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Saved Places

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Saved Places SaarBen 8/12/12 7:00 AM
I recently plotted a trip I will be making to India, used Placemarks for key places to visit and an ancient map of India which replaced the regular Google Earth view of the country.
For some reason, when I now use Google Earth (after restarting the computer), all my placemakrs and the map have disappeared. Even in the Places window on the left of the screen, I can only pick-up a few of the Placemarks.

Does Google Earth track the history of places I have marked so IO can reconstruct the journey?

Re: Saved Places Beryldrue 8/13/12 8:00 AM
If you were working on creating the placemarks, and for some reason, the computer froze or you force quit the program, the placemarks and content you created would not be saved. Google Earth saves content upon a normal exit from the program. 

When I am working on something, I periodically right click on the folder ( with the relevant placemarks within the folder) and choose "Save As" -- to ensure that I will still have the content, even if there is a freeze.

Or, as may happen sometimes, your placemarks were created within the "temporary items" section of places. If this is the case, there is a message that appears when you exit that asks you if you want to save the contents of temporary items.. so you must click on OK to do that, otherwise the content is wiped upon exit.

As for your question about whether Google Earth tracks personal placemarks and content created on your computer, the answer is no. Google Earth ( the program ) does not track or delete or censor your own content.