Hurricane Katrina/Digitalglobe Imagery

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Hurricane Katrina/Digitalglobe Imagery philverney 8/31/05 12:07 PM
I know many people are wanting imagery from Katrina.

The best source of this will be from Digitalglobe; who already contribute greatly to Google Earth's extensive database.

Digitalglobe have just made a Press Release

I thought people would benefit from me posting it here.


Dear Concerned Party,

First let the DigitalGlobe community say that all of the people and communities impacted by Hurricane Katrina are in our thoughts. We hope for the most rapid and best outcome possible for them all.

DigitalGlobe is aware of the extreme humanitarian need in the communities impacted by Hurricane Katrina and is making every effort possible to collect useable satellite imagery of the impacted areas. We have five potential satellite accesses planned for the next week.

Weather conditions permitting, this imagery will be posted on our website and available through our partners.

DigitalGlobe and Google are working closely to provide the updated imagery via Google Maps and Google Earth as quickly as is possible.

Please visit our website periodically throughout the next days in order to get updates on newly available imagery.


The DigitalGlobe Community

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Re: Hurricane Katrina/Digitalglobe Imagery ctitanic 8/31/05 1:06 PM
Just BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PHIL V - Hurricane Katrina/Digitalglobe Imagery number1fan 8/31/05 4:06 PM
Great 1st post by new Member BennJAY!

Re: Imagery now available philverney 8/31/05 7:31 PM
Digitalglobe imagery is now available
Re: Imagery now available equitus 8/31/05 7:43 PM
...and here's an overlay using one of the new hi-res Digital Globe images. Great detail!!

[Warning: Huge image file takes a while to load into GE.]

UPDATE - Tweaked placement.
Re: Imagery now available psylant 8/31/05 7:50 PM
Well done with the overlay.

What a castastrophe .
Re: Imagery now available Michael_M 8/31/05 8:05 PM
Note that the much-discussed 17th Street levee break is clearly visible in this image, upper-left corner, just below the bridge.....

The placemark may help you find it.

Michael_M (alias BennJay)
Re: Imagery now available number1fan 8/31/05 8:22 PM
Don't confuse us..

Good post on the BennJAY alias.....
Re: Imagery now available rdk571 8/31/05 10:49 PM
that is unbelievable. the entire city is finished.
this is nauseating.
Re: Imagery now available menehune 9/1/05 3:11 AM
Watching all the news coverage of NOLA and other locations damaged by the hurricane doesn't compare to the images on Google Earth... its incredibly hard to gage or understand the extent of damage done to New Orleans without an overall view of the entire city.

The views are quite astonishing... I will definately share this information with other Google Earth users.

All my prayers go to the survivors of this catastrophe...
Re: Hurricane Katrina/Digitalglobe Imagery Kathryn_Cramer 9/1/05 5:17 AM
I have been looking into the DigitalGlobe permissions situation, since their posting of the highly detailed before & after pix includes language restricting alteration of their photos and I wanted to post jpeg images he created using the overlay in the Typepad album I created yesterday (, mostly composed of the jpegs Shawn provided me with.

Here's what I wrote to Shawn:

"Google Earth is an authorized reseller of DigitalGlobe satellite maps (see Can you (by which I mean the collective You) contact GE customer support and see if you can get some kind of blanket authorization for this general kind of alteration of DG's maps? I was going to write to DG directly asking for blanket permission, but that may not be necessary."

(I can't, by the way, use GE myself until GE releases their promised Mac edition, since we're a Mac household.)

Re: Hurricane Katrina/Digitalglobe Imagery Frank_McVey 9/1/05 7:28 AM
Thanks, Phil.

Here In the UK, we are famed for complaining about our weather, but seeing something like these really puts it into perspective; we have a very temperate country, with few extremes.

My thoughts are with those who endured Katrina and now face the prospect of rebuilding their lives.

All the best

Re: Imagery now available ctitanic 9/1/05 8:30 AM

Digitalglobe imagery is now available

I beleive that this is a very appropiate thread to add just one link....

