How to create a perfect post.

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How to create a perfect post. kite_surfer 2/23/11 1:36 PM
Steps in creating perfect posts.

Well, bluntly put, you can't.. grin for anyone makes mistakes and we as human beings are not perfect at all. However, you can be sure that some of your posts might be more appreciated if you keep the following guidelines in the back of your head:
  • Be creative!
  • Be unique!
  • Use your own wording, and do not copy and paste from other sites!
  • Preferably, use your own photos for the story or make sure you create a link to the photographer.
  • Create links to Wikipedia pages.
That's basically it. wink For a more thorough explanation of the guidelines above, read on..

Be Creative!
This involves looking for other styles of writing then is usually the case. A good starting point is to look at a major news items and to compare how different news agencies publicize. You might find that most are copying each other, where as the ones that (to me) are more interesting stand out in using different styles. Check for instance this news item. As you can see in the search result, the majority are using the keywords obama and 12 stitches. But how about changing the major subject into "Leader of the World Injured" and starting out by telling your readers about your own experiences with basketball and then slowly ending up by revealing Obama's unfortunate encounter with an elbow? Wouldn't that make the post even more interesting?

Be Unique!
Remember that you are the only one that knows your region best and you probably know some secret places that are not known even to the locals in your town or village! You can use this advantage as a starting point to create a great post.

Use your own wording.
Using your own wording can bring flavour to your posts, that will attract other users from around the globe! There's nothing wrong with copying and pasting information already available on the internet as long as it it being quoted as in: "Use your own wording if possible. If at all possible, you should use your own words and phrases. This will happen, of course, if you write your own speech." (Quote from Furthermore, please note that other users can easily copy and paste some sentences from your story to check if you have copied and pasted your story from other sources from the internet!

Use your own photos.
This might not always be possible, especially if you are doing a post about a remote region in the amazon forest and you are living in Poland.. To use other photos, make sure they are not copyrighted and if that's not the case, make sure to create a link to the originator of the photo.

Create Links.
Creating links is most useful for users that probably don't know the words you are using. As I am living in the Netherlands, the words 'Soft Rime' didn't rang any bells until I found the Wiki page about it. So if you suspect that some words might be too tough for International readers, consider using links to Wikipedia that explains in detail what the word is all about!
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