**In-Flight ID Charts**

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**In-Flight ID Charts** Cyclonic 11/19/05 6:50 AM
This post contains screenshots of airplanes captured in flight in GE with ID and dimensions.
All dimensions are accurate and taken from Airliners.net and Wikipedia so keep in mind that they will vary in GE.
Satellite pix are fairly close most of the time but aerial pix are off by alot.
I included both feet and meters.
The old chart was pretty messy, with measurements from the GE tool, which led to very innacurate information.
I sorted them in alphabetical order by company for the most popular ones.
Military planes were done seperately and are after the Civilian planes.
Most of their measurements were taken from FAS.ORG.
On the bottom I added new schematic drawings with the visual differences on a few sets of planes that are close in size and shape.

The following pictures are planes of similar size where the GE measuring tool can go either way.
In these cases you will need to be able to tell the differences simply by looking at them.
Hopefully the pictures below will help make it easier.


Most times, this is a easy way to tell a Boeing from a Airbus.

Many thanks to Bebop for his patience and expertise in this subject.
Re: A plane in flight ID helper Cyclonic 11/19/05 6:52 AM
ahh problems already. How do I get it to show its full size?

EDIT: its my picture hosting site. photobucket.com. They automatically resize a pic over 500k.
I changed it from .bmp to .jpg. I think its back to full size.
Re: A plane in flight ID helper no.stranger 11/19/05 8:43 AM
Hi Cyclonic, The Flick comes up a trick, Thanks ,much appreciated.
Cheers. K.P.
Re: A plane in flight ID helper Delta102 11/19/05 10:30 AM

For the past day or so Ive been trying to come up with a way to help me better ID planes in flight. Im absolutely terrible at it and using the net wasnt helping. Too much info, too many URLs to look at, hardly any overhead shots to go by = frustration.
So I thought, why not just use Bebop's ID replies (which we all can trust) and throw some actual screenshots into 1 pic with dimensions on top and ID on bottom? hmm. I started working on it.
Well, I ended up with a very messy looking pic, lol, but one that I think will help a little.
Granted, the dimensions are hard because of a planes altitude, most arent accurate but it will at least give a rough measurement and something to go by. The main thing is the looks of the plane along with the ID. I was going to just keep this on my hard drive but now decided to post it here so others can use it if they want, or for any constructive critisizm on how to improve it.
These were the most popular planes, and almost all big ones. Theres many others. If I find a bunch of different planes maybe ill start a second picture. The measurements are in feet (sorry metric users) The L is the length of the body and WS is wingspan.

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Re: A plane in flight ID helper Frank_McVey 11/19/05 10:35 AM
Thanks Cyclonic - that's certainly a keeper.


Re: A plane in flight ID helper bebop 11/19/05 1:15 PM
Hi Cyclonic

Very nice work indeed!
I'm sure it's really useful.

For your next collage picture, you might add some more planes, such as A 319, 737-100 (thin engines), Cessna 500 Citation, C-130, F-14 (I can remember those, but I'm pretty sure there are some more).
Tomorrow, time permitting, I'll try a search and I'll PM you the links.

Thank you.


PS: don't trust me too much... sometimes I just try an ID...
Re: A plane in flight ID helper saukko 11/19/05 1:57 PM
Well, now even I could turn civilian with these recognition jobs. Beware !
Great job ! Have a sip, this is the best !

Re: A plane in flight ID helper Cyclonic 11/19/05 5:10 PM
Thanks all. It was kinda fun to make. I havent messed with paint shop in a while. B, yes many are missing, including the fighters and other military planes. I can find them posts ok but have trouble finding non-military light craft where a positive ID can be made. Mostly on certain types of cessnas. Any help with links would be great!
Re: A plane in flight ID #2 added Cyclonic 11/20/05 7:05 AM
Found enough different planes to make a second one. I started to run out near the end so the bottom right has a few odd ones just to fill the pic.
If anyone can think of a bunch of others ill be glad to make a third.
Thanks to Bebop and Saukko for the links and IDs!
Edit: moved it to OP under 1st pic.
Re: A plane in flight ID helper lilbond 11/20/05 2:13 PM
can you post latitudes and longitudes for the planes.

