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Image changing

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Image changing fatheroptx 8/1/12 6:51 AM
I having a problem with the google earth link that I have attached to this email. When I click the link it goes to the proper overhead shot. However when I remove the the timeline bar at the top left corner it reverts to an outdated version of the area. I need this not to happen. I am working on a presentation which I will be attaching this "LINK" to many participants, that are putting together graphs and lay outs for future onsite ground projects. How can we fix this so they don't see the outdated version? These shots are really helpful to my company and would consider going to the "PRO" version sometime in the future if we can get this resolved.
Re: Image changing Noisette 8/1/12 11:17 AM
Hi, this is one of those areas where the default imagery is not the latest.  This usually happens if there is older imagery of a higher quality.  It's always a difficult decision, some people prefer better quality imagery, some people want the latest images.  Google usually goes for the better resolution.

You've done all that you can, you've added a time stamp to the placemark so that flying to it displays the imagery you want to see, but since it's not the default, if you turn off the historical imagery feature (remove the timeslider), you are back to the default imagery.  There is no way around that.

The only thing you could try is to report the problem here in the hope that Google will switch the default imagery to the latest, but there is no guarantee of that, and even if it happened it wouldn't be a quick fix.

You can also sign up here to be informed of any future updates to your areas of interest: Follow your World app.

Re: Image changing fatheroptx 8/2/12 6:26 AM
Thanks for the info. I report this thanks very much.