Red Cross
Re: Imagery now available thobie1 9/1/05 8:40 AM
This is truly a stunning photo. Thanks to all who have made it available so we can see for ourselves in some small way the devastation of this event and pray for those still in New Orleans.
Re: Imagery now available dennis53 9/1/05 1:17 PM
What do I have to click on to see New Orleans photos?
Re: Imagery now available psylant 9/1/05 1:21 PM
"Open this placemark" on the top of equitus's post (further up the thread).
Re: Hurricane Katrina/Digitalglobe Imagery Kathryn_Cramer 9/1/05 1:52 PM
DigitalGlobe is coming after Matthew Harris for "misattribution" of satellite images obtained through GE, threatening to bill Flickr (presumably a lot) if his images don't come down.
Re: Imagery now available smcq 9/1/05 2:44 PM
Obviously, some people are able to view these overlays. But they are not loading for me. I've tried changing the embedded file into a URL to the same file on the web, no results. Explanations about maximum image size don't explain why it works for some and not others.

Just another user, not an authority.
Re: Hurricane Katrina/Digitalglobe Imagery obrian 9/1/05 5:30 PM
their permission policy basically says, "don´t use it for commercial purposes" which we aren´t doing here obviously, and, "place a link to digitalglobe", in our case in the overlay description. So no problem at all.
Overlays obrian 9/1/05 5:42 PM
I did my best to align these images properly, here´s the Chalmette one. Others following.
Re: Overlays obrian 9/1/05 5:49 PM
Levee Break at Surekote Road
Re: Overlays obrian 9/1/05 5:57 PM
Levee Break at Bellaire Drive
Re: Imagery now available JamSki 9/1/05 6:17 PM
Should we fix it only to have it happen again? It will happen again. It may be 10, 20, or 30 years from now, but it's inevitable.

Mother Nature wants to claim that land. Man cannot stop it; he can only delay it.

I don't know why people would choose to live in a place that's below sea level, no matter how beautiful it is.

I see images of people's homes, and in their backyards, is a hill. And on top of that hill, is a river! I couldn't sleep at night knowing that a large body of water is above my home.
Re: Overlays obrian 9/1/05 8:17 PM
and this is Biloxi, the Coast picture
Re: Overlays obrian 9/1/05 8:47 PM
and the bridge of highway 90 at biloxi
Re: Imagery now available Michael_M 9/1/05 9:00 PM
Memo to number1fan: Sorry--no intention to confuse.

I inadvertently ended up with two log-ins during the Beta testing of GE+. The BennJay post was done from a different computer where there must have been a leftover cookie. You tipped me off that the old log-in still existed with your generous praise about my "first post." It was actually my third. In any event, I hope what I posted was helpful, regardless of which of my several names it appeared under.

Re: Hurricane Katrina/Digitalglobe Imagery botanas 9/5/05 2:13 PM
Re: Imagery now available pwmmc 9/20/05 5:50 PM
Please allow a current resident and native New Orleanian to respond:

"Should we fix it only to have it happen again? It will happen again. It may be 10, 20, or 30 years from now, but it's inevitable."

- I don't know who you mean when you say "we" but no offense, if it (the levees) had been "fixed" in the first place as promised by Congress, etc., the hurricane (any cat 3 or above) wouldn't have caused the water damage you see in the pictures...

"Mother Nature wants to claim that land. Man cannot stop it; he can only delay it."

- I couldn't agree more except that Mother Nature DID claim this land and Man could have delayed it - see response to first comment

"I don't know why people would choose to live in a place that's below sea level, no matter how beautiful it is."

- The majority of us WERE BORN HERE and call it HOME. How did your parents take it when you spoke to them from the womb and voted where you wanted to be born and raised?

Moreover, you've obviously never been to New Orleans; if you had, you'd know first hand that it's NOT beautiful in the asthetic sense. It's beauty lies in the spirit of the people, their generosity, the mix of all colors, creeds, and races that visitors' feel welcomes ANYONE with open house hospitality. Make no mistake, if you come to New Orleans or any of it's surrounding areas and tell a resident that you're hungry or tired, you will be invited home for a hot meal and warm bed 99% of the time, no questions asked, no payment necessary. In short, all of the stories you've been hearing of the people in this country taking victims' into their home out of compassion, is exactly what you can expect in the people of New Orleans. Oh and please, make no mistake - the overwhelming majority of people here are just as horrified about the looting, robberies, rapes, murders, etc. in the shelters and surrounding areas as the rest of the world is. Not all of us are that kind of people. Don't judge all of us on the behavior of those relatively few who are or have been hell bent of that thinking and behavior in the first place. I hope you never have to experience this kind of disaster in your lifetime but if you do, come to New Orleans and you will be welcomed with open arms and the compassion of those of us who've experienced it.

