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MYSTERY USAF BOEINGS??? kevmcl73 2/26/08 12:12 PM
What are these boings, at first look they could be JSTARS, but they appear to have a humnp on there back.
Re: MYSTERY USAF BOEINGS??? carmedic 2/26/08 2:54 PM
They look like Boeing RC-135W Stratolifter 'RivetJoint'

There are two more at RAF Mildenhall in this POST
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Re: MYSTERY USAF BOEINGS??? saukko 2/27/08 4:13 AM
Hi car !

I don't know anything about KC-135, but comparing the picture and the image:
According to the shadows, they don't have extended noses and they do have
a small hump or blade on top of the fuselage. I think also the cheeks could
be seen in the image.

KC-135 has been so many that I dare not try at all !
Good luck to you others !

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Re: MYSTERY USAF BOEINGS??? kevmcl73 2/27/08 5:43 AM
Thanks saukko, looks like no cheeks or long nose, is there a hunchback kc135 variant out there??
Re: MYSTERY USAF BOEINGS??? BattalionCommander 2/27/08 11:21 PM
its a KC-135 I compared it against the shape of the one at the March AFB museum

its the one in front of the camo B52

the site at the March field museum is down but heres the link

and heres the on for the nonprofit site

the KC-135 is the one on the right hand side of the second photo
Re: MYSTERY USAF BOEINGS??? thehairyscotsman 2/28/08 6:20 AM
Look like KC-135 Stratotankers used for in-flight refuelling.
Re: MYSTERY USAF BOEINGS??? Ender_Wiggin 3/1/08 5:27 AM
They do appear to have mildly extended noses but not th overly long or bulbous type.

Great place this - a flock of H-model Herky birds with a pair of J's, and a gaggle of Lancers.

Re: MYSTERY USAF BOEINGS??? Stan567 6/9/08 1:41 PM
I am pretty sure that neither of them are KC-135 (no refueling boom is visible, you can see some real KC-135 on the North of the base for comparison).
These are two different planes.
Also note the strange wingtips.
To me, they are two different variants of RC-135 but no lateral fuselage bulb is visible.
If somebody could help on these IDs...
Re: MYSTERY USAF BOEINGS??? astrathuk 6/10/08 11:42 AM
They are US Navy E-6s

Re: MYSTERY USAF BOEINGS??? briank982 10/24/10 12:08 PM
They look like P-3 Orions to me.
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