De Hondsrug

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De Hondsrug kite_surfer 10/25/11 2:12 PM
De Hondsrug

The Name
Literally translated to DogRidge, it's most likely that the name is just a malapropism of HunzeRidge, named after the Hunze river that flows parallel to the ridge. Furthermore, the Hondsrug is actually a combination of more parallel ridges so the name Hunzeridge Complex or Hunzeridges would be even more appropriate to name them but the general term in the Netherlands to describe this unusual geographical complex still remains de Hondsrug.

Geographical location
With a width of about 10 kilometers, the Hondsrug basically stretches NNW to SSE from the city of Groningen uptil Twist in Germany. Although it's height can be neglected (about 20 meters above NAP), the ridge basically gives a sloping effect at some places that is comparable with the Danish landscape and gives special character to the province of Drenthe. I've accompanied this Placemark with an overlay, using a snapshot from the viewer of the AHN (Actueel Hoogtebestand Nederland) website that shows the unusual straight lines of the ridges as well.

The origins
There has been numeral investigations about what formed the Hondsrug. Among them are seismologic researches as the underground revealed tectonic traces of ancient activity that were aligned NNW-SSE as well but as the Hunze valley (the river that flows parallel and east of the Hondsrug) is considered to be a glacial basin, the flow of the ice in the last ice age forming terminal moraines combined with a long period of stagnation is the most likely cause to form these kind of straight lines, also called mega-scale glacial lineations. During the last ice age, the ice from Scandinavia was probably redirected by the higher grounds of Scotland and the UK, causing it to flow in south-southeasterly directions. (Source - in Dutch).

Relation to Hunebedden
In Google Maps, all the Hunebedden in Drenthe are marked (D1 - D54) and as they are not available and Placemarked in Google Earth, I've added them as well just to visualize their location on top of the hondsrug overlay. Hunebedden are ancient graves built from glacial erratics.
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