The Seven Wonders

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The Seven Wonders ink_polaroid 4/15/05 4:49 AM
Bits and pieces have been posted before, but here's all of them in one package.

The Seven Wonders of the...

Ancient World: Colossus of Rhodes | Hanging Gardens of Babylon | Mausoleum of Halicarnassus | Pharos of Alexandria | Pyramids of Giza | Statue of Zeus | Temple of Artemis

Medieval World: Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa | Colosseum | Great Wall of China | Hagia Sophia | Leaning Tower of Pisa | Porcelain Tower of Nanjing | Stonehenge

Natural World: Grand Canyon | Great Barrier Reef | Harbor of Rio de Janeiro | Mount Everest | Northern Lights | Paricutín Volcano | Victoria Falls

Undersea World: Belize Barrier Reef | Deep-Sea Vents | Galapagos Islands | Great Barrier Reef | Lake Baikal | Northern Red Sea | Palau

Modern World: Channel Tunnel | CN Tower | Empire State Building | Golden Gate Bridge | Itaipu Dam | Delta Works | Panama Canal

And the New Seven Wonders: Great Wall of China | Potala Palace | Taj Mahal | Roman Colosseum | El Castillo | Moai | Leaning Tower of Pisa

Some duplicates in there, I know. But I'm a completist like that.
Re: The Seven Wonders Lrae 4/15/05 9:16 AM
I am tempted to say "Get a Life"... but then you might stop showering us with things like this. So instead, I will simply say, "This is a keeper" and keep up the wonderfully diverse posts.

P. S. And for those in the know... I am now switching to "2 EC" and will be busy for the next couple of hours.
Re: The Seven Wonders ink_polaroid 4/15/05 11:24 AM
Hey! I have a life! It's right ... er.

Wait. No, I'm sure I had a life. It was around here somewhere.

Ah. Now I remember. I met the Eighth Wonder.
Re: The Seven Wonders q3c 6/5/05 4:16 AM
Probably the best post I have seen so far. Thank you for taking the time!
Re: The Seven Wonders rymix 7/3/05 2:00 PM
Brilliant post! Deserves some stars and a bit more accolade if you ask me.
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Re: The Seven Wonders Manta_Raye 7/4/05 1:59 PM
what is that? why no title
Re: The Seven Wonders miko1974 7/4/05 2:28 PM
Thank you for this excellent work!
Re: The Seven Wonders Python 7/5/05 3:38 PM
The Golden Gate is totally marvellous !! Thanks GooglEarth
Re: The Seven Wonders IckyChris 7/10/05 4:54 PM

But what is Stonehenge doing under 'Medieval World'? It's 4,500 years old.
Victoria Falls high-res overlay TheSHAD0W 7/25/05 12:29 PM
Here's a high-res overlay for Victoria Falls, on the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Re: Victoria Falls high-res overlay Mgogo 7/31/05 11:06 AM
Outstanding !! Many thanks
Not working... Cezar_Pezzotti 8/3/05 1:44 PM
Hey, ink_polaroid, in my computer the Google Earth software freezes and I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL it.
It happens only when I try to expand one of the 5 groups.

What can I do? If the problem are the size of the texts (...this come into my mind ...), do you have a simplier version?

And, anyway, congratulations . The best "pack" I see in this forum yet.
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Re: The Seven Wonders VinceHradil 8/3/05 2:54 PM
Need to move El Castillo - Chichen Itza:
Re: The Seven Wonders Cezar_Pezzotti 8/3/05 3:00 PM
Hey, VinceHradil
sorry but, move what... to where...
You mean I have to substitute the original El Castillo Placemark for this one you send me?

Anyway, thank you for answer me...
Re: The Seven Wonders crackednut 8/6/05 1:01 AM
Thanks ink_polaroid... that was a great placemark. Good work!
Re: The Seven Wonders VinceHradil 8/10/05 8:30 AM
Yes, I think my placemark is closer?
(Sorry for the late reply, I've been on vacation)
Re: The Seven Wonders RenatoCosta 8/10/05 11:51 AM

I was glad to see Rio de Janeiro listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural Earth.

Although I presume that you're talking about the natural harbor that the Guababara Bay represents relative to the Atlantic Ocean, the fact that there is a real harbor buit by man in the city with the same name seems to me a reason for you to change the name of one of the seven wonders to Rio de Janeiro.

I'm attaching a placemark for the location of the "man-made" harbor. If you agree with me I'd like to see the "harbor" placemark pointing to the place where the harbor is located.


Re: The Seven Wonders Johnsan 8/11/05 11:10 PM
Oh...great mark! this is a keeper...
This is a silly signature...
Re: The Seven Wonders Dolphgb 8/12/05 2:05 AM
A really superb post - thanks very much.
Cheers, Dolph...
Re: The Seven Wonders 5telios 8/14/05 4:57 AM
Your statue of Zeus placemark is off by about a degree in the N/S direction.

This is more accurate:


which lines it up with someone else's (slightly) incorrect position for the stadium at Olymia.

Nice list, though. I'll check the accuracy on the rest of the ancient world for you, although they seemed to be accurate enough.
Re: The Seven Wonders justy 8/14/05 5:16 AM
thts awsome gr8 work
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Re: The Seven Wonders Renato_Gerk 8/14/05 5:40 AM
Very cool!
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Re: The Seven Wonders anjuliet 8/14/05 5:55 AM
Cool! That's really great! Thanks!
Re: The Seven Wonders Towkay 8/27/05 8:59 PM
I think you have miss out Angkor Wat in Cambodia ! This is indeed a wonder of the world. Check it out.
Re: The Seven Wonders Wilko01 9/1/05 5:59 AM
Absolutely brilliant! The first place I visited was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, having recently spent 6 months just next door to them. I don't know if it is an issue with how these placemarks translate across maps but where you are after is actually:
( I wish I knew how to post my placemark!)

