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World Wide Panorama wuz 7/6/05 9:15 AM
If have created a placelist for the World Wide Panorama. You can download it from

There are ~1200 Quicktime VR Images from all over the world on their site.

I hope you enjoy it.

Re: World Wide Panorama ink_polaroid 7/6/05 9:44 AM
Enjoy it? I *love* it!

You know, if you post your kmz here (as an attachment), it will eventually be integrated into the BBS layers.

Very, very cool, wuz.
Re: World Wide Panorama *DELETED* wuz 7/6/05 9:53 AM
Post deleted by wuz
Re: World Wide Panorama number1fan 7/6/05 10:39 AM
Way Cool Wuz!

Lot to check out!
Re: World Wide Panorama Hill 7/6/05 10:45 AM
Excellent. It works very well.
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Re: World Wide Panorama philverney 7/6/05 12:35 PM
I'd never even heard of that World Wide Panoramas before, so firstly thanks for introducing me to that, but big thanks for doing all that It is saved on my hard drive ready for a rainy day....I live in the UK, so I'll be looking at it very soon

Thank you!
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Re: World Wide Panorama blt 7/6/05 12:36 PM
Fantastic - you even managed to get a picture in the popup window. I didn't know we could so that yet!

Thanks -
Re: World Wide Panorama Ezeglin 7/6/05 6:22 PM
This is really great
Re: World Wide Panorama Jumble 7/6/05 7:08 PM
Wonderful! Great addition to the bbs, and a real enhancement for GE.
Thanks much!!
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Re: World Wide Panorama TheRealMcCoy 7/6/05 11:49 PM
Amazing !!! Just amazing !!!

I did not know about World Wide Panoramas but I'm really grateful to you for having me discover this one and for the great job on the kmz

Thanks !!!
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Re: World Wide Panorama neo 7/8/05 5:47 AM
Very impressive! Keep it up!
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Re: World Wide Panorama FuNkY_CaPrIcOrN 7/8/05 10:48 AM
The big icons Crashed my Google Earth.I need to go try it with small icons.
Re: World Wide Panorama wuz 7/9/05 6:50 PM
I like the add more data to my file and i like to limit the icons that show up to a specific height like the data in the layers. Is this possible within a kmz?
Re: World Wide Panorama ink_polaroid 7/9/05 10:00 PM
It's not possible to have an LOD in KML, but there's a workaround...

If you parse the coordinates returned by the view-based refresh, you can return KML only when the difference in lat/long extremities is within a certain value.
Re: World Wide Panorama badleo 7/10/05 3:02 AM
It is cool~

but the Hong Kong Tsing Ma Bridge is point to a wrong place~
Re: World Wide Panorama wuz 7/10/05 6:16 AM
I know. The GPS - data is submitted from the panographers and some didn't care to much.... if you have the correct data, please send me an PM and i will correct it!

Re: World Wide Panorama Corkonian 7/10/05 9:38 AM
this is an incredible addition, a great find. google, if you're reading, include this as a default in the installation.
Re: World Wide Panorama seer 7/10/05 10:29 AM
Google is *always* reading the posts here.
Be seeing you, Seer
Re: World Wide Panorama wuz 7/10/05 4:37 PM
I have updated the kmz. There are 10 more panoramas in it, and some positions are updated. There is also a direct link to the fullscreen panorama.

Re: World Wide Panorama equitus 7/10/05 5:32 PM

But who is going to reset all the default snapshot views to match the panorama POVs for all of these?

Re: World Wide Panorama seer 7/10/05 7:18 PM

You've sure made a big success with your posts. Thank you for making the Google Earth a richer place!
Re: World Wide Panorama Bonetti 7/24/05 6:37 PM
Very good...
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Re: World Wide Panorama matheuscp 7/26/05 7:12 PM
Just amazing!
Nice job!
Re: World Wide Panorama sakusom 9/13/05 2:29 AM
Worl Wide Panorama/World Heritage/Europe/The Old Church at Petäjäveisi the poition is wrong. The correct coordintates are: 62 deg 14'59.41" N 25 deg 11'01.15" E.
Panoramas are wonderfull! Thank you.

Re: World Wide Panorama pphunkdelux 11/10/05 7:40 PM
Probably one of my top ten fav. kml's. Thanks a lot!
Re: Correction for Kumamoto castle Reggie98 11/11/05 5:53 PM
Hi wuz,

This is a fantastic collection, very well presented.

I have attached a correction for Kumamoto castle, I think to within a meter or two.

I may, if I have time, try to check the positions for rest of the Japan placemarks. I spent almost a year travelling round Japan taking photos, and have been to some of these wonderful spots. I also have just sufficient Japanese reading ability to make use of the Japanese map websites.

Note: I will delete the placemark once it has been incorporated into your file, to prevent a duplicate appearing.

Also, if you put the <img src> information as the first part of the description, it should fit into the 200 bytes limit for the GE layer itself. The photo would appear in the pop-up even if the viewer hasn't downloaded your file.
Cheers, Reggie "In Search of Beauty" Reggie's photos Photos in kmz