"I see images of people's homes, and in their backyards, is a hill. And on top of that hill, is a river! I couldn't sleep at night knowing that a large body of water is above my home."

- That "hill" is a levee and I don't know anyone here that has ever had a "hill" in their backyard. Those levees are what have kept this city FROM devastating floods for so many years. This city has been a major port in this country since Mother Nature put it here originally. Put it in perspective this way - look around and in your house. You can't throw a rock without hitting something that didn't come through the port of New Orleans to bring you the comfort, joy, and peace of mind that you've forgotten that has put more than one smile on your face and the faces of your families and friends.

This city will be back. I hope some sense of compassion in you comes back too.

Please don't misunderstand - I'm not angry at your post, just disappointed. Thanks for hearing me out...
Re: Imagery now available Will_Pittenger 9/20/05 8:20 PM
I am not opposed to rebuilding it in the current location. Just do not use my tax money. Pay for it yourself. I listed my reasons in a reply farther down. I was replying to a different reply branch of of the same post you replied to.

You might want to consider insurance next time. Oh, wait. It's not insurable. I wonder why.


The majority of us WERE BORN HERE and call it HOME.

So if you were born and called the bottom of the ocean home, you would want to make that livable?
Re: Imagery now available pwmmc 9/21/05 4:48 AM

I live and work in New Orleans. I've been "paying for it myself" for years and no matter where I live and work, unless you know something that the rest of us don't, the IRS will continue to collect OUR money and the feds will continue to spend OUR money in many irresponsible ways; I just happen to think that SOME of OUR money is being spent on a humanitarian cause here in this country.

Did you feel the same way about the victims of 9/11 and their families as well as the victims of the tsunami and the donations and assistance of OUR tax money? If so, what a pity. In fact, I've got alot of pity to go around; please don't SPEND YOURS, feel free to help yourself to some of mine. And BTW, I'm also full of pride and gratitude for the people of OUR country and those around the world who've opened THEIR HEARTS AND WALLETS in response to Katrina's impact. I'd offer you to help yourself to some of my pride and gratitude, but with all due respect, please get your own and try not to hurt yourself doing it. Please understand, I wish you no harm and I can't imagine many people who would want your pity or compassion that bad.

As far as your suggestion to "consider insurance", I have and do have insurance and lucky for you, it didn't cost you a penny. I'm not wealthy by any stretch, but I'm NOT filing a claim because my family's been blessed enough not to have recieved as much damage as it could have. Oh, we've recieved damage, but feel no need to ask for financial assistance from ANY entity when so many others need it more.

So, "Oh, wait", In case you missed it, IT IS INSURABLE! So please stop wasting your time wondering why. It would be infinitely better spent on trying to get a clue. If you need ANY assistance in that endeavor, let me know. I think I can help you there...


The majority of us WERE BORN HERE and call it HOME.

Re: Imagery now available Will_Pittenger 9/21/05 9:02 AM
President Bush is still talking about billions rebuilding just New Orleans. That is what we should not be paying for. 9-11 is a different sitiuation. 100% of the money rebuilding the World Trade Center (now called Freedom Tower) came from private insurance.

In the end, you would be safer and happier with a new New Orleans in a new location.

And, yes, I would ask President Bush to spend whatever is needed on that.
Will Pittenger
A full list of stuff that I have uploaded is at my site.
Re: Imagery now available MKL 9/22/05 10:59 AM
Yeah, that is a great idea Will! But what's with the black inhabitants? Do you know a cost efficient solution for them as well?

Re: Imagery now available Will_Pittenger 9/22/05 8:04 PM
I do not recall seperating them out. Everyone needs moved. Not just some.