SF Bay Area Lands at Risk

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SF Bay Area Lands at Risk Tommy_Albo 7/17/06 2:17 PM
Greenbelt Alliance, the Bay Area's land conservation and urban planning organization, analyzed the state of the region's landscapes in 2005. This landmark study determined that today, there are 401,500 acres of greenbelt lands at risk of sprawl development. That includes 125,200 acres at risk within the next 10 years, classified as high-risk land, and 276,200 acres at risk within the next 10 to 30 years, classified as medium-risk land. If current development patterns continue, roughly one out of every 10 acres in the entire Bay Area could be paved over in the next thirty years. View the results with Google Earth


For more information about the Risk Report...http://www.greenbelt.org/resources/reports/atrisk_2006/index.html
Re: SF Bay Area Lands at Risk northstargirl 7/20/06 1:40 PM

Was this tour done in Google Earth (regular, plus, or pro?), or some other program?

This should be THE prize winner of the year!

Re: SF Bay Area Lands at Risk n0zoa 9/25/11 3:08 PM
To be honest, I dont think this area between the airport,highway,BART and old housing development (I grew up there as a child 40 years ago) is in any danger of being developed upon because of the above mentioned reasons and not only that you got high voltage power lines going through it and its a virtual swampland drainage area for the highway and surrounding area. IMHO I wouldnt even want to live in a tent in that area with all the noise from the highway and BART , train and buzz of high voltage overhead.