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LDS (Mormon) Temples - modified pererau 7/23/05 8:06 PM
I have replaced the old KMZ file with this new one. Please download this file and delete the old one.

I have posted for each temple:

Phone Number
Square Footage
Date Dedicated (and in some cases rededicated)
Whether temple clothing is available to rent
Whether cafeteria services are available
A link to the webpage at

Temples that use the blue "church" icon are those which I have found the location or those for which I have been given exact coordinates.
Temples that use the yelllow "sun" icon are those which I do not have an exact location. In these cases, the Temple has been placed in the proper city, and, where possible, in the proper region of the city.
Temples that use the "school" icon are those which are under construction
Temples that use the green circle icon are those which have been announced but construction has not yet begun.

If you know of the precise location for any of the Temples that are indicated with a yellow sun, please let me know.


-Braden Ellis-

PS - many thanks go out to those who have posted or emailed better locations for various Temples. Your assistance has been invaluable.
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples Andresegal 7/25/05 11:09 AM
Just as a curiosity, this is a LDS temple in CAMPINAS / BRAZIL , just in front of my window....
see atached and the pictures...
Andres Segal Campinas / Brazil
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples bnsu24 7/25/05 12:52 PM
Here is the Spain Madrid. I lived in the Missionary Training Center which is the building just north and a little east of the temple. The other building is the Madrid Stake Center.
LDS Temples - take 2 (modified) pererau 7/26/05 7:30 AM
I've replaced this file with the modified, all-inclusive KMZ file as above.

Hope you all enjoy!

-Braden Ellis-
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples wallbob 7/29/05 7:13 AM
I have created a master temple file. It is organized along the geographic lines found on the Church website. It includes the temple in Campinas and Madrid as well as Buenes Aires, Lima Peru, Santiago Chile, Curitiba Brazil, Sao Paulo Brazil, Tokyo Japan, and all of the temples in Australia.

If you find the exact location of any additional temples, just send a KML for that temple.
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples wallbob 8/4/05 12:59 PM
Attached is a KMZ pinpointing the Taipai Taiwan Temple
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples bkh 8/5/05 2:15 PM
Here is the Tokyo Temple location.
Re: LDS Temples - take 2 (leave the rest) Eaulive 8/22/05 10:26 AM
The temple you pinpoint in Santo domingo is in fact a factory... I know I live there.
Try this one
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples jkvato 8/24/05 2:08 AM
Here are a couple of temple updates:

Mexico City, México
Colonia Juárez, México

I'll post more corrections if I find any.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples wallbob 8/24/05 12:05 PM
I thought it would be cool to start a Historic LDS sites list. Obviously, I have not included all sites. If you have some, post them for all to enjoy. My short list is organized geographically with the following categories:

New England
Joseph Smith Birthplace

Sacred Grove
Joseph Smith Family Home
E.B. Granding Pringing Building
Martin Harris Farm
Peter Whitmer Farm
Hill Cumorah

Kirtland Temple (RLDS)

Adam-ondi-Ahmen temple lot
Independence Missouri temple lot
Far West Missouri temple lot

Nauvoo Temple
Carthage Jail

Trail West
Winter Quarters Gravesite
Mormon Trail Center
Kanesville Tabernacle
Martin's Cove

Salt Lake Temple
This is the Place Monument
Beehive House
Lion House
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples wallbob 8/24/05 9:00 PM
Is the Colonia Juarez that far up in the mountains? Most of us were guessing that it was in a somewhat larger city!

Thanks for the update.
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples Normb 8/26/05 8:35 PM
The LDS Temple for Hamilton is placed incorrectly.... The general area is Placemarked Attached.

At night this Temple is lit up like a small township...... Looks very impressive...

Just down the road from me in Christchurch - New Zealand. is the meeting house on Fendalton Road ..

I took a couple of photos of it today if anyone is interested I can upload them.

