Yards Creek Generating Station

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Yards Creek Generating Station JavaGAR 3/27/11 8:28 AM
The Yards Creek Generating Station, with its Upper and Lower Reservoirs, is a pumped-storage hydroelectric facility in New Jersey.

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Yards Creek – View of Plant & Lower Reservoir
  • Upper Reservoir holds 1.6 billion gallons of water, equivalent to 4763 acre-feet
  • Water is conveyed between plant & Upper Reservoir via an 18’ diameter 1,800’ long exposed steel pipe
  • At full station load, approx. 4 million gpm of water is released (9000 cfs)

Role of the Plant/Department
  • Provide energy, regulation and spinning reserve during on-peak hours
  • Provide an energy sink off-peak (11P.M. -7 A.M.) to allow fossil and nuclear plants to remain more fully loaded

Additional Information
  • Upper Reservoir – manmade, underlying rock structure, rock filled, clay core using existing terrain
  • Operating Head – 750’

- source of photo and statistics: FirstEnergy / Duke Energy: Overview of FirstEnergy Pumped Hydro Seneca & Yards Creek Stations (ppt)

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