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Any other college profs here who use GE in the cla gangof4 10/19/05 2:44 PM
I'm looking for other college professors who use GE in the classroom.
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the VRMLrefugee 11/2/05 2:01 PM
I use it extensively in my Environmental Geology class. It is absolutely crucial for motivating the students on the topic of the week. Nothing like taking a little visit first before one introduces more abstract concepts like tectonic controls on magmatism. For example, showing the class the large hole in the ocean that was/is Krakatau definitely got their attention (see KMZ file below).

I had intended to use our GeoWall, but GoogleEarth is just about as good for an introductory class and the price is certainly right. My KMZ files are variably linked to online classnotes or appropriate online info. Here's an example for the Volcanoes chapter .

What are your applications? Can you get your students to explore the material on their own? Otherwise we might as well do all this as a canned video...
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the cla Junehao 11/4/05 11:42 AM
I will be using Google Earth as a supplimental tool in my class in up-coming semester. Right now one of my co-directed project is using GE as a visualization tool. The project is to research existing and innovative ways of using digital tools in studying historical buildings and cities. Using GE is by itself a natural choice. :-)
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the urigeology 12/19/05 7:41 AM
I am a tutor for Environmental Geology and a TA for Introductory Geology and Geomorphology. I cannot stress enough the importance of integrating GE into tutoring sessions and inclass instruction. I will share with you some of my experiences:
-Overlay geologic map of Grand Canyon onto GE. The stratigraphy overlays exactly and introduces maps, topography and sedimentology beautifully!
- Meandering rivers in Alaska and China make sense when students see them on GE as a supplement to the text.
-Have students create their own files as a project for class.
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the pentadij 2/6/06 2:24 AM
I have used it to illustrate where an air photo is located for a fieldwork course at Southampton Uni UK. Not a fantastic use of GE but a start. We're planning to extend the course maybe using GE as a mapping tool, students already use Corel draw to draw maps. However, I am having trouble getting the Uni to put it on enough computers

Draping geology maps over the grand canyon sounds fantastic, shame I'm not teaching geology any more....

Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the jsmakbkr 11/12/06 3:33 PM
When teaching land-use law at a local law school earlier this year, I used Google Earth to depict the locations of many of the disputes. Now, I wouldn't think of teaching the course without it. The task of finding EXACTLY where a particular house or lot is located today, based on the cryptic references of judges in decisions, made my weekly preparation more enjoyable. Watching the evolution of such sites led to some interesting surprises. For example, in the landmark case in which the constitutionality of zoning laws was established, the village of Euclid, Ohio, succeeded in keeping a particular area (zoned for single-family homes) free of more intense uses. A trip to the same site in Google Earth today shows how much things have changed. The site was industrialized in World War II, and today it is occupied by a former GM plant that is now used for indoor sports.
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the cla wrchurch 11/13/06 8:10 AM
As a geologist my primary interest is in geological maps. Nevertheless I would say that, for me at least, one important if not the most important use of GE and its zoom and terrane tools is in providing students with a real sense of geography, topography, and distance - anywhere in the world! Much better than any static photograph. How many long distance field trips have we been on where at some point or by the end of the field trip we only have a very rough idea of where are or have been!!! Now with GE we can make sure that students taking field trips become familiar with the geography of an area before they leave on the trip. GE also provides an opportunity to create a global inventory of outcrops of geological interest.
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the RocDoc7 12/8/06 2:21 PM
I use GE in General Ed courses, upper-division Geology courses, and my own research. It has supercharged all of them! The ability to "fly" the whole class to see Alaskan glaciers, folds and faults in Pakistan, or reefs in the south Pacific dramatically increases their understanding of these features and processes. Students are now sending me placemarks where they have found good geologic examples--I think that's a good sign.

It's one thing to just learn a subject, but it's another entirely to gain enthusiasm for it. Google Earth helps build enthusiasm for Geology.
-=- RocDoc -=-
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the cla andywilson33 12/11/06 11:01 AM
I use GE in both the field and the classroom. I'm a research student at the University of Cambridge in England, but I participate in many fieldtrips. On two occations so far, and with different teaching aims, I have used google earth with a projector on two fieldtrips.

The first is a trip we run for our fourth year undergraduates to Almeria in south east Spain. As I visited locations during the day I kept a gps with me that recorded my route and stops we made. In the evening, at the appartment complex we stayed in I downloaded all the days waypoints from my GPS and annotated them. Then I wrapped up the day for the students by reviewing what we had seen in the field and showing them the 3D view.