Placemark corrected 23-06-2006
Norm - Christchurch (Under repair - Central city closed :-( - New Zealand.
Re: LDS Temples - take 2 mistake zorro151 8/27/05 7:51 PM
that is not a temple I know guadalajara that is a country club.
About a temple in Santo Domingo, DR jodoj80 8/30/05 10:20 PM
You put a temple in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I want to know which one is that, because I dont know it.
Re: LDS Temples - take 2 (leave the rest) - misloc Intercity 9/1/05 7:12 AM
I think that the temple in Guayaquil is mislocated.
If you are looking for Mormon temples in the city I could tell you the right places.
Re: LDS Temples - take 2 (leave the rest) - misloc wallbob 9/2/05 7:15 AM
Please post a placemark with the appropriate location. I'm from the US and not familiar with the exact location of all the temples. I've had to guess on a number of locations. If you have better coordinates, that's awesome.
Re: About a temple in Santo Domingo, DR wallbob 9/2/05 7:19 AM
Here is a link from the LDS website.,11204,1912-1-134-0,00.html
Re: About a temple in Santo Domingo, DR Shrubber 9/4/05 12:58 PM
I served a mission in Santo Domingo while the temple was being built. It is the largest LDS temple in Latin America except for Mexico City. I have attached a more accurate waypoint file for this temple.
Correct temple location in Guadalajara, Mexico juamps 9/6/05 9:00 PM
Hi, I live in Guadalajara, Mexico, and as someone else said, the location you selected for the temple is actually a country club called "Atlas Colomos", could you change it? I will give you the exact temple location
Fukuoka, Japan Ranbato 9/9/05 9:08 AM
Here is the correct info for the Fukuoka, Japan temple
46 josui-machi hirao chuo-ku minami-shi Fukuoka, Japan


I may be off just a bit, but the images are really bad.

I have added the bookmark as an attachment.

Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples ------> Hong Kong! Gus_Lam 9/9/05 9:18 AM

Seoul Korea Temple n7mlq 9/10/05 9:27 AM
Re: LDS Temples - Cochabamba Temple jonaruth 9/15/05 12:32 AM
Here is location of the Cochabamba Temple.
NEW!!! Updated Temples KMZ file pererau 9/26/05 3:50 PM
Well it has taken some time and a lot of effort, but I now have a new and updated version of the Temples file to post. I regret that it means I will be placing Keyhole bookmarks over some of the sites that I and wallbob have already put up, but these bookmarks are a vast improvement over the old ones in terms of location for many Temples, but also in terms of information.
Re: NEW!!! Updated Temples KMZ file HappyFam 9/29/05 10:09 PM
Awesome! Thanks for the file! My wife and I have just started playing with Google Earth, and we were wondering if we could find a temple. Then we found your post, and it basically takes all the work out of it.

Great job!
That they might have joy pererau 9/30/05 6:03 AM
Didn't mean to take all the fun out of the hunt, but I hope that you enjoy (as I have) being able to see all of the Temples and their context.
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples grannie 9/30/05 8:00 AM
How did you people put markers on all the Mormon temples? Can I do the same for Christian churches across the USA?
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples dulce 9/30/05 8:17 AM
Sure, grannie, you can put markers in all the places you consider important to be shown to the community.

You can start by reading this to know how to post your placemarks.

Oh!, and don't forget to enable the bbs layer in your Google Earth for you to see what other users had posted before. Using the search tool is also really helpful to find this out

Thanks and welcome


Blog Google Earth en español

O coração, se pudesse pensar, pararia. (F. Pessoa)

Re: NEW!!! Updated Temples KMZ file oldgoatbeard 10/1/05 7:39 AM
Here is visual location for the Seoul, Korea temple.

I was searching around Seoul looking for the temple when I saw your bookmark. How happy I was. Then sad to see that you did not have an exact location.

So I went searching, and amazingly it took less than 10 minutes to find it.

I wanted to find the temple because I plan to visit it this next week. I am currently working in China and this next week our company will be closed for China's National Holiday. So I will spend a couple of days in Seoul and I am looking forward to visiting the temple.

I will take pictures around the grounds and post them if anyone is interested.

I am also trying to spot the English Ward which is near the Jahamun Tunnel and the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Can't be too hard to find I know the way by foot, but havn't spotted it yet. I will post it when I find it.

Thanks for your great work.

