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Sign-up for Imagery Updates!

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Sign-up for Imagery Updates! vaishaly 1/27/11 3:30 PM
One of the most common questions we receive is “When will the imagery of a particular area be updated?” So, we'd like to introduce you to a beta version of Follow Your World. Follow Your World is a new tool that notifies you when imagery is updated in Google Earth and Google Maps - so check it out: You can also read about the announcement on Google's Lat/long blog:

When you open to application, there's a FAQ tab that goes into more detail about this tool - so feel free to play around and submit your own imagery requests. And we welcome you to post any feedback here.
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! TDOT GIS 1/28/11 12:57 PM
We sincerely appreciate the effort you have made to notify users of imagery updates.

However, a majority of our users in TDOT are interested in updates throughout the entire State of Tennessee.  It would be more beneficial if the application created an "Area of Interest" by using a bounding box (rectangle, square, polygon, etc.) as opposed to a single point.  We hope that you would consider this enhancement in future development.
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! vaishaly 2/3/11 11:38 AM
Thanks for the feedback TDOT GIS
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! Joaquin Marseille 1/27/12 3:20 AM
Dear sirs:
I believe that actualization of satellite imaginery is of great importance. As an example, the site where I live has at least 5 years old images.
is in South Amercia, Uruguay, Departamento de Maldonado, Punta Negra. 34 52 47 S, 55 12 54 O .
This is one of the most important turistic zones in South America, is between Punta del Este and Piriapolis. I put my own address as an example, but all the region is an-actualizated.
Can you do something about this matter?
Thank you very much for your time !
Joaquin Marseille.
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! treebles 1/27/12 5:09 AM
you could report the outdated images through this form, in addition to subscribing to Follow your World.
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! When? 2/6/12 9:07 PM
Just provide automatic photogrametry updates when Google Earth is opened each time. Simple, but not beyond comprehension.
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! When? 2/6/12 9:11 PM
Oops sorry, seven year old (not six as previously posted) photogrametry casts doubt as to Google Earths actual service. 
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! Will +1 2/9/12 9:17 AM
I will try this now!
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! nawazgoog 2/9/12 11:08 PM
I would like to get the image of the my house from the year of 1995 Ariel view and 2000, 2003, 
4237 w.160th st. CA 90260. who are the other provide the images of the houses. Thanks
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! Chief 1 2/16/12 9:11 AM
Why do I loose all terrain features when zooming through the Eye Alt of approximately 1000ft?  Did not encounter this problem prior to downloading version 6.
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! Chief 1 2/16/12 9:11 AM
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! Kiet Ly 9/11/12 3:21 AM
cafe chim canh
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! Hypersonic 9/30/12 12:18 PM
Does this only include imagery which was photographed recently?
Or does it also include when Google recently received historical imagery and places them online? (new old-imagery)
'New' in the sense that Google 'didn't have or provide it before', but 'old' in the sense that the photographs were 'taken decades ago'.
There's alot of aerials out there pre-1990s that would be awesome to have in Google Earth, Just to see how things have changed over time.
Re: Sign-up for Imagery Updates! Masonicmoron 9/30/12 12:44 PM

There is historical images  on Google Earth

Kindly note that Google Earth does not cover all dates and times within the historical images

Best regards