The second trip I have used GE in the field was a mapping course for our second year undergraduates in Cumbria, England. We run a series of excercises that the students undertake. At the start I may show them an aerial view pointing out where we are staying, where the previous days excercise was and where the next may be. At the end of each excercise I would show them a scanned in "ideal" fieldslip, wrapped to topography, showing them what we wanted them to see. With other scans, e.g. local structural geology, you can show them how their small mapped area fits with the local geology.

In both cases it's a very powerful tool, especially in relating many excercises or localities visited to previous days excursions and showing students how it all fits together.

The key, to using google earth off-line and in the field with a portable projector (an by "in the field" I mean in the hotel or hostel etc and not in the class/lecture room), is to set your cache to the maximum size using a laptop. Then look at the area you want to visit in the highest detail, highest zoomed level, then turn it off. Then when you come to turn your computor on when not connected to the internet all that information will still be there in local cache. I've only used the google earth plus build 3 for this but I assume build 4 would work in the same way. You can still get version 3 online.

I'd like to hear your views.

Andy Wilson
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the cla gcarman 12/26/06 4:44 PM
I too have used GE for field geological work. I am a OIl and gas geologist of 30+ service. I use a Garmin iQueM5 PDA /GPS to record and store field data (it is not the best as it is a street toy not a field instrument ) and of course a digital camera. This way I store voice recordings, hand scribbled notes and sketches and photos. I download waypoints to GE each evening on laptop and review progress, interpretations new objectives etc. I also back load GE .jpgs to the PDA to use as a static map /picture back in the field. (On wet days I use a standard Chartwell water resistant notebok and Garmin ExplorerGPS instrument - also waterproof)

In the office I overlay maps and data and have found it a great tool for 3D visiualistaion for managment briefings, and snatching oblique views for reports etc.

I wish I had this facility when mapping my PhD thesis project area - the Aure Scarp in PNG. I have superimposed the thesis maps on the 1500m escarpment face area and the rotated /oblique views are most instructive. I have also used GE for reports to support field work on parts of the Pakistan Foldbelt, the Bavarian Alps and the Romanian Carpathians.

One problem I have encountered is that the Version 4 imagery for an areaof interest inUkraine has cloud cover whereas version 3 did not...a dispapointing degradation

I have seen one US university developing a very cumbersome GeoPad field electonic notebook.... I do not know if the capacity is there to download and manage large GE images in the field but surely that day of reckoning will also come, Great I love it

Dr George Carman
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the cla Alvard 1/3/07 12:01 PM
I'm thinking about use GE in an Intro Anthropology Class I am teaching this Spring...

Here are some great East African pastorlist kraals..

2°59'12.74"S 35°24'8.84"E

Here is a Yanomamo Shabono

1°10'20.43"N 64°24'51.55"W

Lots of possibilities...
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the scottgraves 1/14/07 7:39 PM
I've been using GE in Environmental Studies, Ethics and Science Education and Educational Technology Classes. I'm fond of creating "tours" of Biomes, ecosystems, etc.....
One challenge however. In a recent "tour" I placemarked locations around the Tropic of Cancer, equator, etc. The problem is that when the "topur" is run, it goes backward..... And rearranging the individual KML locations is a major drag....

Any ideas on how to more easily rearrange a list of locations within a folder (of tour locations)?

please respond to
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the Tim_Schultz 1/14/07 11:28 PM
It's a problem...I just make sure to drag-and-drop each new placemark to the bottom of the list. It would be a lot nicer if Google Earth simply added new placemarks to the bottom for us!!

I suppose the alternative would be to become so organized that you could enter the placemarks in reverse order... like that would ever happen!
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the Dr_Philip_Smartt 2/8/07 8:29 AM
I use it in my GIS/GPS class a great deal. I also use in most of my other classes (I teach natural resource management.) Many of my students come to college with very weak map reading skills. GE is a dynamic way to engage them.

Dr. Philip Smartt
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the mspelto 2/9/07 11:48 AM
I agree, what a chance to raise geographic literacy. Besides after teaching environmental science and geology courses for 19 years, this is the best tool I have found to help my students visualize what is happening. It is a rare day I do not make a tour of some key spot for my students to examine in class.
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the timfavier 2/19/07 6:19 AM

Your post on the geology of the Grand Canyon sounds very interesting to me. I would like to try this in my classes. Do you know where I can find a geologic map overlay of the Grand Canyon?

