSH" totaly escaped my attention. How do I follow this one up? BTW, Thanks for the writup!
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Cyclonic 6/25/06 7:41 PM
Here is the "USA Bush" mentioned above in case anyone cannot find it.
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Frank4 6/27/06 5:36 AM
Yeah, this has been a very popular find. Notice your placemark (in the original post) has been downloaded 11,000+ times already (after just two days). There have been hundreds of links to the story at Google Earth Blog, and over 100,000 reads so far... Pretty big! :-)
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R itsmartin630 6/27/06 1:10 PM
Hey guys...i'm new on this but i also saw a plane.

Hello itsmartin.
That plane was found already Here. You can see all the ones previously found by getting
the attachment in the All Aircraft in Flight collection.
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R S1qbal 7/21/06 9:49 PM
Hi Helomech,

Your find is amazing. Its out of the world i must say.

Keep discovering,

Good day.
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R BBlack 7/24/06 6:28 PM
That is an incredible find. Good job
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Atomsk 7/25/06 8:00 PM
I think the black shape on the nose of the C-5 is the shadow of the tanker's horizontal stabilizer.

I doubt the NY ANG would fly 3000 miles just to practice aerial refueling.

Why do I say it's practice?

These planes are almost exactly 250 miles from Travis AFB. Half of the active duty C-5s are based there. There's no reason to refuel in the air, that close to a base with full services, except for practice.

I was a C-5 mechanic at Travis, from '85 to '88. We launched at least one "local" every weekday, for training. Sometimes they just shot approaches all day, but other times they'd leave the area, and come back several hours later. I never knew where they practiced refueling, but this looks like the spot.

I'll bet you dollars to donuts the C-5 is a Travis local.
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Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R KeiJon 8/20/06 6:21 AM
Those aircraft seem ridiculously low (about 4000feet) to be doing any a-a-r!

(just my opinion)
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R Frank_McVey 8/20/06 7:21 AM
Hi, KeiJohn,

If you move your pointer around and look at the elevation readout below the viewer screen, you'll see that the terrain in this area is about 4000 ft high, and this is approximately where the zoom-in bottoms out.

As you point out, the aircraft will be much higher than that. It's difficult to judge the height of an aircraft from a satellite image, since the enormous height of the camera above the subject virtually removes perspective. In other words, if there were another KC-135 on the ground immediately below the flying aircraft, it would appear to be the same size, so we couldn't use that as a basis for estimating height.


Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R wouterdobbelaere 12/8/06 11:29 PM
The height of the planes could be figured out (approximately) if one could spot their shadow on the ground!

Looking at the nearby buildings, one can figure out what angle the shadows were making the time this picture was captured (+-45°), and also in what direction to look for the planes' shadows (slightly west of north). But I haven't found anything yet myself...
Re: C-5 Air Refueling from a KC-135R RiosHunter 12/10/06 12:00 PM
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