Unusual Flash.Space Debris ?

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Unusual Flash.Space Debris ? ploppy 8/27/08 11:46 AM
Hi all,
This looks a bit interesting.
I could not find a placemark for it and it is not in Price Collins collection.
This does not look like a normal flash and it appears to be in the air.
The tree below are still visible through the edges of it.

Could this be a piece of space debris ?

All the best

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Re: Unusual Flash.Space Debris ? Noisette 8/27/08 12:25 PM
Interesting ploppy, there's a similar thing posted here by benomir. I'll move this one to data discussions as well, so Price Collins can have a look at it.
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Re: Unusual Flash.Space Debris ? Hill 8/27/08 1:43 PM
The difference between this imagery and benomir's is that yours is satellite imagery and benomir's is aerial photography. His has 3 additional dots in addition to the dash. This one seems to be stand alone.

Usually artifacts found in satellite and aerial imagery are different and are caused in different ways. I think Price has another category to figure out. Luckily it seems very rare and has no real effect on the overall imagery.
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Re: Unusual Flash.Space Debris ? ploppy 8/27/08 5:23 PM
Thank you Noisette and Hill,

It was one of thougths "not sure whether to post or where to place it" things,
but is worth a look at,so thank you for your interest and additional info.
Re: Unusual Flash.Space Debris ? PriceCollins 7/15/11 10:48 AM
Recent image updates have removed this image problem.