Jeff D Levis
Flatirons Ward, Boulder, Colorado
Announced today! Daybreak Utah Temple pererau 10/1/05 1:09 PM
Today in General Conference Gordon B Hinckley announced the construction of the Daybreak Utah Temple - to be the fourth Temple in the Salt Lake Valley. Here is the approximate location of where it will be.

-Braden Ellis-
Re: NEW!!! Updated Temples KMZ file oldgoatbeard 10/5/05 5:37 AM
Here is the location of the English Speaking Ward.

By the way I went to find the temple this evening and got totally lost. I guess I should have asked for better directions. From looking at GE it looks like I must have walked right past it but a block away on the main street but couldn't see the temple. Now that I have as better idea the next time I am back in Seoul I will first ask better directions then hopefully I can find it.

Temple in Santiago, Chile KML remoteSensor 10/6/05 11:28 AM
I found the temple in Santiago, Chile.

2 3D temples + temple icon Xhonzi 10/8/05 12:08 PM
Hello All,
I've been tinkering around and I have made two Temple models...

my temple: Bountiful Utah
Big yet Easy to model: Washington D.C.

I also created this icon for the temples. It needs work. I don't have a program at hand for making the white part invisible. I'll fix it later.


Re: NEW!!! Updated Temples KMZ file Xhonzi 10/8/05 12:12 PM
Okay, I can only post one file at a time. Here comes Bountiful.
Re: NEW!!! Updated Temples KMZ file Xhonzi 10/8/05 12:14 PM
And the icon...
Newport Beach Temple Site ChrisFullmer 10/8/05 2:02 PM
Here is the Newport Beach Temple site. It is under construction in the current google earth photo. It is built on the dirt lot right next to the stake center.
Very Cool! Thanks! pererau 10/9/05 5:30 AM
Excellent work! Thank you for contributing that.
Re: New improved icon Xhonzi 10/9/05 5:42 PM
Here's the icon again but with the whitespace removed.

Re: LDS Temples - take 2 (leave the rest) decaalv 10/18/05 11:05 AM
You should edit the one in Costa Rica. Instead of the obiquitous 'Costa Rica temple' you should name it 'Catedral Metropolitana'. I don't know if you noticed, but there are thousands of 'Costa Rica temples'.
Re: LDS Temples - here is BY Univ. Myron_J 11/2/05 11:51 AM
Here is the Brigham Young University in Jerusalem

Brigham Young Univ. with Hebrew University in Background

David Kroyanker, a specialist in the history of the Architecture of Jeruslaem said in a talk at the

Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs in Jerusalem

A courtyard in the Mormon's center on the Mount of Scopus. This building, along with that of the Supreme Court are two of the most successful buildings built in Jerusalem in the last 50 years. It was designed by two architects, David Resnik of Jerusalem and a Mormon Architect, Ferguson, from Salt Lake City.
Re: Announced today! Daybreak Utah Temple Rhune 11/5/05 3:19 PM
A very exciting announcement, indeed. Unfortunately, articles in the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune this morning state that Boyer Company, another developer, has bought the land surrounding where the Daybreak Temple will be. Boyer Co is planning on developing at 14 units per acre in the 140+ acres they bought! Not a good environment for the temple. Kennecott Land is suing the City of South Jordan for allowing it to happen. I hope the lawsuit works or at least that the City backs down.

Re: LDS Temples - take 2 (modified) Ramzada 12/12/05 7:15 AM
Teh actual Temple site is at this location:
31º 44'10.43 N 106º27'48.20 W
More 3D buildings blueflame 12/13/05 6:43 PM
Hey Everyone!
I've created a few buildings from temple square in 3D. I built the Salt Lake Temple, The Joseph Smith Memorial building, The Church Office building, and The Tabernacle. These are the first 3D things ive created so you’ll have to forgive me if they are a bit out of scale. If anyone else wants to create buildings in 3D i would definitely recommend using SketchUp. You can download the trial version here.
Good Luck!
Montevideo Uruguay Temple garnerke 12/15/05 5:16 PM
Found the Montevideo Uruguay Temple

