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Path Elevation Profile

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Path Elevation Profile mhalagha 4/24/12 5:47 AM
Hi Every One,

I'm facing a little problem here and need some help.

I created a path (a straight line), added an altitude to it and set the
altitude mode to (RelativeToGround). Now when I display the elevation
profile of the path, the whole ground level is raised up by the same
altitude I set for the path.

Is there any way to keep the ground level at its original values and only
shows the path line raised with the altitude height?

see the photo below.

I added a 90 m elevation at the pint to the right and a 100 m at the pint
to the left. The original ground level at the right point is 12 m, no on
the elevation profile below as you can see, the elevation of the ground at
the same point is becoming 102 m (that is 12 + 90). Of course this is
wrong, what I want to do, is to show the path only at the elevation

Appropriate any possible help.