From what I can see your placemark is near the centre of al Hilla, the city adjacent to the Babylon ruins.

The coordinates above are next to the Great Procession Road of Babylon; the old ruins are to the left and the area that Saddam rebuilt is to the south (looking far more pristine than the actual ruins).

Saddam copied the Arabic of the original bricks and stamped on his bricks (which, by the way, he placed directly over the existing ruins) something along the lines of "Whereas the great King Nebuchadnezzar built this place, I, the great King Saddam rebuilt it"
Re: The Seven Wonders corsan 9/12/05 2:36 PM
erect really high
Re: The Seven Wonders axels 11/6/05 8:03 AM
Colosseum in the medieval age???
You might have some problems with history!
Re: The Seven Wonders Karolinger 11/7/05 2:32 PM
SGI delisted, becomes penny stock

[...] Today Google occupies the place in the popular media's consciousness as the wish fulfillment company, the place where all dreams come true. And Google also occupies SGI's spectacular high tech offices by the sand dunes on Shoreline Boulevard. And Google bought Keyhole, and renamed it, and made available to you as "Google Earth".

Google Earth: a heavenly eye on Mother Earth

In June 2005, Google launched its Google Earth tool, powered by Keyhole Technology from Keyhole, a company that Google acquired last year. [...]

/'&rth/ Middle English erthe, from Old English eorthe; akin to Old High German erda, Greek era.
Re: The Seven Wonders Galder 11/8/05 12:04 PM
I think there are two mistakes.
First one: colosseum must go in ancient world as is not medieval by definiton

Second one: Stonehenge MUST go in ancient world if somewhere.

My suggestions: Put Tzitzen Itza or Machu Pichu in medieval wonders.
Also put Internet in modern (as i think that it is greater than for example CN Tower). Eiffer tower and Marrakech Koutoubya also must appear somewhere... I'll think about that, but i see that is a very eurocentrist (maybe usacentrist) list of wonders.
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Re: The Seven Wonders Galder 11/8/05 12:09 PM
And... why not creating a real 6 continents wonder list... I mean one of each continent in one of each ages (taking occidental eras):

Ancient Age:
Classic Age:
Medieval Age:
Modern Age:
Contemporaneus Age:
Natural Wonders:
Underwater wonders:
Not construction wonders:

I propose this, and i think a poll would be a good way, by i don't know how to put it... some help?

After finishing it we can create the renewed wonders file for downloading.

Re: The Seven Wonders (Hanging Garden) knowack 11/25/05 10:37 AM
The icon for the Hanging Gardens isn't placed quite right. Its currently indicated just SE of the statue of the Lion of Babylon (the brown square with a dark object in the center). The actual location is immediately SW of the Ishtar Gate...the trapezoidal area in the NE corner of the Palace. The archeologists (that Saddam didn't execute) were very helpful and informative.

Saddam did mimic Nebuchadnezzer's bricks, but some of the archeologists and workers changed the wording, cursing Saddam. When he found what the bricks actually said, he had many of the people executed.

There's a bias on the front of Saddam's palace to the west that shows Saddam as a modern Nebuchadnezzer.
Re: The Seven Wonders KingConn 12/11/05 10:51 AM
Although on a less grander scale, here are the 7 Wonders of Gwinnett County
Re: The Seven Wonders Draconian 12/29/05 1:47 PM
Thanks for the effort....It'll take awhile to view it all. Perhaps you may have an answer to a query? Any ide when or if the 3-D function can or will be applied to the Pyramids or the Sphinx?

Jim Bennett
Indianapolis, Indiana
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Re: The Seven Wonders lisahash 12/30/05 6:18 AM
As an ancient history freak, I was thrilled with your compilation. Thank you and great job.
Re: The Seven Wonders iamcoolerthanme 12/30/05 1:46 PM
Re: The NEW Seven Wonders vriendtje 1/2/06 10:03 AM
I have posted a trip along the 21 nominees for this years event to assemble a new list of 7 wonders of the world.


also visit
Re: The Seven Wonders yester 6/17/06 3:53 AM
The Great Wall and Potala Palace look way off to me.

The Great Wall is too long to locate. And the Potala Palace is attached.
Re: The Seven Wonders browniebodrum 9/12/06 5:06 AM
Hi and thanks for a fascinating post. Now that we've got better definition for Bodrum, for the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, you might like to move the placemark - at the moment it's slap bang on top of the modern, concrete, ugly bazaar and bus station building. There is a Mausoleum Museum, which is thought to be close to the main part of the original site, and it's at about 37° 2'16.36"N 27°25'27.66"E. That would be a better palce for it.
Re: The Seven Wonders stuartehamilton 7/7/07 5:02 PM
Attavhed are the New Seven Woners of the World announced 7/7/7
Masyal H_M_Irfan 8/5/07 11:00 PM
Masyal Village (Pakistan), a well-known village near Indian Border of Jammu. Promenint Personalities of this village included Mr. Allah Ditta, Haji Ahmad Din, Haji Rehmat Ali, Sufi Muhammad Siddique and Engineer Muhammad Bashir.
Re: The Seven Wonders Valkyrie40 3/25/08 7:38 AM

I must say you have done a superb job compiling all the wonders under their various categories and that too in a single package!! As a teacher, I found it very informative. Thanks a million!
Re: The Seven Wonders Muzammil_Hussain 4/13/08 11:58 AM
wow, thanks for putting this together -- i just spent an hour going through all of them!
Re: The Seven Wonders Anis_Ahmed 4/18/08 6:41 AM
do u know about "The cave of Seven Sleepers" in Amman?
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