Coordinates: 34º 53'18.72" S 56º04'26.55" W
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples Huinesoron 12/16/05 5:58 AM
Well, you can /try/... as you can see, though, we're having trouble finding some 180 buildings worldwide (okay, so most of the ones we can't pinpoint are due to low-res photos, but still), and depending on what you mean by 'Christian churches' you could be looking at... well, Very Big Numbers.
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples ------> Hong Kong! YinUu 12/21/05 6:38 AM
i'd just came back from HK the temple! so surprise to see it on the google earth!
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples - modified Anonymous 12/21/05 5:00 PM
pereau I had no time to made a kmz folder

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints The
(305) 899-8606 11098 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL Map

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints The
(305) 270-1724 10000 SW 107th Av
Miami, FL Map

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(305) 649-5213 1301 SW 1st St
Miami, FL Map

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(434) 973-1320 1700 Seminole Trl
Charlottesville, VA Map 2.4

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(434) 975-3866 1618 Earlysville Rd
Charlottesville, VA Map 3.2

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(434) 973-6607 2985 Hydraulic Rd
Earlysville, VA Map 7.1

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(540) 942-1036 2825 Jefferson Ln
Waynesboro, VA Map 26.3

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(434) 969-1126 Route 766
Buckingham, VA Map 31.5

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(540) 886-6315 17 Berry Farm Rd
Staunton, VA Map 34.6

Church Of Jesus Christ-Ward 1
(540) 433-2945 210 South Ave
Harrisonburg, VA Map 35.9

Church-Jesus Christ-Lds
(540) 743-4090 29 N Bank St
Luray, VA Map 42.0

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(804) 883-6551 14573 Scotchtown Rd
Beaverdam, VA Map 48.6

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(434) 239-2735 110 Melinda Dr
Lynchburg, VA Map 50.0

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(540) 347-3044 585 Fauquier Rd
Warrenton, VA Map 50.0

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(703) 815-0303 32 Waterloo St # 115
Warrenton, VA Map 50.0

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(540) 261-6446 State Route 60
Buena Vista, VA Map 50.0

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(304) 358-7005 Rt 220
Franklin, WV Map 50.0

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(804) 763-4773 4601 N Bailey Bridge Rd
Midlothian, VA Map 50.

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints The
(305) 743-9016 6700 Overseas Hwy
Marathon, FL Map

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Lds
(701) 775-5414 2814 Cherry St
Grand Forks, ND Map 12.0

Lds Missionaries
(701) 746-7589 1416 10th Ave N
Grand Forks, ND
Re: More 3D buildings Huinesoron 12/22/05 6:08 PM

[Prods file]

Any idea at all why they wouldn't be showing up? I mean, it says it's downloaded, but unless all the buildings you listed are made of glass...
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples - modified marcotulio 1/6/06 12:50 PM
The address is correct, but it does not correspond to de point marked in thte map.
I attach a file with the localization of the temple in Boca del Río. The temple is in front of WTC Veracruz and Mocambo Hotel.
Re: More 3D buildings Kelso 1/28/06 6:02 PM
If you could see a 4,300 ft below ground level, the buildings would be there!

I had a similar problem viewing the 3D models near Temple Square, but the solution is to turn the 3D terrain off. The modeler, blueflame, must have had the 3D terrain turned off when he created them.

I had the opposite problem in Denver. Someone created a 3D model of a house. It looks fine with the 3D terrain turned on, but if you turn the terrain off the house is floating thousands of feet in the air.
Re: Fukuoka, Japan wallbob 2/1/06 12:17 AM
The Fukuoka area has updated imagery. here is a KMZ with the exact location.

Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples PaulEmett 6/22/06 5:20 PM
How do I correct a .KML file for the Oaxaca, Mexico Temple? The attached file shows the exact location. The temple is on the North end of the parking lot and the stake center is on the South end. You can see the steeple in the center of the building.
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples SandersX2 8/7/06 1:04 PM
Here is an updated location for the Curitiba Brasil Temple.
Porto Alegre Temple Kaldric 8/22/06 12:11 PM
I don't know if anyone has found the exact location of this Temple, but here it is.
UPDATE: Accra Ghana Temple xohdis 8/26/06 8:56 AM
I have attached a corrected KMZ for the Accra Ghana Temple. I was just there today.
UPDATE: Draper Utah Temple xohdis 8/26/06 9:21 AM
I have updated the Draper Utah temple with correct location and groundbreaking information.
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples gruttepier 9/8/06 11:58 AM
Kirtland and Independence are not LDS churches.. but Community of Christ churches (old name was RLDS)
Re: San Antonio LDS (Mormon) Temple mitty7676 10/26/06 6:49 PM
your (and one other) post of the San Antonio Texas temple is 3 quarters of a mile off it's real location, and it already located there... You'd be best off just to delete your post
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples jaska74 11/22/06 12:55 PM
TemPle in Finland is in the Espoo city, NOT in Helsinki city
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples - modified dg114 12/25/06 4:59 PM
Your location for the Tamipco Mexico Temple is not correct. I have the correct location in my file. It is NE of your marker about 1.35 miles.
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples - My Complete List blackdogprod 12/29/06 10:10 PM
EVERY SINGLE LDS TEMPLE in the world has a placemark on this file. This includes temples that are in low-res areas, temples under construction, announced temples, etc. I don't know the location (does anybody?) of the future Quetzaltenango, Guatemala temple, so I just marked the city.

I've gone to great lengths to make sure that the locations are accurate. I've also angled the placemarks so that you will see the temples standing straight up, at the same angle that the aerial photos were originally taken. I've found this approach to be not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it also helps my tired old brain to recognize the image quicker.

This exercise in finding temple locations, especially in low-res areas, around the world has helped me to understand the languages and cultures of mankind all over the globe.

If you find any mistakes...please please PLEASE post the corrections...for example, the Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico Temple...I'm not too sure about the location. I've had a difficult time, spending hours searching all over the internet to find a decent map of this city. So it's an approximation. If you've been there before (or any other low-res area) and can see the placemark is wrong, please share the correct location for all of us.

Thanks and enjoy my labor of love!
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples bwood720 1/10/07 9:11 PM
Asunción Paraguay temple is located in the wrong spot. I don't know how to create a KML file, but the correct location is:

Latitude: 25°17'16.50"S
Longitude: 57°36'10.26"W

It's right on the corner of the streets Brasilia and España.

Hope this helps.
Re: LDS Temples - here is BY Univ. Hesadanza 1/29/07 8:22 PM
The BYU Center is actually a little further to the west. See attached KMZ.
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples genmom 2/8/07 8:53 PM
I have a clear visual on every LDS temple building (or building lot) that in high resolution except the following. If any one can help me find these, I would love to hear from you.

Where is. . .
Apia Samoa
Nuku'alofa Tonga
Suva Fiji
Colonial Juarez Mexico
Quetzaltenango Guatemala
Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico
Veracruz Mexico

I have all the others so if you need one, just ask.

Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples blackdogprod 2/26/07 11:29 PM

Here are the correct coordinates:
(just copy and paste these into the "fly to" bar on Google Earth)

Apia, Samoa ----> -13.83889167, -171.7833056

Nuku'alofa, Tonga ----> -21.16623889, -175.2734917

Suva, Fiji ----> -18.12372222, 178.4415611

Colonial Juarez, Mexico ----> 30.30626389, -108.0807806

Veracruz, Mexico ----> 19.1347, -96.10633333

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico ----> Exact Coordinates are unknown

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala ----> Site has not been chosen yet

Here is how I verified these locations:

Apia, Samoa...I found an old-fashioned USGS-style map of Apia, Samoa online that had a specific location marked
as "Mormon temple". The temple is on property that involves Church College of Western Samoa. The map was very accurate and specific.

Nuku'alofa, Tonga...there is a mapserver for Tonga online that (slowly) draws in roads and
various other things. It is interactive, meaning you can zoom in on it. I discovered that this temple is
located in a village referred to as "Liahona", which is near to Fuala and Pea villages. The location is actually underneath the clouds on Google Earth currently.

Suva, Fiji...It has a mapping server very similar to Tonga's. The original coordinates in my old upload are correct. This draws a map that specifically states "temple", and the names of the roads indicate exactly where the temple is.

