Giraffe! Giraffe!!

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Giraffe! Giraffe!! CuriousJM 1/13/12 9:02 AM

GESV please! owink
Google Earthritis is incurable!
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Re: Giraffe! Giraffe!! Groovy23 1/13/12 9:56 AM

Google Makes The Go Round!

Re: Giraffe! Giraffe!! Hill 1/13/12 10:21 AM
There are others, too.

Click the images to view two important videos about our only home.
A Pale Blue Dot HOME

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Re: Giraffe! Giraffe!! Markopolo 1/13/12 11:45 AM
Wherever you go, there you are.

Google Sky Blank Spot Explained
Re: Giraffe! Giraffe!! Piotr_H 1/13/12 2:09 PM
Explore our earth with Google Earth, Geocaching and Orienteering.

Re: Giraffe! Giraffe!! 1200ab 1/13/12 2:22 PM

Perseverance, serendipity or just plain good luck are the keys to my answers.
Re: Giraffe! Giraffe!! Walter_V_R 1/13/12 2:50 PM


Eclipse chasers Belgium - Urania Public Observatory
Re: Giraffe! Giraffe!! Utapao 1/13/12 5:05 PM
Re: Giraffe! Giraffe!! ozlingula 1/13/12 10:04 PM
Re: Giraffe! Giraffe!! - Answer CuriousJM 3/31/12 6:34 AM
Well found every one.

For the records these giraffes can be found below <<<MacArthur Fwy, Oakland, CA>>> - GESV

Hill's Giraffe which is also close can be seen here.