by the way, a good place to find planes in flight is around Chicago because of o'hare airport and the smaller midway airport(as well as the dozens of smaller airports surrounding the city)
Re: A plane in flight ID helper lilbond 11/20/05 2:17 PM
is the airbus 340 500(think thats the right #) picture on the bottom right side on fire(look at the area by the right wing) and/or what's that big thing in front of the plane?
Re: A plane in flight ID helper Cyclonic 11/20/05 2:52 PM
Hiya Lilbond.
It wasnt a guide to help find planes, just to ID them. They are found at all longitudes and latitudes. If you download the placemark in the first post of the following thread youll see tons of them in flight that were found around the globe.
All Planes In Flight

As far as where to look, I found that the most popular airports have little planes. I dont know why. Take Logan Airport in Boston. A VERY busy airport with alot of activity on the runways, yet only 1 or 2 planes found in flight in the entire state of Massachusetts. I dont believe too many are from the Chicago area either. The most planes in the US (i think) are in California. Probably because the state is so large and there are so many data chunks there. But also because its a sunny warm popular place to fly year round. Not to mention the constant flow of tourists.
Re: A plane in flight ID helper lilbond 11/20/05 3:20 PM
thanks for the help. if you want to label some military (and a few civilian) planes, heres a picture of an extremely large plane junkyard
Re: A plane in flight ID helper Frank_McVey 11/20/05 4:08 PM
Hi, Lilbond,

That would be a BIG task for Cyclonic after all the work he's done in putting together the composites!

The easiest way for both is for you to download the file at the placemark in this posts:

*All Aircraft in Flight*
This will show you all the aircraft that have been recorded so far.


Re: A plane in flight ID helper bebop 11/21/05 1:19 AM
Hi Lilbond and welcome to GE


if you want to label some military (and a few civilian) planes...

Take a look at this page: AMARC.

Re: A plane in flight ID helper Cyclonic 11/23/05 10:03 AM
Re: A plane in flight ID helper Cyclonic 1/10/06 2:36 PM
EDIT: Big update June 17, 2006.
I pretty much deleted the old pix and redid them. See OP.
Re: **In-Flight ID Charts** 2468scotty 7/27/06 1:12 PM
Hi I'm brand new at this and probably doing it all wrong.

I have found something very unusual. It looks like a 737 leaving LAX
There is a long extension sticking out the side of the plane, from just behind the cockpit.

this can be found about 2-3 milex south of the Santa Monica city center.
the co-ordinates are: 33o55'03.99N 118o35'64.45W

This is very curious, perhaps you can explain it. thank you!
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Re: **In-Flight ID Charts** bebop 7/27/06 1:25 PM
Hi Scotty and welcome to GE

I think you're referring to this plane:

The "long extension" is called flare and it's due to the sunlight reflected into satellite camera lens by a gleaming, polished surface.
Here is a tech explanation: LINK.

If you do a search for "flares" you'll get many examples.

Have fun with GE.
Re: **In-Flight ID Charts** adastra_on_yafro 9/19/06 10:23 PM
i am not much for conspiracy theories....BUT... i tripped over this. two jets in formation over northeast kansas spewing what appear to be CHEMTRAILS~!

Its a Boeing 757-200 with contrails posted by Rygo72 in This Post.
I removed the picture since it was too wide and causing a bottom scroll bar.
Re: **In-Flight ID Charts** Chris_the_pilot 7/31/09 4:34 PM
Hey thanx! This is really great! I can't find the second one though...could you give me the link please? thanx! smile
Re: **In-Flight ID Charts** 2468scotty 1/7/12 4:03 PM
Happy New Year

Hi Cyclonic
I have used your "ID flight ID charts for several years. I would be lost without them! I had printed out a complete set, and it is getting pretty ragged (and probably out-dated)

All I get are notices from Photobucket blocking the pictures and info.

Can you tell me what to change or click? I am not good with computers. (self-taught by a dummy)

Thanks for the list I still have and for any help in getting a new one.
Re: **In-Flight ID Charts** Normb 1/7/12 5:57 PM
Hi Scotty..

It looks like the Images have gone..

Maybe some-one else has the images and charts saved and can let us know.

EDIT..... Check out this Link Oh and Many links at the bottom of the All Aircraft in Flight are Valid links and ID help as well
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