Colonial Juarez, Mexico...I found some very specific maps that show exactly where the temple (and the buildings around it) is. Sadly, this temple is just barely out of high res range !

Veracruz, Mexico...This temple was relatively easy to find. Veracruz has many maps on the internet,
so it wasn't very difficult at all. The temple is actually located within the city limit of Boca del Río, which is south of Veracruz.

Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico...This temple is difficult to pinpoint. Tuxtla Gutierrez has very few maps on the internet that show anything other than hotel row and the central district. It is likely very close to the original upload location. The directions from the website, translated from Spanish, indicate that the temple is 1.4 kilometers up the road to Chicoasen...the Chicoasen in Chiapas. This is important to note, because there are 2 Chicoasen's nearby. Based on the kilometer marking and educated guesswork, my original placemark should be fairly accurate. I've scrounged and scoured the internet literally scores of times...trying to find ANYTHING more specific...but I've come to the conclusion that we won't know for sure until the temple's location is in high-res.

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala...The church just announced this last year. There are no documents
on the net anywhere discussing where this temple will be built. Any guessing would be pure speculation.

I hope this answers your questions. If you want these posted in .kml or .kmz format, I would be more than happy to do so.

The Black Dog prodigy
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples - modified audibed 3/8/07 11:46 AM
The Guayaquil, Ecuador temple is actually the attached file's place, not where this file says it is.
I know; I'm there every week and used Google Earth to actually find a couple alternative routes to it.
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples - modified blackdogprod 4/23/07 8:00 PM
Here's an updated version of my original "all LDS Temples" file.
I have corrected the locations for several temples. This is very accurate now. Enjoy!
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples genmom 6/4/07 8:52 AM
Fun FUn FUN !!!

They just put the Nuku'alofa Tonga temple in high resolution and I think I have the it located. Can anyone tell me if the building at . . .

21-09'25.83 South 175-16'19.61 West

is the LDS temple?

Thank, genmom
Re: Fukuoka, Japan ronoutei 6/10/07 4:05 AM
sorry THIS is noy Japan Temple as you Posted but the elepant house in Fukuoka zoo. temple is 1/2 mile more to the east

please correct! (address is soso: its chuouku NOT minamiku and the city is fukuoka chi! 810 ist the first three numbers of the 7 number posal code? better delete yhis wrong thngy here!)
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples blackdogprod 6/18/07 6:41 PM
Sorry about the slow reply...

You're close, it is:

The temple is the grey-roofed building located at
21° 9'44.94"South and 175°16'20.34"West.

Tuxtla Gutierrez:
They finally got high res! The temple is located at
16°45'51.33"North and 93° 9'33.46"West .

Suva, Fiji
Yahoo maps has a high res was north of where I had it marked
The temple is located at
18° 7'9.67"South and 178°26'20.78"East

Enjoy the temple hunting in the future !

Blackdog Prodigy
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples QuintinNZ 9/10/07 5:45 PM
Here are the Pacific Island LDS Temples. I have verified these positions by actual visits... (I have the best job in the world)

Some of the previous early posts regarding the temples in the Pacific Islands and NZ have been inaccurate. So I have signed up to the community today. If you need any other locations for LDS sites in the pacific let me know.

The Samoa and Fiji temples are low res but the pinpoint is acurate.
The Tonga, Tahiti and New Zealand temples in the attached file are also spot on.

Regards, Quintin
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples blackdogprod 11/20/07 8:30 PM
QuintinNZ: slow reply...I forgot to post Papeete Tahiti !!! Thanks for posting it. If you ever need an assistant in your employment (travels), I'm here...haha
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples of Love ronoutei 3/16/08 8:49 AM
this mark shold and must be corrected or deleted
This so called Temple is in the middle of the city's red light district.
the well known and often marked LSD temple is near the city's zoo.
Gilbert Temple Site Bflamante 9/4/08 9:24 AM
Here are the marks indicating the Gilbert Temple recently announced in Arizona:

Latitude 33°17'30.12"N
Longitude 111°44'15.45"W
Re: LDS (Mormon) Temples - modified Angela Tufford 7/13/13 6:58 AM
the temple you have marked in sarasota florida is the airport
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