Regards, Tim Favier
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the woodse 2/22/07 3:15 PM
I teach a 12th grade High School geology course, not college. I use NASA World Wind extensively both for showing the students features in lectures and making labs that allow the students to use the program directly to collect data and make observations. Most of the things I do with World Wind can be done with google earth as well and I enventual want to make Google earth versions of my labs, I just have found the computer liscenceing (connected to e-mail addresses) a problem and NASA World Wind has some tools for measuring distances and slopes that i find very usefull.
My curriculum is at
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the smjacobsmsm 8/24/07 5:16 PM
Seems the use of GE is really kicking off. Soon degrees will be issued for it's use (probably with an increase of complexity). So you could go to a GE specialist. Lol. What if he has a fake diploma? HE he. Than you're in trouble.
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the cla douggwti 8/27/07 3:56 PM
Our's isn't a direct classroom use, but rather a research / internship use for a number of on-going research projects:

Researchers (students, faculty and staff) at the Western Transportation Institute (WTI) at Montana State University (MSU) use Google Earth Pro on a daily basis as a reality check, putting the world on their desktops. They routinely place the output of models and simulations into Google Earth to verify or deny the feasibility of output, and to validate data. For instance, when analyzing communication systems in rural environments, terrain and vegetation have a significant impact on radio propagation. WTI staff uses Google Earth and image overlays to view predicted propagation against the 3D model of the world that Google Earth presents. We have used Google Earth extensively to examine prospective radio systems in Gallatin Canyon (US 191) in Montana, the Feather River Canyon (SR 70) in California, and the Wind River Canyon in Wyoming. Google Earth's ease of use and availability allow for rapid sharing of information among students, faculty, researchers and research stakeholders. The advanced functionality of the "Data Importer," "Movie Maker," and "Hi-res Print" modules add even more capability for presentation and sharing of data in the classroom and in research facilities. Other applications are too numerous to list but include the evaluation of interfaces for advanced traveler information systems (ATIS) including road and weather information, visualization for prospective driving simulation, and plotting and analysis of wildlife sightings and movement for the mitigation of animal vehicle collisions. Google Earth Pro is probably our most used software package, and it provides a diverse group of researchers (including student interns and graduate fellows) with a tool that is very complementary to our mission of conducting transportation research and educating the next generation of transportation decision makers, engineers and computer scientists.

I've asked our students and researchers to add a brief description of their work/research and use of Google Earth. These descriptions should follow.
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the jkrohnwti 8/28/07 3:15 PM
I'm a undergrad student researcher in Computer Engineering with WTI at Montana State University, and have worked on many of the projects Doug spoke about above. I use Google Earth extensively for the visualization of radio communication tests, and have used the Data Import, Video Maker, and High-Res Prints for providing quality display and visual analysis of test data. I have also used the Video Maker for presentations in a couple of classes I have taken. I also value the ability to compile complex data into a single KML file and be able to distribute it to an entire group of associates. Overall, Google Earth has been an extremely valuable resource for both the research I have been involved in and my education.
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the gschoep 8/28/07 3:38 PM
I too use GE Pro at Montana State.

We use it extensively for sharing geolocated data. If you have location based data it is great to visualize it in GE.

We were trying to discuss the locations of radio towers using a spreadsheet.


We created a file on GE Pro and instantly we could see the towers and discuss them intelligently. We also create bitmap overlays of RF propagation studies that we import into GE to see coverage of radio towers. Again our whole group can easily see and share the data.

The directory structure allows us to put other bits of information into a KML so that all our data is in one place. Very quickly we can enable layers to see where communication services or radio coverage or power companies are located.
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the cla Bill_Jameson 8/30/07 9:32 AM
At WTI we have used GE PRO extensively to overlay ComStudy research propagation plots onto the "real world". This enables us to get a better picture of actual radio coverage in the area of interest..
Re: Any other college profs here who use GE in the cla fssldoc 8/30/07 1:12 PM
I teach geology at CSU San Bernardino, and have used Google Earth for a little over two years in general Education courses (e.g introductory geology, and Geology for preservice teachers, as well as in upper division coursework for geology majors. I have a developed a set of constructive exercises using GE to teach some basic geological and geographical principles. It is part of a manuscript that will be submitted for puclication this fall. I have also used google earth for courses I teach in sedimentary petrology (have a cool set of terrain and tilted views of major river delta features from around the world) and for stratigraphy. Students like it, and I find it convenient to show important localities in our discussions.